The 10 Most-Missed Places Affected By Coronavirus

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Whether you canceled your trip to Tahiti or Texas, it's possible, and you also long for a place closer to home.

With the coronavirus pandemic closing public events and restricting public spaces, there are places that we all missed. These places used to be places where we lived together with friends or complete strangers. Many of these are "third place": social environments that are not your home (first place) or work (second place) can enhance our sense of community, sense of identity, and relationships with others.

Let's think back to 10 places that we all miss now.

The concession booth smelled of freshly popped popcorn, filled with butter and salt. The lights in the theater were dim, and high respect enveloped the creaking happy crowd. The lifelike images take you inside the film; the impressive 3D effect makes you jump up, sometimes hitting the elbow on the armrest with your neighbor.

Before COVID-19, you might have to wait several months to show a movie in the cinema. Watching Netflix on the couch is obviously different. Maybe we need the escapism of movies more than ever. While waiting

, We can delve into classic movies.

In your local coffee shop, you can pick up the wooden table with a foam latte by the window. You feel at home here: reading, chatting with an old friend, or gazing at a passerby outside the window. The coffee shop is not only a meeting place for friends and strangers: it is the second living room where you can taste espresso and delicious croissants. A public place where you can relax alone without feeling alone.

When the coffee shop only turns into a takeaway shop, the barista seems to wear masks and plexiglass barriers, which is very stressed.

Others close their doors permanently. During the pandemic, ordering a latte and pastry is a treat. We are lucky to indulge ourselves.

Singing with fans who sweat a lot of sweat becomes easy to scream. Whether at the EDM festival or in an independent performance, the bond that connects the concert performers is unique. You know that you have experienced something that can never be replicated-not exactly. Seeing talented artists perform live is a unique and enjoyable experience.

As long as we need them. Digital concerts provide opportunities to watch bands in cities (and countries) that we may not have been to, sometimes even live streaming. Continue to sing or scream.

The library is probably the most important third space and one of the last public places we can go to. We don't expect to buy anything. You can use printers, restrooms and Wi-Fi, or just wander among the rows of books waiting to be borrowed: tattered paperbacks, yellowed pages and crisp dog-eared edges, strangers crying, laughing and Grow together.

Whether you want to escape the weather or escape fantasy, everyone is welcome here. After closing the library, education, community and well-being

. Instead of the library, the author hosted a digital reading activity, friends exchanged childhood classics, and free electronic resources abound. Some libraries even provide


Family portrait photos hung on the wall. What you dislike the most are the images of babies, chubby cheeks and teary eyes. From the unique smell to the porcelain animals that decorate the mantle, the familiarity of this place will take you back to your childhood. Sometimes your only reaction is to open your eyes like a rebellious teenager.

We have lost the convenience of visiting our parents, grandparents and grandchildren. The chaotic family dinners and summer vacation memories have become souvenirs cherished in our hearts. Some of us are no longer with our loved ones. If you can, you can pick up the phone, call them, and try not to roll your eyes. You can send groceries,

, Letters and photos-including some new letters on the wall.

Gathered in the moldy basement, half of the people sat on mismatched sofas and repositioned the dining room chairs, while the others stood and held beer cans. You don't know everyone, but the host introduces you to you, then rushes upstairs to replenish the rapidly depleted supply of liquor and play music.

In a distant world, casual friendship is difficult. Video gatherings pop up, apps provide games, and even work activities are connected through the camera on a computer or smartphone. If there are the right people, this is almost like a family gathering for friends. The best part?

They can participate no matter where they live, and they have no excuses for being busy.

The dim, amber room has peeling bars covered in sticky stains. When other customers touched pint glasses and complained about games played on old TVs, they made hoarse roars. You can lower your head and remain anonymous among the scary memorabilia scattered on the wooden wall, or start a game of billiards to the nearest winner and align your position with a pile of rusty coins.

Cleanliness is not the main content of the dive bar-the atmosphere created by drinking, mixing and bad karaoke singing will not

. In order to survive, puddles are spreading on the streets, temporary terraces are created in parking lots, cheap beer is sold, and sometimes you can choose to tip your favorite bartender electronically.

Behind the glass door, a magical world awaits-take you to the courtyard covered by Roman statues, the open concept gallery displaying Van Gogh's artwork and the prehistoric reincarnation of the stegosaurus fossil. Standing in the same room as the ancient relics, you can see up close the thousand-year-old inscriptions carved in stone and individual paint strokes representing masterpieces.

Museums and galleries are overflowing with creativity, history and knowledge. Impressive digital displays and interactive videos allow us to access


. I hope that after the lockdown is over, we will gain new appreciation for these essential cultural sites.

Outside the playground, the children screamed and giggled as the sand turned into lava. In the hallway covered with oilcloth, the first kiss was pierced under a glare of fluorescent light. In the classroom, you learn more than sin, falsehood and tan: hierarchy is your first lesson, followed by factions, secret love and calmness.

Believe it or not,

. The shift to distance learning has affected motivation, social interaction, and even the number of steps students take every day. Healthy school lunches and use of laptops are obstacles for many people. As the home office was turned into a jungle gym and appointments were cancelled, parents were affected. Through these difficulties, you don't need to fall into the details. Pajamas are perfectly acceptable school uniforms.

Joyful music flows into your ears and refreshes you. Your muscles are on fire, but the burn is good-you know it will burn before you succeed. Extending from the soft cushion to the treadmill, the treadmill’s feet are on the pedals, exercise and fitness classes provide you with endorphins and enhance the strength of a powerful and capable body.

Part of the reason we go to the gym is to motivate others and

. It's hard to get inspiration from individual home exercises. Free online resources and

It can help you get back in shape until the fitness center can be safely reopened. However, if you don’t do much exercise during your workout

, Please relax. You did very well.

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