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Interested in the comings and goings of baby supplies (she is a new mother) and the decoration of the house. Before working as a strategist, she was a writer for Curbed and before that she was an assistant to Wes Anderson.

Interested in the comings and goings of baby supplies (she is a new mother) and the decoration of the house. Before working as a strategist, she was a writer for Curbed and before that she was an assistant to Wes Anderson.

Many schools across the country will maintain the status of online courses for the foreseeable future. Setting up the correct workspace for your child is an important step you can take

To go well at least, any small learner needs a table (we have collected a bunch of tables approved by experts

) And a place to sit. However, not all chairs are the same.

"It seems very simple, but depending on the age and level of learning, the expectations for them to achieve or maintain certain postures within a certain period of time will vary," he said.

, Is a physical therapist, in

At Woodcliff Lake in New Jersey. This is why he and the other experts we attended suggested looking for adjustable chairs (

), because they can be tailored to the needs of the child, and according to the California masseur

"Helps to maintain and support an upright posture." In order to find the best desk and chair for children, we interviewed Kwon, Sheehan and two

Regarding the experts they recommend, more experts-some of them are the parents themselves. Eight of them

The following suggestions are divided into two categories. One is a chair designed for children, which they say is the most suitable for young learners; the other is a chair for adults and children, which they say is for growing children. Big as good.

These chairs are specially designed for young children and are usually suitable for children over 4 years old. Due to their adjustability, our experts say that the following chairs can be used up to 12 years old, depending on how many children can grow (or even not grow).

Kwon said: "The things we want to look for in an ergonomic chair are adjustable footstools, adjustable seats and armrests." Footstools are very important-especially for those who may not be tall enough to seat their feet. Young children on the floor-because the footrest helps prevent "foot dangling all day", Quan Won says that this can cause unnecessary fatigue. He added that the armrests provide more places for children to place their limbs, and "a seat that can be adjusted up and down and tilted back" will also help children sit properly and comfortably. This chair by SitRite has all these functions, Kwon and

, Is a spine and plastic surgeon, with offices in New York and New Jersey. Okubadejo pointed out that the chair's foot bars not only provide children with a place to rest, they also bend their legs about 90 degrees, which our experts say is the ideal angle for sitting. (For older children whose feet are on the floor, the crossbar can be removed.) He also likes that this chair is "well cushioned, with adjustable mechanical devices that can raise the height of the chair or lock the chair." "Angle", Okubedejo said, these features can "prevent relaxed postures that may affect the alignment of the spine."

Sheehan said that although it does not have a footstool or armrests, this cheap chair is still a good choice for those who want to spend less, because it has an adjustable seat and can be used between 21 and 21. The backrest moves between 21-32 inches high. She also likes that the chair has a lockable caster base that allows the chair to rotate 15 degrees left and right when engaged. She explained: “The locking mechanism prevents the chair from rotating excessively and keeps the child in a correct and stable position, but if they need to stand up, they can easily exit.”

This is a chair recommended by Kwon. It has a fixed footstool that is larger than the so-called footstool on the model we call the best overall model, making it a child who needs more surface area to plant the feet and "support their weight" The better choice. Avoid dropping or pulling to the ground. "He said. (That is, if you want to save money, Kwon will admit that the box or stool you already own can be used as a basic footstool.) The model is also pink, with other ergonomic details, Including armrests, foldable from 0 to 90 degrees, can be raised or lowered; can be raised or lowered, and has a detachable backrest with a rotating panel; adjustable seat (and useful markings so that you can track your child's first choice Height); and self-locking wheels.

Sheehan introduced us to this cheap version, which looks very similar to the chair above to the naked eye, but with a different brand name. She calls it a "multi-functional choice that can be adjusted as the child grows." It has a fixed footrest, locking wheels, foldable (but not height-adjustable) armrests, adjustable seat and detachable backrest. Sheehan explained that backrests like the backrest of this chair, and the more expensive backrests above, can help "support the spine and maintain a more upright posture." She added that the chair is only pink and has no rotatable seat. Instead, it "moves from the bottom in all directions, which is better than rotating from the center point in the early development of the spine," Sheehan said.

Although these chairs are made for adults, our experts say that they can also be used for children as long as they are adjusted as needed. (For example, some footstools do not have a built-in footstool. This is something you need to consider.) Mr. Quan pointed out that the body of adolescents is closer to children than that of adults. Therefore, if you are looking for a tweened chair, consider it as Tailoring for adults is not a bad idea.

Okubadejo said that the chair does not have a footstool and is pink. "This provides the right amount of support for children, suitable for children of different sizes and ages, so it can stay by your side for a while." It has adjustable armrests, adjustable rear angle, and reclining seat so you can Adjust height and lumbar support. He said these functions provide "back and shoulder support and cushioning for the lower back." Although you can find other chairs with similar colors in the list, the streamlined appearance (definitely not orthopedic) of this chair looks a bit more fashionable than other chairs.

Okubadejo said: “The Hbada office chair has a support design that can bend with the spine to promote correct alignment.” He explained that this design “focuses on the waist area, when the child leans back or sinks into the seat and sits there. The waist area usually feels uncomfortable when it causes unnecessary pressure.” He added that the chair is durable and its S-shaped backrest is made of breathable mesh fabric. Although there is no footrest, it does have armrests that can be turned upside down and a height-adjustable seat, which can also be tilted back.

For the oldest child, Sheehan recommends this gaming chair. She said: “For listeners with a more developed spinal structure, it helps maintain the existing spinal curvature. Over time, it can help correct poor posture habits set up early.” (Although she said that children sit The time in school should not exceed the time required for school, homework or any other desk work.) The high-back chair has adjustable lumbar support, headrest, armrests, adjustable seat height, and feet The stool is pulled out from under the seat. She explained: “It provides the necessary support for all three areas that make up the spine.”

according to

The founder of the Greer Meister Group, a private education consulting firm, young learners who are wobbly may benefit from a seat that "makes them physically active at work". She added: “Many young children are better able to concentrate their bodies during activities than sitting in a chair all day, which is why swinging mats like this can be placed on appropriate desks. The reason on the chair," can reduce restlessness and distraction. "She said. Meister added that if there is space, like Gaiam's yoga ball

It can also be used as a substitute for desks and chairs when children cannot sit.

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