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After testing three office chairs priced at $300 or less, we made a height-adjustable and comfortable

Our new budget option.



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Many cheap office chairs make you feel as if you have been trapped in the tortured economy seat on an off-road aircraft, but high-quality office chairs elevate you to first class, and they are designed to support your body comfortably for a long time. We studied dozens of office chairs, interviewed four ergonomics experts, and invited test team members of various body types to have more than 175 brainstorming sessions. Since 2015, we have found

It is the best office chair for most people.

This is one of the best adjustable chairs at present. Anyone can make Gesture comfortable regardless of its height or size, and it is durable.

*At the time of publication, the price was




It requires an investment of more than $1,000, but if you sit for a long time, the expense is worth it-support, adaptability and comfort will last for ten years. Since our first recommendation in 2015, Gesture has been the most popular tool through multiple test groups involving dozens of Wirecutter employees trying out office chairs. It is one of the most comfortable, supportive and durable office chairs we have tested: from back support to high-quality fabrics to reliable adjustment knobs, it has withstood the test of time. Gesture also offers the widest range of fabrics and other decoration options for chairs we have tested, so you can customize the look according to your work space.


The famous Aeron is more restricted than Gesture’s armrest adjustability, but it is also more breathable, comfortable and supports typing on the desk. Three sizes make it more suitable for a variety of body shapes and sizes than most single size types that fit all chairs.

$ 1,033

It is an iconic, comfortable and durable chair. If you work in a hot place or a place without air conditioning, the mesh backrest and seat make it a better choice than gestures. Bottom line: If you primarily want a chair that supports you in an ergonomic manner and can type on your desk for a long time, then Aeron will be perfect for you. But Aeron's armrest cannot be adjusted like Gesture's, so it is not very versatile for other tasks that require arm support (such as supporting a tablet for reading). It has a smaller volume than Gesture, is easy to move, and does not collect much fluff. Because it has been around for a long time, we know that Aeron is durable enough to last for ten years or even longer, and you may find a seldom-used example at a low discount in office furniture liquidation stores. It comes in three sizes, so we suggest you check

Before ordering.

Sayl's support and comfort are twice the price of many chairs, but it lacks some advanced adjustment features. It is also the most visually distinctive model we have tested-it depends on your taste (good or bad).

If our first choice is not in your price range,

Provides similar comfort and durability at nearly half the price. It lacks the many adjustability that Steelcase gestures provide, but still meets the requirements of test team members of various sizes and heights. As a high-quality chair with strong lumbar support, Sayl is very suitable for standard office work, and its plastic mesh backrest is cooler than fabric cushions. This chair requires you to pay attention to it, and if you like that space age look, you can choose a variety of colors to make it fit or stand out.

Ignition 2.0 is one of the most comfortable chairs we have tested. It retails for less than US$500, and it has many adjustment features, usually reserved for more expensive chairs.


Not everyone has $500 (not to mention $1,000) to spend on a chair. If you are looking for more affordable products,

It has made the least sacrifices of all the cheap office chairs we tested, and is an upgrade to our previous budget selection of HON Exposure. Ignition 2.0 has all the standard adjustment functions we would like to see on a chair, including seat depth adjustment, tilt tension, tilt lock, seat height and height-adjustable armrests. We found that it has all-weather comfortable support and adjustable lumbar support; make sure that "waist adjustable" is displayed in the product description so that you can choose a model with this option. However, since the starting height of the seat is 17 inches, people with lower than average height may have difficulty sitting correctly with their feet flat on the floor (we recommend

). Moreover, its construction is not as sturdy as our more expensive options, and we don't think it will last long. But for only about $300, you will get a sturdy chair that can be used comfortably for at least a few years.

Wirecutter senior staff writer Melanie Pinola has worked in the home office for more than two decades, writing technical and productivity articles for websites such as Lifehacker, PCWorld, and Laptop Mag. At that time, she researched and tested various office furniture and hardware, including



To help us find the best method of ergonomics, over the years, we interviewed several experts: Professor Alan Hedge,

; Rani Lueder, founder of this California-based company

; with

, Physical therapist, author


Since 2013, we have invited dozens of Wirecutter employees to test and report dozens of chairs. In this round of testing, we invited 9 people to test 10 chairs, at least once for 90 minutes.

-If it's not a whole day's work. We also surveyed staff who own or use any of our current or previous choices as their long-term testing records.

Buying an office chair is like

: If you spend your whole life on this kind of furniture, it is best to support your health and not hurt your waist. If you have a full-time desk job, the minimum time you will spend in the next 10 years is 14,000 hours. (Assuming you sit in a chair for at least 35 hours a week,

. ) This does not include nights when you have to go to work, weekends when you are called to the office, and unfortunately you end up having lunch in front of the computer or any late night games that you may play.

We now know that any ongoing chair time

, But if the chair is not good, it will only put you in a position that will increase long-term risk, thereby exacerbating the problem. If you have a home office, finding a chair that can make your desk time more comfortable and healthier is a work worth hard work.

If you don’t spend too much time sitting in front of the computer, you don’t need an ergonomic, adjustable office chair like the one we recommend here. If you just sit down occasionally to check emails or play games, buy your most comfortable or favorite chair. Many people are happy to work briefly on a chair or sofa in a restaurant. This guide is for those who work full-time in an office chair.

Ergonomics expert Alan Hedge told us that finding the right chair is like finding a good pair of shoes: you want it to follow certain design principles, and of course materials, quality and aesthetics will be considered, but in the end you should Choose something. You will feel comfortable. Since everyone is different, we have found chairs suitable for all body types, but you should always try a chair before buying. Whether you are buying second-hand or second-hand goods, you can consider going to an office furniture renovation store (as safe as possible), or even a construction repair shop, such as

, Try some chairs that are not available in the store. If this is not possible, then a generous return policy of at least 30 days will help you make a decision at home. We have included some size instructions in this guide to help you make this important choice.

Before each round of testing, we will search for new models on the manufacturer’s website, comb through the old version of this guide to re-evaluate our choices and previous returns, and consult with ergonomics experts to find the best office chair. It is recommended to sit for a short or long time to support your body. In the final round of major testing in 2019, we used the following criteria to reduce the field of 50 competitors to a final list of 10 to test:

According to conversations with ergonomics experts, we completely avoided two types of chairs:

Since the comfort of the chair is a personal matter, in our 2019 test, we asked staff of different body types from a 5-foot-2 writer to a 6-foot-2 editor to test each chair in our New York office. Each team member uses a modified version of the above criteria to evaluate the chair according to the above criteria

Chairpersons from Cornell University for all criteria, ranked from 0 (unacceptable) to 10 (excellent). We also collected long-term test records of chairs that employees have used in our office for several months.

All testers ran the office chair through the same basic test wrist, evaluating comfort, body support, adjustability and durability. This means sitting in a chair while typing, playing computer games, playing video games, writing emails, sitting in a meeting, and then thinking back. We sat in them correctly and incorrectly, twisted the knobs violently, and recklessly pushed them to the office for more than two weeks.

Recently, in my home office, after a few weeks, I conducted another round of testing, testing three office chairs under $400: HON Convergence, HON Ignition 2.0 and Fully Desk Chair. Ben Keough (6 feet 1 inch), editor of the cord cutter, tested both HON Ignition 2.0 and Fully Desk Chair in his home office.

It has sufficient adjustability for all types of bodies,

It is the best and most comfortable office chair for most people. After sitting on various other office chairs during the test, as one panelist put it, returning to "gestures" is like "going to a spa." Among all our criteria, our group members scored the highest in "gestures", it is made of high-quality materials, which should have a generous warranty of more than 12 years. We think the design is attractive enough for most people, and there are dozens of colors to choose from to suit any space or preference.

Gesture cushions play an important role in overall comfort. Our testers said that compared to similar chairs, Gesture achieves a proper balance between firmness and luxury, and is much better than budget chairs, which are almost like sitting on a wooden chair. Wire cutters with Gesture confirmed that after 5 years of extensive use, the seat cushion, backrest cushion and armrests are as comfortable as the first day.

This chair is comfortable for many tasks. It’s not just for typing on a computer, it’s not as good as a basic chair designed to keep you in an upright position. Our testers include writers, editors and photographers of different sizes. Everyone can adjust their gestures to make their body and work comfortable, whether they awkwardly bend over to write handwritten notes on the table, break ergonomics by sitting on the edge of the seat, or lean back at will when sitting A meeting.

In this price range, Gesture's lumbar and back support is comparable to other chairs, which is very good-but what makes this chair stand out is its comfort in lying and changing positions. When you are reclining, the back of most other chairs will tilt, but the back of the gesture can also be bent because the shape of your spine when you recline is different from the shape of your spine when you stand upright. You may not realize it, but sitting in a chair is beneficial. As Rani Lueder explained to us: "[When you lean back, you will not only intermittently reduce the burden on your spine, but you will also relax in the process, opening up the angle of the thigh torso. Move At this time, you can redistribute the pressure and help promote blood circulation."

Our testers agreed that gestures are the most comfortable of all the chairs we tested: you push back and the chair stays at an angle, instead of forcing you to continue pushing back with your feet or core to maintain that angle, just Like most other chairs.

The gestures have an impressive range of adjustability, are easy to operate, and can be configured correctly according to your task and body type. Using the knob on the right, you can move the seat depth back and forth, change the tilt tension, adjust the degree to which the chair can tilt back, and move the seat height up and down. In addition, Gesture is the only chair with ball-and-socket armrests that we have tested. You can rotate and move to almost any position: you only need to press the pull tab under the armrest to unlock the arm, and then freely rotate the entire arm so that No matter what you do, you feel comfortable. The armrests of most high-quality chairs can be moved up and down, forward and backward, and tilt in or out. Budget chairs rarely give you so many adjustments, and usually only move up and down at most.

According to Pynt, the arm support of the chair is important: "Any posture that leans forward from a vertical direction without arm support requires the back muscles to work overtime to maintain an upright posture, which leads to muscle stress and the consequent Pain." We found that Gesture's arm support is useful for reclining reading, playing games, and leaning on a tablet for long hours of drawing.

Testers commented that this chair has a simple and sturdy appearance, which is perfect for professional occasions, or when you want your home office to feel more professional. This chair will also continue to be used: Steelcase

Covers all the problems that usually occur in chairs, including any height adjustment problems in the pneumatic cylinder, and after years of extensive use, Gesture has proven to be robust in our tests.

Gestures are expensive and usually sell for more than $1,000, but if you don’t care about a specific color (the customized version offers more than 70 fabric options and six leather options), you can usually pay less than $500 in the online clearing company Price to find it. Or local. If you buy a second-hand product, you will lose the warranty, but the cost saved is worth weighing.

If you are hot while running, work in an office without air conditioning, or live in a warm place in the world, Gesture may not be your best chair. Foam and fabric cannot breathe well, and you may sweat in hot weather. If this is a problem for you, then our other picks have a mesh backing, which is much more breathable, and because the material is not cloth, they are less likely to collect lint.

Although Gesture is a comfortable and well-structured chair, it is not the ergonomic revolution suggested by Steelcase marketing materials-except for the fancy armrests, almost any other ergonomic work with a price in the $1,000 range The chairs will provide you with similar functions and back support. What makes Gesture unique is that it is an excellent choice for those who can lie down with no effort, switch tasks throughout the day or easily adjust to suit their physical conditions.

The chair weighs over 70 pounds and is bulky, which is annoying if you want to move the chair in the home office. But it also makes it super strong.

Considering its full mesh, no padding design, this is an unexpectedly comfortable chair. Some of our testers likened it to sitting on a hammock, because this elastic material almost suspends you when you are sitting. The mesh seat and backrest make Aeron a better choice than foam upholstered chairs in warm climates or hot people. Its armrest is not as adjustable as gestures, and tilt is not so easy. But for standard all-day keyboard and mouse use, we found that Aeron’s rear seats and seats are as comfortable as Gesture’s. Aeron comes with a

The length is the same as the coverage of Gesture, and because of the popularity of the chair, you can often find older or less used Aeroons at a low price.

Aeron not only allows individuals to adjust the size of the chair to fit their body,

. As with the difference in the size of clothes or shoes, the correct or incorrect size can be an important factor for the chair to suit you. The Aeron size we tested is B, which is recommended for most people between 5 feet 2 and 6 feet 6. (Generally speaking, size A is small, B is medium, and C is large.) The size is roughly related to the height and weight range. Even if you may not find a size that suits you, you should pay attention to the size chart and consider what is meaningful to you content. One of our testers happened to be on the cusp of B and C in the chart and found that the B size chair was too narrow and it was too easy to recline and push back accidentally. If in doubt, we recommend an adjustment.

As long as you have the right chair, Aeron can work long hours. The breathability of the mesh means that most people will not overheat or notice visible sweat stains on their backs in hot weather. In fact, Aeron's mesh fabric is elastic and breathable. When working for a long time, some of our testers prefer the feel of Gesture and other chairs.

However, Aeron is designed to work around a desk and can be placed properly upright. Try to sit with your legs crossed on Aeron and you will feel immediately uncomfortable. By doing this with gestures, you may forget to cross your legs completely until you stand up. Similarly, the size of the chair is also very different: our A and B size testers found that the chair is difficult to recline and maintain the tilt angle, but our C size tester said that the chair is too easy to recline and difficult to fix in place. Even the chair has a tilt tension control knob. For some people, Aeron’s mandatory ergonomics is good, but others may find the chair too descriptive.

Aeron's lumbar support system provides a fully adjustable dial and tilt mechanism, which we found to be natural to use, but more difficult to manipulate than Gesture. Overall, Aeron is not as flexible as Gesture. You cannot adjust the seat depth-another reason to choose the correct size Aeron is very important. Aeron’s arms can only move up and down, and the cushions can be tilted in and out, while the entire armrest on Gesture can move diagonally back and forth, as well as forward and backward to provide you with more when needed space. Adjusting the height of the arm is also a pain: not only do you need to press the tab under the armrest and move the arm as you want, but you also need to unlock the arm through the switch on the back of the chair on Aeron, move the arm, and then lock it in place. In an ideal ergonomics world, you only need to set the height of your arm once and then put it there, but most people can't sit well all the time, and many people have to complete tasks throughout the day.

In appearance, Aeron's iconic design has been imitated a lot. Our team members pointed out that the gray (called "mineral") model we tested looked more incomplete than the black model and might blend better in some houses. You can also splurge some options, such as a polished or satin-finished aluminum frame, to make it slightly neater.

Aeron comes with a

Covers all repairs and parts. Many of these parts are easy to replace. Unlike gestures that hide moving parts, Aeron proudly wears its skeleton. Glancing at the chair, you will see that the exact bolt needs to be removed before it can be replaced. Compared to Gesture, Aeron feels more durable and less prone to breakage-mainly metal, hard plastic and mesh. (Thorin Klosowski, editor of cord cutters, has owned the classic Aeron for more than a decade, and has done so many times, including two trips to different states, and it still looks brand new .)

For most people, we recommend the following options:

The price of the above combination obtained directly from Herman Miller at the time of writing is approximately $1,400. If you want to add a fully adjustable arm for depth adjustment and movement in and out, you will need to spend an additional $130 or so. A representative of Herman Miller told us that most people do not need or use tilt limiters or forward tilt, and we found that these features were unnecessary in our tests. However, if you lean forward a lot, you may need to invest $100 in tilt limiters and seat angle add-ons.

Aeron is easier to clean than Gesture and other non-mesh chairs. You can wipe the mesh easily. If the pet drops a lot, a mesh seat like Aeron will not attract as much hair as a cushion.

The classic Aeron designs sold before 2016 are still great for most people, and are still widely available on Office Liquidators and Craigslist (sometimes new products) for less than $400. If you can't afford a new Aeron or don't want to spend $1,000 on a chair at all, then buying old stock or used books is a great way. After use, you will lose the Herman Miller warranty, but if you are a little more convenient for DIY projects, you can replace almost anything on Aeron with second-hand parts you can find on eBay.

Starting at less than $600,

It represents a good compromise between cheap chairs and high-end chairs. It has the basic adjustability that most people need, and it also has a comfortable foam seat and a breathable plastic mesh backrest. But it does not have the advanced adjustments and ranges (such as seat depth and arm movement) of chairs like Steelcase Gesture. Even at half the price, it has the same warranty and durability history as all other Herman Miller chairs. In addition, if "gestures" and "Aron" are too boring for you, Sayl's unique design will attract you (or repel you) the moment you see it.

We found that Sayl was comfortable enough to sit all day long, and our small tester especially liked it. The rubber mesh back moves and stretches as you move. As the day passes, it provides enough support for the S-shaped curve of the spine. You can purchase an optional adjustable lumbar support control that slides up and down on the back, but most of our testers think this is not necessary because Sayl will naturally force you to stand upright. The seat is decorated with high-quality fabrics and has a strong cushion. It feels that it can be used for a long time, but if you prefer a soft and comfortable seat, Gesture will be your better choice.

Sayl has all the adjustments you need, but not beyond and beyond those adjustments. Most people will want the optional adjustable armrest that can slide up and down, slide in or out, or tilt in and out to help support the arm when performing different tasks. You can adjust the tilt tension and the degree to which Sayl tilts back, but before you really notice the change, you need to turn the tension knob a few times, and our Type C testers found that the chair tilts all the way back too easily. Most people will find that Sayl’s fixed seat depth is 16 inches, which is enough to support thighs well, but if you need adjustability, the depth-adjustable option ($95 accessory) can push the seat to 18 inches .

Sayl has the same warranty period as Aeron, which is 12 years and comes from a company that makes reliable, durable chairs. This chair is made of softer plastic and less metal than Aeron, but it can still support it over time. It has been used as a standard chair for Wirecutter's Los Angeles office since 2018, and the Sayls we tried for a while maintained a smooth adjustment and appearance overall, although sometimes the arm movements may be awkward. In the test, we were worried that the back of the plastic would tear, but it was very strong.

For some people, the main attraction of the chair is its design. The frameless rubber back panel has an unusual appearance and will attract the attention of every guest in your office or home. (This is a unique look

. ) You can choose between several colors of the rear suspension, several basic colors and many different colors of seat fabrics. Of course, design is a matter of personal preference. Some panelists liked the "alien/space age" appearance of the chair, while others hated it. We call it

Chair during the test.

We recommend that Sayl be equipped with height-adjustable arms, a fixed seat depth and no additional lumbar support. Depending on the seat fabric you choose, the total cost is about $670, which is almost half the price of a fully loaded Gesture or Aeron.

It is the best budget option we have tested. Its price is usually about $300 (but it has started to sell at a lower price), it is comfortable, and it can provide the best lumbar support among the chairs we tested for less than $500. Compared with most similarly priced or cheaper chairs, the material of Ignition 2.0 feels more durable, higher quality, less swinging of the armrests, and smoother rolling of the casters. Ignition 2.0 looks looser than similar low-priced chairs, and offers a gray or black mesh backrest. HON offers different task chairs in the Ignition series: the mesh Ignition 2.0 we tested; the ignition, which is a fully cushioned chair, costs about $100; and a tall and large ignition system, It can bear a weight of up to 450 pounds, but the price is usually more than twice that of the ignition 2.0 level system.

It is difficult to be comfortable throughout the day in this price range, but Ignition 2.0 is an exception. The seat cushion is thick and soft, compared to our previous budget choice, HON Exposure and similarly priced slightly harder seats are improved

. You don't have to break the seat. At the end of a long day, the seat will still feel supported, unlike an overly soft seat that you will gradually sink into. We like the elastic mesh backrest. We think the armrest of Ignition 2.0 will be composed of a short period of time. The armrest is made of soft plastic and has a gentle cushioning effect. Although the overall comfort of Ignition 2.0 cannot be compared to Gesture or Aeron, it can at least make all the basic requirements correct.

Most office chairs claim to provide lumbar support, but in most cases it does not exist. The optional adjustable lumbar support frame of Ignition 2.0 is really effective and eye-catching: when our testers moved the back support frame up or down, it stayed in place and provided additional support when placed. Because it is a large plastic block, you can easily feel the lumbar support through the mesh back; it eliminates some of the elasticity of the seat back, but all chairs of this design are like this, we think it is worth making more human body The engineering seat tradeoff is worthwhile.

Another major advantage of the chair is its adjustability. It can help you in various areas to help you get the right figure. You can move in and out of the seat depth, change the seat height, telescopic arms up and down, and away from or toward the torso. The drop of the armrest is not as large as the armrest on Gesture, Aeron or Sayl, but many other budget chairs do not provide any armrest adjustment function at all. Some of our testers regarded it as a damage after sitting on 10 different chairs. Trading stuff.

Because the height of the seat is about 17 inches (one inch taller than a Gesture or Aeron B size chair), it is not suitable if you are petite. At a height of 5 feet 2, I found it impossible to place my feet flat on the lowest position on the floor like Tracy Vence, a Wirecutter editor at 5 feet 4. One

The problem can be easily resolved, although additional fees are required.

Ignition 2.0 comes with

It covers defective materials or workmanship, but does not include small worn parts (as stated in the Steelcase and Herman Miller warranties).

It is difficult to be comfortable throughout the day in this price range, but Ignition 2.0 is an exception.

In other words, in this price range, the durability of Ignition 2.0 seems to be better than most chairs. The frame is mainly made of hard matte plastic. The casters roll smoothly on hardwood (you can definitely win in it.) And the seat cushion is covered with thick woven fabric, although its premium (with a looser weave) is obviously cheaper than Gesture. Compared with Aeron's back, Ironition 2.0's mesh back feels more like a sunken camping chair, while Aeron's back has a tight weave, just like your back trampoline.

The two Ignition 2.0 chairs we tested had a small and strange problem: when we took off from the chair after sitting on the chair for a while, the seat made a "husky" sound, as if we were standing up from plastic Covered seats in wet weather. This effect is very subtle, you may learn to ignore it after a while, but it may be a bit harsh. Wire cutter editor Tracy Vence owns this chair, but has not reported hearing this sound, so it may not be included in all Ignition 2.0 devices.

For chairs worth $300 (which can support up to 300 pounds), these complaints are mostly not many. Chairs in this price range will usually be used a year or two before they start to collapse. Ignition2.0 is at least durable enough to provide you with a solid service life of five years or more.

We know that our draft pick is a huge investment-not everyone wants to do it or has the ability to do it. Unfortunately, the price of office chairs is lower than ours

(Approximately $300 at the time of writing) is about the same: none of them can compete with our options in terms of all-weather comfort, ergonomics, durability, customization and warranty. The good news: If you don’t spend hundreds of dollars on office chairs in your budget for the foreseeable future, you can prepare cheap office chairs (or even kitchen chairs) for you until you are ready to upgrade.

In our latest round of testing, we found less than $100

If you are looking for a low-priced, adjustable-height office chair, that may be the best choice. To be clear, we do not recommend that you buy it: we think you might replace it sooner than you want (within the one-year warranty) because our team members think it is uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time. However, you can extend the life of cheap, adjustable chairs such as AmazonBasics through some affordable solutions.

Lack of height adjustability

Footstool or cushion

Ideally, an office chair should allow you to sit comfortably, back to back, feet flat on the floor, arms and wrists parallel or at an angle to the floor.

Chairs that cannot be adjusted in height or cannot be adjusted according to your specific height greatly reduce the ergonomic balance. Literally speaking, even chairs that claim to be ergonomic and height-adjustable may disappoint you-we sat on more than a few cheap chairs, which sink too easily.

If your chair is too high to be put down (which means you can keep your arms and wrists in the correct position, but you can’t lay your feet flat on the floor), you can

Support your feet. If the chair is too low to use the keyboard properly,

Can lift you to an appropriate height. Or, you can install the keyboard tray under the table to put down the keyboard.

Tip: If you are buying a new chair, but do not know how high the seat should be, please check the manufacturer's floor-to-seat size specifications (if available) and look for the chair with the largest adjustable height. Most of our top office chairs range from 16 to 21 inches, which is a good benchmark. (For reference, a chair that is only 18 inches above the ground is too high for me. My height is 5 feet 2. The adjustment range of one of the chairs we tested was only 18 to 20 inches, which was only 2 inches. . For others, this is twice as adjustable.)

Poor lumbar support

Lumbar support pillow

The best office chairs provide excellent lumbar support and a natural bend in your lower back. This design encourages you to sit correctly and prevents backache caused by prolonged sitting. The lumbar support of some chairs feels non-existent, while the curvature of other chairs is so obvious that you may push forward uncomfortably. Most are at a fixed height, which assumes that your torso is the same length as everyone else's.

If you find that the lumbar support of a cheap chair is insufficient, you need to pay 20 to 30 dollars

It can help you maintain a better posture and make your recoil more comfortable.

Poor filling

Lumbar support pillows and seat cushions

The same solution, different problems: If you find that the cushions in cheap office chairs wear quickly or are not dense enough, you can use lumbar support pillows to add backrest padding or cushions to cushion your head. These two accessories can also help you adjust the seat depth or height of the chair to make it more suitable for you.

You can't really fix a chair that won't tilt or can only tilt slightly, or worse, force you to lean forward on the chair. (Ergonomic experts recommend tilting about 110 degrees to relieve pressure on the spine, rather than sitting straight or forward.) This is also the case for chairs that are too short to roll due to poor casters, too short or non-existent backrests in this way. Too fragile, too short or too tall to be used, surfaces that are difficult to clean, chairs that are not rounded to maintain comfort, or models that are not designed to bear weight (the cheap chairs we have seen are all rated at 250 Pounds below).

Usually, its price is similar to HON Ignition 2.0, but it is adjustable, with an aluminum base and a design inspired by Herman Miller, which is more advanced. However, in the end, comfort and ergonomics make Ignition 2.0 the first choice of Fully Desk Chair and our budget choice. We found that the seat cushion of Fully was a bit stiff and could not work comfortably all day, and we found that the lumbar support adjustment was ineffective. Kevin Purdy, the former Wirecutter writer who owns this chair, and his wife have the same feedback.

From the front, in addition to the height and width adjustable armrests like Ignition 2.0, the Fully chair can also rotate the armrest and push it back and forth. This flexibility is useful when you want to easily leave the chair or support your arms in different ways depending on the task. But because you can’t lock the armrests in these positions, you may find that the extra adjustability is more of a hassle than a benefit, as Wirecutter editor Ben Keough did: he pointed out that the armrests move unintentionally. Rotate or slide forward to stand up, and when he sits down again, he often needs to readjust them.

One of our test chairs was slightly damaged, and the armrests and back had scratches and traces of different colors. We noticed the opinions of some reviewers on the Fully website. However, a Fully spokesperson told us that the company has completely redesigned the packaging with thicker cardboard walls and rearranged the way the chair components are packaged to prevent further shipping damage. We will monitor reader feedback and owner comments to prove whether this statement is true.

In terms of price, if you know that you like a solid seat, do not need strong lumbar support, do not need the aesthetics of the chair, or want a lower-priced chair with a higher price (330 pounds), we think the Fully chair is still worth it Consider) weight restrictions. Please note that the seat height of this chair starts at 18 inches, so it may also take a person 5 feet 4 or less to use the footrest for proper ergonomics, as I found in my tests. In addition, the Fully Desk Chair has a five-year warranty, which is shorter than the limited lifetime warranty of Ignition 2.0; like the warranty of Ignition 2.0, this policy only covers defects in materials and manufacturers, and does not include minor Replacement parts. Fully said that in general, the company will do its best to take care of customers anyway, although we hope to write the insurance policy into the warranty in the form of a lifetime warranty.

Since comfort is a personal matter, getting a good chair is usually to find a chair that suits you. It is always worth trying some options, because what works for one person may not work for another. In fact, most of the chairs we tested were pretty good. Usually, they just can't accommodate our testers.

As part of our mission to continuously recommend high-quality office chairs at different prices, in our latest round, we are looking for a price less than $300 and meet the adjustable standards (lumbar support, height, seat depth, armrest and tilt/ Pull) chair. And has a warranty period of at least five years. In our recent research pass, we dismissed


The seat depth is poorly adjustable; we also eliminated

Worry about the limited seat height range (3 inches) or the minimum seat height is too high (over 18 inches).

We also tested

, But we found that the seat is too soft, its fabric is thinner and less durable. Most importantly, the upper midfielder's support is not as good as HON Ignition 2.0.

It was our previous budget choice. We replaced it with Ignition 2.0 because this model provides a more comfortable seat, better lumbar support, greater weight bearing capacity and a less square design, and the retail price is about the same.

The two latest chairs we tested are from Steelcase and Herman Miller. These chairs look more stylish and can make most adjustments to avoid trying to automatically adapt to your body. Some people like them, but in general, we found that being able to manually fine-tune gestures can bring greater comfort and is suitable for most testers.


Version) is a kind of chair, its idea is to move and move with you. It costs about the same as Aeron, and has received good reviews from our panelists in terms of comfort, back support, tilt and overall appearance, but Aeron still makes hair seem insignificant in all these categories of chairs. We tried Cosm's new Leaf armrest design, which is more like an elbow cradle than an armrest. We found it comfortable to relax on the chair to relax the arms, but did not support them when typing or reading. Overall, we prefer the adjustability of other chairs and other size options not available on Cosm.

It has an ergonomic design similar to the Herman Miller Cosm, but we found that this chair is not as comfortable as other similar chairs to sit for a long time. Herman Miller Sayl expects more adjustments at the same price, so it is more popular among testers. A Type C tester discovered that Silq pushed them forward in an uncomfortable way, and the handrail was dug into it. If it is a task chair in a meeting room, or if you tend to leave the chair regularly throughout the day, this chair might be better.

It is a compact chair with plenty of finishes. The model we tested was fully equipped with leather and polished aluminum frame, and the retail price was over $2500. However, the price was not included in our blind test, and our panel members rated it as average in most categories, including comfort, back support and ease of adjustment. Its seat is very firm. From the front, Freedom's arms can be lowered to the height of the seat, which allows you to easily get on and off the chair and install it under any table. If the carved foam design appeals to you, if you can find it at a nearby retailer and feel comfortable shopping in person, then "freedom" may be worth trying for yourself.

Combining a mesh backrest and foam seat, the price is reasonable (about 360 US dollars). But this is the chair our team members dislike the most. One tester said that sitting in a chair for 90 minutes "feels like eternity", and another said it might motivate them to get a standing desk. The back is pushed forward naturally, the headrest is uncomfortable, and the adjustment is difficult to control.

It is a budget-friendly product with a price of US$260. With the help of gray, pink or white fabric decoration and curvilinear design, this product stands out from the typical all-black cheap office chairs. However, we found that the foam seat was too strong, and we were concerned that the design of the seat (fixing its Velcro on the base) might mean that it might accumulate dust, lint and other debris similar to under the sofa cushion. Although the backrest is obviously strong and supportive, due to its large size, this chair is best for people with short stature.

At the time of our review, the price was under $60

It is the cheapest chair we have tested. This is a simple chair with fixed armrests and comes with a one-year warranty. Our short tester had difficulty sitting comfortably in a chair due to the depth of the seat, and it was difficult to get full back support. This problem, coupled with the very strong seat and the inability to recline more than 15 degrees, led us to conclude that it is better to save money and buy a more comfortable chair. The chair may work in the short term, but if you want to invest in the chair in the long term, you must plan to replace it as soon as possible.

For previous versions of this guide, we also tested and eliminated the following office chairs:

It used to be our best office chair choice, and later became our runner-up. It's still an excellent chair that requires a lot of adjustments and a comfortable back, but most of our testers never thought of separating Leap from Gesture or Aeron. If you find a reasonable price, or you prefer the appearance of Leap, or just arm adjustability that does not require gestures, Leap may provide you with satisfactory service. But please remember that in long-term testing, we found that Gesture and Aeron have better seat comfort.

It was the favorite of a few of our testers, but no matter how hard they work, others cannot accept it. The biggest point of contention is the high back: the fern is taller than the hand gesture, but not as tall as the IKEA Marcus, which puts it in a strange position. If you find that Sayl's design is too high, but think the gestures are too boring, Fern is a good choice.

It is a mesh office chair with a backrest, with foam cushions, and available in several colors. We didn't test it this time, but if you like foam seats but want a mesh backrest, it is usually well checked and worth a look.

It is a strange-looking chair, but when it comes to comfort, it is currently one of the most adjustable high-tech chairs. Although Embody is very comfortable, its starting price is even higher than that of Gesture, but it lacks Gesture's arm adjustability. Herman Miller did not provide the fabric provided by Steelcase.

It is a high-quality office chair with a price comparable to Aeron. However, we think the Aeron seat is better, the seat is more comfortable, and the tilt control is better.

For at least one tester,

Ranked among the top three in office chairs. Overall, its excellent design and limited features make it unmatched. The price is between Sayl and Gesture. This is a good choice for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on a chair but still want a normal look and comfort.

Similar to Amia, although none of our testers found it to be bad, only one person ranked it in the top three. It's not expensive, and the mesh backing means it can be breathable in summer. The cost is close enough to the cost of Gesture, but most people who consider Think may prefer to upgrade to Gesture.

Just like Haworth Fern

It is a split chair. Some testers had difficulty adapting to ReGeneration, and they complained that the back of the chair awkwardly pushed it down the spine. Others found the recline, and when you push back, it pushes the into the air, which is a bit embarrassing. However, if the size is right, then this chair is reasonably priced.

Our testers don’t like it

, Complained that it is too short, the arms are too high, sitting for more than a few hours at a time is usually uncomfortable.

A budget office chair that several Wirecutter employees still own and love. However, in previous tests, it was generally condemned. Our shorter testers found that the high back made them feel like a child sitting on a throne, while the taller testers found that the non-adjustable arms were too low to be comfortable. Markus is still popular on the Internet, so if you are looking for a cheap chair, you have the opportunity to test it at IKEA, but the mileage will vary depending on your height.

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