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We insisted on our choices and all of them performed well. However, many new models (such as Helinox, ALPS Mountaineering, Kelty, Nemo, Kijaro, Amazon and REI) are on the way and will be tested soon.



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If you are looking for a durable portable camping chair, we have some suggestions. First, consider where the chair is most commonly used. Are you a car camper? choose one

There is plenty of storage space for drinks. Do you like watching movies outdoors? choose one

Can adapt to uneven ground. Are you a backpacker? Your ideal seat is

. Do you like shade? choose one

, Which will make you feel cool in any campsite or outdoor picnic.

The Coleman camping chair is large and durable, and it is the most comfortable of all the upright chairs tested by our camper team.

Every large store and outdoor equipment store sells camping chairs similar in design.

. But after three camping trips and six months of regular backyard use, we concluded that the Coleman chair is more durable than the cheapest chair of this design. Moreover, it is more comfortable and practical than similar chairs that are more than double the price. The Ford F-150 camping chair has plenty of storage space for drinks, wide seats and affordable prices that testers of various specifications like. It is large, sturdy and widely loved.


Renetto's large and heavy canopy provides adequate sun protection at campsites or picnic areas and doubles as a carrying case with backpack straps


The cleverly designed professional seat is perfect for people who want sun protection and don’t mind bulky chairs. Despite the heavy weight of Renetto, our testers found it easy to carry and easy to set up and adjust. We found that even though most testers have not considered camping chairs equipped with sunshades before, once they use camping chairs, they will appreciate the comfort and convenience of built-in sunshades.

This low chair is easy to carry and can be adjusted for uneven ground.

Low floor chairs are perfect for outdoor movies, concerts, theater performances and other activities where you want to avoid obstructing the sight of others. Our testers liked its comfort and back support

, And the ability to adjust it to uneven ground. They also appreciate its cup holder (a chair of this kind is rare) and fast close-up carrying design.

You can store this lightweight, compressible chair in a backpack or even a work bag.

Today's professional backpack chairs are very small and light. Compared with typical full-size camping chairs, they are much more expensive and their comfort is greatly reduced. We recommend buying this type only if you plan to carry a chair for long distances (whether it is a backpacking trip or a hike in Central Park). If you really need a chair suitable for backpacks, we recommend you

. We found that this model is more comfortable and easier to pack than other similar chairs.

Functional cup holders, convenient straps and durable fabrics distinguish REI's children's chair from similar seats.

A cheap child-size chair bought in a large store cannot last for more than a summer or two. fold

Use more durable fabrics and materials, and have a stable design to prevent children from falling. You can buy this chair for a 2-year-old child and expect the child to grow up before releasing the chair.

Camping trips, beach vacations, park picnics, outdoor movies and theater performances-in the case of countless use of camping chairs.

Walk around at any campsite or tailgate party and you will notice the popularity of this accordion-style seat. You can buy it at almost any large store (sometimes only $10), order a store with your favorite sports team logo, or pay a premium for Cabela's or REI to buy a similar model of car.

Portable outdoor chairs are also helpful for people who don't have space or budget for permanent backyard furniture. And they can protect your back, make it easier to dress up picnic plates and cold drinks, and usually help you relax comfortably outdoors.

We conducted 14 hours of online research, discussed their portable chair experiences with friends and acquaintances, evaluated 11 highly-rated folding chairs during 3 camping sessions, and used them in the backyard regularly for six months These chairs come to clarify the difference between a good chair and a good chair. Since people use outdoor chairs for multiple purposes and have different preferences in terms of comfort, it is almost impossible to choose only the best chair. We did choose our favorite standing chair for camping and trailing, and then other grounds, ultra-lightweight and canopy picks, and chairs suitable for children.

After six months of regular use

For most people who want to use upright seats in car camping, trailing and outdoor gatherings, we think this is the best choice. We noticed it in the first of three camping trips-a weekend in California

There are seven families in total, and as long as there is a choice, campers can sit in the largest seat. When we set up a dozen chairs by the campfire without commenting, people always claim that they are from big to small.

"This is the platonic ideal of your camping chair," said one of our campers.

In future trips,

Near Ojai, California, we systematically investigated the seating preferences of four camping families and played multiple rounds of musical chairs without music until each camper was able to find someone he liked. Overwhelmingly, Coleman topped the list, and campers praised its comfort and stability.

Coleman is the only chair we tested with a built-in thermal bag. The bag can hold four standard size beer or soda cans. This chair also has the round mesh cup holder on most of these chairs, and a spacious mesh pocket for storing phones, books, tablets and even headlights. "This is the platonic ideal of your camping chair," said one of our Wheeler Canyon campers. "It feels really stable. It has your cooler, your cup holder. Not too fancy, it's just comfortable to sit there."

Like most chairs of this type, the Coleman Oversized Quad comes with a satchel. It weighs 7½ pounds and can hold 325 pounds.

After sitting outside in most of the Southern California sun for six months, our gray Coleman chair faded more significantly than our Wal-Mart and Renetto chairs, which changed from bright red to pink.

Coleman has been in use for more than three years. We believe that this comfortable and practical chair is very practical, and this extra cost is worth the extra cost compared to the cheaper version in large stores.

Before we try

, We have never considered buying camping chairs equipped with awnings. After all, there will always be a sun hat or umbrella. But the practicality of Renetto was evident in our first seated chair test tour, a "winter" camping trip in Joshua Tree National Park, California, where the stinging sun The temperature reached the mid-1970s. The sunshade Renetto chair is always the first to enter the beautiful but harshly exposed seat


The Renetto chair weighs over 15 pounds and is bulky (twice the chair)

). This is because each chair uses durable 600 denier mesh lining polyester fiber and steel rods, which the company says is three times the thickness of cheap store brands. There is a breathable mesh belt in the middle of the seat, and the canopy is large enough to block most (if not all) sunlight at any time of the day. If you want to catch some light, just flip the cover back. You can watch videos about all the features of the company

We were impressed by the usability of the Renetto signature design. The canopy can be quickly and easily transformed into a suitcase, just wrap it on a chair and fasten it with two plastic buckles. The whole process is carried on the back like a rectangular backpack. We took the chairs to a dense neighborhood in Los Angeles to watch the fireworks on July 4th. Parking spaces are scarce, and when we finally found a spot half a mile away from the celebration, we considered leaving the bulky chairs in the car, especially since we were also pushing a stroller with toddlers, blankets and picnic devices , And three other folding chairs. But carrying Renetto is comfortable and unassuming. On the way to the celebration, we got some admirable nods-we had a more comfortable seat at the show.

Dan Frakes, former senior editor of Wirecutter, owns three Renetto chairs. He told us: "Every time we go to camp or participate in children's football games, people will ask us where to buy." His family found that the backpack strap makes the chair easy to carry, and the canopy is an appreciable feature. "They are perfect for many things-camping, beaches, children's activities, outdoor concerts-we are very happy that we spent a little money for Renetto."

Renetto chairs usually come in about 10 colors and are rated to hold 350 pounds. Please note that although Renetto has licensed its patents to a company called Kelsyus-the company provides cheap price for large stores such as Sears, Target and Walmart Chair, but Renetto president Steve Tinto told us in an email that Renetto’s quality brand chairs are much better, and Renetto chairs include

Not found on the cheaper version.

One caveat: After spending six months outside in the merciless sun of Los Angeles, the bright red chairs we received in January have faded a lot. We deliberately leave the chairs, usually for several weeks at a time, to understand how they react to these elements (although Renetto and most other outdoor equipment companies will recommend that you put the chairs in a stowed place to avoid sun and rain. When you are not using them).

Renneto chair stands out

Chairs close to the ground are usually ideal for outdoor concerts, movies, theater performances, and other activities where you worry about blocking the view of others. On three weekend camping trips, after six months of using chairs in the backyard, and after occasional local excursions to parks and beaches, we concluded that most people found

It is the most comfortable way to fold, but also the easiest and fastest way to fold and carry.

The ubiquitous chair keeps your bottom about 4 inches off the ground. The belt supporting the back (which doubles as a carrying strap) can be adjusted to control your tilt angle, from an upright angle to an angle suitable for stargazing. Unlike other portable chairs, the "Everywhere" chair is designed to sit on uneven slopes. This can be convenient when space for fireworks or outdoor theater performances is limited. Our team of testers at the Wheeler Gorge campsite believes that the Everywhere chair is the most comfortable of the three low chairs we tested.

This chair does not carry a bag. But after six tours, we found

—It is best to bring a chair, which can be easily carried without a bag. In the real world, you usually pack up to try to get past crowds or traffic. Therefore, in a crowded field, on a dark night, you can easily misplace your bag, especially if you are a large group of people or have a lot of things. At the fireworks show and on the beach, we appreciate a chair that can be used even without the hassle of 30 seconds. The Everywhere chair closes like a book-just lift up the padded belt and go.

Another basic but important difference: and


, The ubiquitous chair has a cup holder. Again, in the dark and in the crowd, a small thing becomes a major advantage. When you drag a bottle of wine on a picnic, you don't want a glass of precious wine to be poured on the grass.

The back of the GCI outdoor chair also has a built-in pocket, which can hold a phone or a book. This chair is green or blue and can hold 250 pounds.

After two hours of preliminary online research, three camping trips and several months of use in the backyard of Los Angeles, we determined

It is the best outdoor chair for people who need a particularly light and easy-to-carry seat.

The Helinox Chair One weighs about 2 pounds and has a compression force of less than 2 liters. It is the most comfortable and easiest to store among the three top backpacks we tested. Like other competitive chairs, "Chair One" has nylon and mesh seats and aluminum legs that are connected to shock ropes (the chair legs are made of the same material as high-end tent poles). Just snap your feet into the slots and extend the rectangular seat to the final frame, and you have a small and lightweight standing chair, you can consider backpacking, or even slide into a large wallet or laptop In the bag for later use-work outdoor movies or concerts.

We also tested REI's Flexlite chair, which is very similar to the first chair in design, size and price. (That chair was later

, Its design is almost identical, but uses tear-resistant polyester fiber instead of nylon. ) Although the advantage of Flexlite is that it is lighter than Chair One (which may be a key factor for hikers planning to bring the chair miles away into remote areas), otherwise we found some small details, which are in the first A chair is outstanding. The most important thing is: Although the dimensions of the two seats are almost the same, the fabric on the Helinox seat has cutouts, which makes anyone feel more spacious and comfortable except for the thin pencil. Similarly, after a few months of use, some of the paint on the Flexlite legs was also scraped off. Moreover, the Helinox suitcase is shaped like a doll-sized ski bag, which is easier to use than the glove bag included with Flexlite.

The maximum weight of one chair is 320 pounds, while the maximum weight of Flexlite and the third chair we tested is 250 pounds.

A warning that may be obvious: Of course, if you are in the wilderness, and the other option is to sit on a rock, a chair like this can seem impressive and even luxurious. However, compared to the comfort of our other select products (such as cribs), it’s like sitting in a baby bear’s chair

Or bear like daddy

. Bottom line: If you don't particularly need a small and light chair, please buy a larger, more comfortable chair, which has the advantage of being half the price.

In addition to testing 11 chairs to determine our regular choices, we also spent a few hours researching camping chairs for children, after which we narrowed it down to five favorite child-size models, and then drove them with three camping trips A comparison was made, involving a total of 16 children. We also let two boys, ages 1 and 5, play together and sat in the backyard for six months. After all, we concluded that

It is the best choice for those who want to buy a practical portable outdoor chair for small children.

Our children's age distribution testers are not very discriminatory. Although all children's chairs are liked, over time, we have found that there are several reasons to rank the REI Camp chair as the best chair. Compared with the thinner material on the chair, the polyester seat material of the REI chair is both comfortable and durable.

(Currently out of stock) From Walmart. Box-shaped cup Toby Coleman and

Chair-It is best to use a large kettle or a large cup of hot chocolate by the campfire. We found that the cup holders on the cheap Wal-Mart chairs were too small to hold soda cans or any hard plastic or metal kettles that the kids we knew used when camping. It can fit in a Capri Sun pouch or a narrow rectangular juice box, but nothing more.

This 4-pound steel REI chair comes with an attached carrying strap instead of a carrying bag like other chairs. After several camping trips, we came to the conclusion that a belt is more convenient than a schoolbag-without the help of parents, the child is faster and easier to grab the chair and walk. The maximum weight of the REI chair is 150 pounds, the same as the LLBean and Walmart chairs. (Coleman chair and

Both can hold 200 pounds, although it is impossible to believe that a 200-pound person can comfortably adapt to any one. ) We think the REI chair is best for toddlers and kids aged 7 or under, even though reviews indicate that some young adults find this to be their favorite seat. It comes in bright red or blue, and as of this writing, it has received 4.7 stars (out of 5 stars)

We believe that REI chairs have better functions than similar Wal-Mart chairs and have a longer lifespan. But prices vary greatly-after nearly six months of outdoor use, the Wal-Mart chairs are still in good condition. If you are looking for a super cheap option, then the Wal-Mart chair is one of them.

Significantly less than

Although the size of the product from Walmart is similar to the product we selected, the comfort is greatly reduced and the material is obviously poorer. Later, we discovered that after six months of frequent use, we found that the stitches on one arm had been taken apart, and the small belt holding the back of the armrest was torn in half.

We found

Although women like it more than men (although many people think it is too comfortable), it is still a simple but very comfortable seat. Interestingly, we found that this type of chair is generally more popular among women than among men, and men generally prefer taller upright seats.

Although its folding mechanism is not completely intuitive, it also has an ultra-low profile, which is extremely comfortable for most people.

REI’s Flexlite chairs have been replaced by a host of Flexlite chairs; the closest replacement to the original Flexlite in the lineup is

. The design, size and weight are almost the same, but nylon fabric has been replaced by polyester fiber.

It is the original design in the chair series and has been developed to cover a variety of models, including taller and heavier

, Three-legged

And quadruped

. The Emperor weighs only 21 ounces, which is the lightest and most compact of the three chairs we tested in this category. But its two-leg design requires your own leg as the third leg of the stool. This may be feasible for backpackers, but this unusual design does not appeal to people's daily use like a four-legged chair.

Our materials

Compared to thin materials, it feels tolerant and durable

(Currently out of stock) Harder materials from Wal-Mart or in-store

. The cup holders of low-cost Wal-Mart chairs are too small to hold soda cans or hard plastic or metal water bottles. It can fit in a Capri Sun pouch or a narrow rectangular juice box, but nothing more.

Cup holder

Not as spacious as our choice, and they are not good at holding stubby water bottles or large cups of hot chocolate.

It may be the cutest chair we have ever seen, and it is loved by our one-year-old tester. But we found that most children, like adults, choose a bigger chair as long as they have a choice. Unless you want to bring your kids' chairs with a backpack, or you want to be extra compact in space, or you have to pay special attention to cuteness, Chair One Mini, which costs more than twice as expensive as other chairs we evaluated, is not the most expensive . Wise choice.

, GearLab

, August 28, 2015


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