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Unless you live in a larger house, floor space in a children's bedroom is usually at a premium-the bed takes up most of the square feet. This can make putting multiple pieces of furniture in a small bedroom a challenge. One way to maximize the space in a small room is to use an attic

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These space-saving units are made of sturdy metal or wood and contain a single or full-size loft bed, which can be accessed via a ladder or step. Under the bed is a built-in work area with a desk. Some models also include other features, such as shelves for storage and additional seats, such as


If you are looking for the best

Choose to save space in your child's room, then continue reading to learn about some of the best models available.

The list below represents some of the most innovative and well-built bed/desk combinations for toddlers and older children.

This Walker Edition double twin learning loft is a stylish and practical furniture that can help you make the most of a room with insufficient space. The desk has two shelves to increase storage space and a slide-out keyboard tray, which provides an ideal setting for a desktop computer. The loft also has two integrated ladders: one at the head of the bed and the other at the bottom of the feet.

This elevated bed is 71 inches high, 79 inches long and 42 inches wide, and can support 250 pounds. The desk runs through the entire length of the bed and is 18.87 inches deep, allowing your child or teenager’s room to be spread out while working. The metal frame is available in white, black and silver. The tables and shelves are made of medium density fiberboard (MDF).

Sturdy structure and plenty of work space and shelf storage space

Make this metal frame model an excellent choice. The single bed frame is 4 feet 10 inches above the ground, providing enough space under the bed, suitable for younger school-age children. The 14-inch high safety railing has multiple slats and can accommodate a 6-inch thick mattress. The five sloping steps make it easy to climb the attic.

The desk under the bed is 40.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches wide, providing plenty of space for homework. Four spacious shelves can store books and toys. The silver frame is made of sturdy steel and is fixed with hardware and numerous reinforcing bars and slats. This will prevent your child from climbing in and out of the bed while shaking the bed.

The high price of this loft bed, coupled with a spacious work area and shelves, can provide solid value. The overall size is 77.5 x 41.5 x 74 inches.

This well-designed wooden bed saves space while providing table and storage space. The bed is only 43 inches from the top of the railing, which is lower than a standard loft-style bed with a desk and is very suitable for young children. Sturdy rails surround the four sides of the bed, and there is an opening at the foot for easy entry and exit. Two slide rails help your child get to bed.

There is a table in the lower area. The table is 33.5 inches long and 25 inches deep with two shelves on the side. The desk can easily slide out of the bed to save space. Three large dresser drawers are built in the area under the bed, which provides plenty of space for clothes storage. The built-in bookshelf is a good place for your child to collect books. The overall size of this product is 79 inches x 43 inches x 41 inches.

This research loft is equipped with a double bed that can hold 300 pounds and is especially suitable for teenagers. Two ladders provide multiple entry and exit points. The bed is 72 inches from the floor to the top of the track.

Its wide profile can accommodate a 78-inch wide under-bed desk. Equipped with a 12-inch high safety railing, this bed can accommodate a 6-inch thick mattress. A strong metal structure with multiple support rods prevents swinging. Its smooth lines and black metal can complement different decorative styles. The overall size is 57.5 x 80 x 72 inches.

This wooden bed is exquisite, and its simple slatted appearance perfectly blends with a variety of decorative styles. It is 80 inches above the ground with 54 inches of clearance under the bed, providing enough head room for older children and most teenagers. The five-ladder slanted ladder makes entering and exiting the bed safe and manageable, while the high track can accommodate an 8-inch thick mattress. The 42-inch wide desk provides ample space for studying and finishing homework.

Durable engineered wood and high-quality hardware prevent it from rocking when its occupants climb in or slide out of the bed. The height of the bed can make the ceiling of the bed as low as 7.5 feet, which can be used in most bedrooms. It is available in three colors: gray, chocolate and white. The bed is 69.4 inches x 41.3 inches x 80.17 inches.

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