The 8 Best Twin XL Mattresses of 2020

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Whether you are upgrading your guest room or looking for a high-quality dormitory bed, no matter what size you are looking for, you must spend time looking for a mattress that supports comfort.

The size of a double XL mattress is almost the same as

, But slightly longer (5 inches) to accommodate adults, teenagers and tall children. Twin XL mattresses can accommodate taller people, but they can only comfortably accommodate one person. They also tend to be more expensive than twin models.

With so many mattresses on the market, the final choice can be daunting. Choosing and choosing a mattress requires your research, whether you are buying a king-size double bed or a twin model. In this article, we introduced what you need to know when buying an XL double bed mattress and showcased our first choice products in the market.

Many companies offer double XL mattress sizes. To choose our first choice, we use the following conditions:

The Twin XL mattress is slightly longer than the ordinary Twin mattress, and the price is slightly higher. Compared with standard double mattresses, double XL will cost at least $100 more. Don't forget to consider additional costs such as taxes, delivery, installation and accessories such as bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding's Brooklyn Signature Hybrid model consists of a responsive foam and gel top layer to help regulate temperature. You can also choose from three hardness levels (soft, medium and hard), which is perfect for solo travelers looking for a personalized XL double mattress. The company also offers a 120-day trial period and a standard 10-year warranty.

Double XL version

The memory foam mattress has a comfortable, medium-hard design, which is very suitable for students who are about to go to university. The perforated outer layer made of foam helps regulate the temperature and may come in handy in poorly ventilated dorms.

Buyers have the opportunity to try it out for 100 days and enjoy a 10-year limited warranty.

Buying two separate double XL models and putting them together will create a separate king-size mattress, which is a great choice for couples looking for a more personalized sleep situation.

Tuft & Needle’s original mattress is a medium-hard model with adaptive foam to provide a sense of support. The combined graphite and cooling gel top layer helps draw moisture from the body and regulate body temperature.

It is compatible with multiple foundations, including

. Mattress also

Certified and included

Certification bubble.

Leesa highly praised that memory foam mattresses are breathable and supportive enough to accommodate multiple sleeping positions. The company’s foam is CertiPUR-US certified and has a medium-hard feel.

However, some reviewers still complain about the strong outgassing smell, so before actually going to bed, make sure you give yourself a few days to inflate the mattress.

It is one of the most expensive models on our list, but it has also received high ratings in every respect. The combination of gel foam and individually wrapped coils can provide luxurious support. You can also choose from various hardness levels, the company recommends

Side lying option.

This model has a lifetime warranty and you can try it for 120 nights. Also CertiPUR-US and


It is also a challenge to find mattresses that cost less than $100, or even twin beds. We chose Linenspa because of its reliable four-star rating on Amazon and more than 20,000 positive reviews.

You can also buy the mattress separately or together with the bed frame, which will help if you want a one-stop solution. It is not as thick as the other mattresses on this list-which means that the price is low-so it is most suitable for children and teenagers.

This mattress is inexpensive, so there is no home trial period, so keep this in mind when choosing.

The SoundAsleep mattress is a solid temporary sleep solution, with an internal air coil that provides additional support, while a firm bottom prevents sliding. The thick top layer is waterproof and the entire mattress is puncture-proof.

Remember, like many

, It may not be as comfortable as a traditional mattress. For example, it tends to lean in the middle and also needs to be inflated. However, if you are looking for a cheap, temporary, and space-saving solution, then an air bed is a viable option.

Remember, inflatable mattresses usually do not come with a home trial period, but it does have a 1-year warranty, which you can take advantage of.


Get the highest score

construction. It is also one of the most popular organic choices on the market.

It contains

Organic certified fiber and obtained Greenguard gold certification. All wool in the mattress has also passed OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. If you are interested in softness, you can add a

To this.

Goldilocks quickly found the ideal mattress for her, but even she needed to do some experimentation to find the right mattress. Before you start buying a mattress, you need to consider the following points:

You need to determine who the mattress is for. Is this a temporary solution for dorm life? You may not want to spend a lot of money on non-permanent items. Is it a single adult? Adults may need more support than children because they are heavier and usually have more support


There are many different types of mattresses. Your choice mainly depends on personal preference. However, if you buy it in the guest room, the hybrid mode may succeed.

Merge from

It has an inner spring mattress.

Some mattresses have additional features that may appeal to certain buyers. For example, if you are a sleeper car, choose a cooling or temperature-regulating mattress.

Things like exercise isolation may not be so important for solo travelers, but


Absolutely important. A soft mattress can provide greater pressure relief than a soft mattress.

Most people will find that the surface of medium hardness is the most comfortable, so if you want to equip the guest room, please choose the option of medium hardness.

Since the double XL mattress is longer than the double model, you need a specific bed frame size to accommodate the extra length. You may need to purchase the bed frame separately from the mattress. Some mattress companies sell frames along with mattresses, but the design options are limited. You also need double XL bedding to buy a new mattress.

Imagine buying a mattress and hating it. You must either stick to the uncomfortable surface or spend extra money to replace it. too tired! Avoid this unpleasant result and try to buy if possible. Many reputable mattress companies offer a long indoor trial period, and if you are not satisfied, you can easily return the product.

Double XL mattresses are perfect for:

Although longer than regular double mattresses, the double XL model is not suitable for

. They are perfect for single sleepers who need extra leg room.

The only difference between twins and twin XL is the length. The XL model is 5 inches longer than a normal double mattress.

Buying a mattress feels like an impossible task. There are too many Twin XL options. Remember, even the highest-rated mattress may not be right for you. Everyone is different, and the mattress that suits you is highly personalized.

Whether you want to buy a guest room, a guest room or a dormitory room, you can choose the XL single bed from a well-known transparent company. In addition, please try to find a mattress company that can give you enough time to try the product without risk at home.

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