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? What if your team can accommodate a large group?

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? One solution is to invest in a set of space-saving stacking and folding

When you are accompanied, you can easily bring yourself out; when you are not accompanied, you can take it away.

What to get? "Look for chairs that are both beautiful and durable so that they fit your decor, not against it," Jade Joyner, co-founder and chief designer

. Below, six designers and decorators shared their favorites of flexible seating, and we added some seats that look more similar (and more expensive).

According to the interior designer

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Designers are ideal for stacking and saving space. She said: "At that time, they seemed to have invested a lot of attention in this area, so of course, I will always strive for age." She likes these classic plastic Eames chairs, especially because of its thin metal legs. , She said, this makes them more compact than wooden-leg chairs. She added: "I think they are more precious for small spaces."

This is another molded plastic chair with metal feet at a low price.

interior designer

Not only do her clients like Kartell Masters chairs; she also uses them at her breakfast table. She likes chairs with armrests, but the stacking style is not always the case. She said: "Even if it is plastic, its appearance is very delicate, you can easily clean it." This chair has a modern feel, with a mid-century silhouette and a variety of unique colors.

If you want more affordable products, please try products similar to Masters, or you can choose similar shades


In order to get more leisure space, Baradaran often uses Hay’s stacking chairs-

Our strategy experts already know and love it. "It's very durable and has some interesting colors," Baradaran said. "We have used it in playrooms and playrooms." She likes the clean lines of the chair and the versatility of the different rooms.

Similar to the stacking method, this fiberglass and steel chair is one of Clasen's favorites. She said: "It almost looked like a classroom chair, but then it gave the legs a fan."

Like Hay and Schoolhouse chairs, these chairs look like old-fashioned industrial conference classrooms.

"I really like

Because of their luxurious interiors," said Caetlin founder and interior designer Caitlin Murray

, They turned to Industrial West for its exquisite and durable stacking chairs. She suggested: "Generally speaking, when you don't have much space, the most important thing is to choose a multifunctional chair." These chairs are stylish and comfortable, so they are very cost-effective.

Interestingly, another selected item of Clasen is metal Tolix, and the one we recently discovered is Anna Wintour’s

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Currently). "I like these," Clasen said. "You can make them in many different colors." Strategy writer Dominique Pariso discovered this.

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Although your house seems to be tidy

The mid-century atmosphere can accommodate stacked chairs, and there are many decorative styles for you to choose from. The interior designer said: “Mixed-century chairs in traditional houses may cause design problems.”

. "On the contrary, choose clean lines or tavern-style chairs, which will reduce disgust." She recommends these more traditional wooden chairs to change the appearance.

For something different, try these colorful stools recommended by Albers. She said: "For the most challenging storage environment, stools are a good choice." "There are many compact, chic stools, even your most fashionable guests won't mind sitting on them." In addition, they look like Very neat, piled up in a spiral.

We also like this budget-friendly set of three colorful stools.

Don't discount the basic metal folding chair, especially when it is updated in unexpected colors. Alexa Battista, public relations expert

Said: "Your simple plastic or metal folding chairs will be very compact and easy to store." "I also like the smooth metal chairs, which are painted white [or] soft pink," Joyner added. "They are streamlined, durable, and look beautiful in more modern spaces."

They are definitely an investment, but these elegant vintage chairs recommended by Murray can be stacked or folded. She said: "I bet you don't think folding chairs would be such a fascinating thing." The metal back cover folds down for easy stacking.

Although it echoes the folding design of the dormitory room-style butterfly chair, it is made of butter leather and natural oak, but it is far from the plastic version when you were in college. Albers said, "not only lazy, but completely unexpected."

Cheaper leather hanging chairs.

Joyner said: "My favorite folding chairs are bamboo chairs, they have a little luster to them, because they can adapt to all interior styles very well." "I hide about twelve of them for the party. And I also like to spread them out in the spring when friends come over." She likes that these have a shell-like appearance and can work indoors or outdoors.

This folding chair is another folding chair recommended by Battista for outdoor use. She said: "The traditional folding wooden chair with slatted details... is a classic and timeless work that will always be popular." Use it with a cushion to get more color and increase comfort.

For entertaining seats, Albers likes these colorful printed folding chairs in Anthropologie's in-house production line

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