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You don't have to spend a lot of money to improve the atmosphere of the bedroom-adding a simple platform bed frame can change the rules of the game. This is a simple and economical way to support the mattress, it will make your bed more comfortable, you can climb in and prevent the formation of mold underneath. We spent several weeks researching and testing bed frames and found our three favorites-each is easy to assemble, sturdy, stylish and less than $300.

I am a writer

Since 2006, I have been writing articles about home decoration for many design-centric outlets, including 

, I am here every day to help people turn houses into houses. Before that, I worked as an industrial designer of children's toys and furniture. For Wirecutter, I have tested and recommended everything from clothes hangers, bedside lamps, floor lamps, alarm clocks and sofas. I once slept one night in a bed worth $63,000 (but stayed one night), but I still think that the bed shared at home with two cats and my wife is the most comfortable bed in the world.

This is the only platform bed frame we recommend that can add a headboard. The powder-coated all-iron frame is also one of the strongest platforms we have tried, and its look and feel is twice its price.

Those who want low-key frames can last for years, and no matter how upset the sleeper (or how intense the night activity is), they will not easily move around or squeak.


The sturdy frame is easy to assemble, and the low (9 inches high) minimalist design looks great in almost any style or size bedroom (especially low bedroom). The matte black all-iron frame lives up to its name, giving up any extra details in favor of clean lines. Compared to any other bed we recommend, the powder coating is thicker and more scratch resistant than any other bed we recommend, and compared to many economic beds we consider (most of which are wooden beds), The frame looks unique and high-end. Moreover, if you decide to add a headboard in the future, CB2 will sell a variety of cushions, wooden and metal headboards specifically designed to be fixed to the frame. This is great if you want to change the decoration frequently. None of the other frameworks we tested offered many options.

CB2 is the simplest bed frame. Compared to other more complex beds we tested, it has only eight main parts, so there are fewer parts that can be tracked. It only took 40 minutes to put the frame together, but CB2 is also the heaviest bed we assembled (so please consider skipping arm training after assembly in the gym). Nonetheless, this one-by-one force is still able to move every single item into place without spending too much sweat.

The CB2 frame requires only eight bolts to assemble it together (it comes with a hex wrench to help), and 16 bolts are needed to secure the slats to the frame and center beam. Fourteen 2-inch wide and 3/4-inch thick pine slats are fixed to the canvas slats. They spread out like rope ladders and are easier to manage than individual fragments on some other beds. Of the three beds we recommend, CB2 has the smallest space between the slats (2.5 inches), which makes its structure very strong.

The finished bed is a comfortable, quiet and impressively stable platform for most mattresses, with slat supports evenly distributed-we won't feel any bumps or drops when placed on the bed. The weight of the frame (107 pounds for a large double bed) and low profile means that the model will not slide easily when you get in and out of bed or change positions, so squeaks and squeaks are kept to a minimum. Overall, the CB2 bed frame should be able to bring out the best quality of almost all mattresses.

The most expensive of our three choices is the Queen CB2, which is around our price ceiling, but if you are looking for a larger bed, at the time of writing, you know that the price of a Queen bed is $350. Whether assembled or in blocks, the frame movement is very heavy. Our sample lacked gaskets (the only instance of missing parts in all test models we ordered). But this did not stop us from putting the beds together, but without that washing machine, the frame might become loose over time. Before assembling, be sure to check all hardware (it is recommended to do this for any model).

This hardwood platform bed can hold up to 600 pounds, which is the only bed we recommend allowing custom dyeing or finishing.

Those who need a sturdy bed frame and those who need DIY enthusiasts can choose to personalize the original wood to match any style.

Poplar Hardwood

It is customizable (if you are willing to DIY) and is one of the strongest wooden bed frames we have found, with a maximum capacity of 600 pounds. Considering that Nomad Plus has two sets of rib-like slats, this may be a conservative number. None of the other frames we tested offered this load-bearing design, although all of our materials were almost equally strong (the wooden Zinus we recommend below is rated at 500 pounds). The KD frame bed also has two more slats than other frames, and can accommodate 16 hardwood boards of 2 inches by 1 inch in total. There is only a 2.8-inch gap between each piece (second only to the 2.5-inch span of the CB2 frame), which helps to increase the strength of the bed. Add these specifications together and you will get a 68-pound platform bed frame. Former Wirecutter tester Kevin Purdy said that they can withstand “energetic jumps and 190-pound fierceness without confidence. hit".

Due to its weight, Nomad Plus requires more time and effort to assemble compared to some of the lighter cork or plywood beds we have tried in this price category. This also means that when you are lying in bed, you should not have any sensation of shaking or shaking. Nomad Plus comes with a lot of parts, so although the instructions are clear and the assembly is simple and straightforward, there are many slats, sides and hardware that can be tracked compared to our other picks.

Nomad Plus is the only unfinished bed frame we recommend. It is a good choice for DIY enthusiasts who want a customized look. Golden wood is good on its own, but it can also be stained or painted well, providing you with a choice of personalized photo frames. The concise outline is also great for any creative design you might think of. Without any treatment, over time, the frame will be slightly patina under direct sunlight.

This bed frame is also higher than any other bed frame we recommend: it is 15 inches tall and has a gap of 11½ inches. This means that the storage space below you will be a bit more than the other beds we suggest here, and a set of KD photo frames are also sold

($30) to increase the gap to 14½ inches. Regardless of the height, there is enough space to hold the storage box, which is a treat for anyone who wants to use the space under the bed. To match the under-bed storage, KD Frames is sold

Equipped with wheels for easy and convenient operation (they are used in conjunction with Nomad). If you receive guests regularly, sometimes you need to accommodate one person, 

Add an extra concealed bed below.

The bare wood of this model is easily affected by nicks, cuts, pen marks, cat's claws and other household damage. We also found that the availability of this bed frame is somewhat inconsistent, but the company has been communicating and being honest and punctual, which is why we will continue to recommend this bed.

This simple and stylish platform bed frame is the lightest of any model we recommend, so a person can assemble and move it by himself, but we found that its inventory may be unreliable.

May be out of stock

*At the time of publication, the price was



Those on a budget, as well as those with steep stairs, long corridors or narrow porches.

We believe

It is a good-looking and practical choice for people who move into the first apartment or who tend to change their address frequently. Zinus made two versions of this bed: standard bed and deluxe bed. Their design is almost the same, but the standard rail is narrower (3.5 inches compared to 5.75 inches for the deluxe version), and the price is slightly cheaper. We chose to test the deluxe version, but we think most people will be satisfied with the standard. Both frames are light enough for one person to move (the Queen’s standard Moiz weighs 58 pounds, and the luxury weight is 65 pounds), and each frame can be quickly assembled into a stable platform that can support most mattresses .

We have noticed that it is often difficult for Zinus to keep all sizes of both versions in stock, so if you find the right size in the version you need, please don't wait. At the time of writing, many sizes and colors of these two models are sold out, and Zinus told us that it will not be restocked until mid to late July 2020. We plan to find more consistently usable alternative products in our next round of testing.

Zinus apparently considered the ease of assembly when designing the frame. Although Moiz can assemble more parts than other models we tested, Moiz also includes the most straightforward and step-by-step instructions for any bed we recommend, which are rare for most DIY furniture. Identification labels are also affixed to each main component. It took us 40 minutes to unpack and assemble the Moiz, which is about the time it took for the CB2 model. Surprisingly, some small details are not always found at this price: a separate sealed package for the hardware, Additional parts included, ratchet wrench and pre-drilled parts.

Despite its light weight, the Moiz bed frame is very strong. It sits above a thick 8-inch leg that raises the bed frame to a height of 14 inches (1 inch shorter than Nomad, but 6 inches higher than CB2) and includes a steel central rail with three legs added in the middle stability. compare to

, Moiz’s support plates have been reduced by two, a total of 12, but we have no obvious difference in support. The space between them is 3 inches, which is within the range we want to see. Velcro strips can firmly fix the slats on the side rails of the frame.

At this price, it is not surprising that the frame is veneer instead of solid wood. To Zinus’s praise, the veneer has a consistent texture, smooth and frosted, forming a handsome platform in Scandinavian style. Whether your taste is modern, traditional or eclectic, it should look good. But over time, Moiz will undoubtedly be as susceptible to scratches and scratches as other cork furniture, and it may not last as long as the powder-coated metal frame of CB2.

One of the Velcro straps designed to hold the slats in place was twisted and stapled incorrectly. This does not hinder performance, but due to the Velcro shift belt, we heard a small wrinkling sound when we jumped into the bed.

Everyone should put the mattress on the floor. The platform bed frame provides an affordable, slat-based system designed to work with springs, foam or hybrid mattresses without the need for base springs or box springs (but if you want to use a higher bed surface, then You can add one). The slats add support and prevent the bed from sagging, and-together with the height of the bed frame-make the mattress "breath", preventing mold and mildew from forming underneath. Platform bed frames are also generally lighter, easier to move, easier to assemble, and they generally tend to be clean and modern in design compared to traditional bed frames. Also, when you leave the floor, it will be easier to climb into and out of bed.

If you have a bed frame you like, but the slats are bent, broken, too thin or spaced more than 3 inches apart, you can purchase a "double bed board" that falls into the bed frame. Made by Zinus

For any double, full, queen and king frames we recommend (not just frames made by Zinus). A Wirecutter writer used such inserts on his IKEA large bed IKEA Malm bed, and he told us that he found it easy to assemble and fit and comfortable.

You may be wondering why we do not recommend any IKEA high bed. The Swedish manufacturer sells several low-profile bed frames with slatted supports, but most bed frames priced at $300 and under from IKEA include a headboard and footrest (except for the single size

 Sofa bed and over budget, aluminum

). In the past few years, we have tested some of them, but this time for cost and ease of assembly purposes, we will focus on simple platforms. We may reconsider IKEA products in the future.

The platform bed frame should be compatible with most foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses and built-in spring mattresses. However, even a cursory search on the Internet will provide dazzling appearance options, many of which are made of cheap cork or slats with small spacing, which tend to squeak over time. It makes noise and even makes the mattress sag. The platform bed frame we were looking for reached the best point between moderate price and durability, while exuding a little beautiful appearance, and we could only assemble it with the tools included in the box. With this in mind, here are the features every buyer should look for in a platform bed frame:

After assembling each bed, we prefer models with the following functions:

After assembling several bed frames, we found that you need to be at least 3 feet long on all sides. And, we recommend that you check all the tools and hardware you need before you start using it. When putting the CB2 frame together, we found that the washing machine that was too late was too short, and indeed threw a wrench in the process.

Why are there no slats at all? They allow airflow and help prevent mold from growing under the mattress. This was directly discovered by me in an unplanned scientific experiment at the university.

The “no more than 3 inches apart” slat criterion is particularly important because many mattress manufacturers (including Leesa, Casper and Purple) will not be able to fulfill their warranty requirements if your bed frame does not provide sufficient support. Jeff Chapin, co-founder and head of product design at Casper, believes that the 3-inch specification is not a static rule, because the size of the slat itself (especially the thickness of the board) has a greater impact on overall stiffness. Base and mattress support. Chapin pointed out that it is easier for shoppers to remember "3 inches apart" compared to more complex thickness specifications. (Why are there no slats at all? They allow airflow and help prevent mold from growing under the mattress-this is what I saw with my own eyes in a planned surgery experiment at the university.)

We ordered

Purchased from Wayfair and found that it is a reprinted carbon copy of Zinus Moiz (the only difference during inspection is that the packaging is slightly different, but they are clearly marked as Zinus models).


It is easy to combine into a beautiful-looking cushion foundation. No tools or hardware are needed, because all 16 parts of the frame can be snapped into place with a rubber mallet (included). But due to the 6-inch gap between the 11 support beams, we had to exclude this option from our list. When we placed the test mattress on the frame, we did not notice those larger gaps, but the Leesa representative warned us that the larger gaps will invalidate the Leesa warranty because the mattress may become Penetrate into the gap and deform.

We built IKEA

The bed that replaces the test is better known

, Because the Hemnes bed is made of solid wood instead of veneer, and it looks more traditional. In the afternoon, IKEA was familiar with screws, fixing bolts and pins, and read the instructions many times to gain construction experience. There are dozens of items in the package and few hardware parts to deal with (this is annoying if you need to reassemble the frame), and the bed is not very comfortable. The slat base is too flexible. of

The thickness of the slats is just over 1/4 inch, and although they are tightly placed 1¼ inches apart, the net effect is to reduce the support of the mattress. Friends and colleagues using IKEA bed frames noticed that the slats were broken or slipping. you can

At Hamnitz (and Malm)

, But this is an additional cost. We believe that our choice has better value. If you have ordered a lot of IKEA furniture and you particularly like the appearance, then Hams or Malm will do.


LexMod's products are reasonably priced, claim to provide good support (weight limit is 1,300 pounds), and the slats (based on the company's answers to customer questions) are 3 inches wide and 3½ inches apart. However, like the other models we considered from this brand, online ordering seems to be often out of stock.

This is a common type found on many retailers and websites, with curved wooden slats nested in a metal frame fixed with a rubber hammer. In our tests, it was easily assembled into the most annoying framework, and the instructions did not seem to be proofread or translated. When assembling, disassembling and then trying to reassemble the frame, we managed to break two rubber brackets by bending the plastic nails sunk into the frame. Eventually it accommodates the mattress, but it feels sag under pressure. of

Tell a story: "Not terrible", "Not a long-term solution" and "Alright", there are many mentions of broken planks.

We have slept on dozens of mattresses and conducted collective tests, reported on their components, interviewed experts, and determined the best mattress for each budget.

Our favorite side and back pillow pillows are support

. People with stomach sleep should try

For six years, we have spent more than 625 hours researching and testing cotton cloth. This is our recommendation.

After 300 hours of sleep on 17 models, we chose four mattresses filled with memory foam, latex and fiber, which we think are suitable for most sleepers.

Our testers tried 18 shredded, solid, layered and contoured memory foam pillows. Their overall favorites:

Jeff Chapin,

, Phone interview

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. His work can be found in Design Milk, Dwell, Domino, Apartment Therapy and Airbnb.

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