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The Broadside outdoor movie and entertainment venue will open at 600 N. Broad St. on Wednesday.

Local audiences may be more interested in outdoor screening venues than the Vice President’s debate, but the confrontation between Democratic candidate Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence has opened up a new situation.

It will be held at an outdoor venue in Midtown at 8pm on Wednesday. Many pre-Halloween horror films will be shown on the new screen of The Broad Theatre.

Broadside used a huge sieve filled with gravel piles and placed them in pairs on mats on Adirondack chairs, which can accommodate 100 people. There is a movable trailer that can be used for ticket purchases, food concessions and bars, and some picnic tables.

Since the pandemic began, movies and concerts in local drives have quickly sold out, but it was restaurants that made Brian Brianen of The Broad Theatre consider opening up outdoor venues. When the City of New Orleans announced in May that restaurants could apply for permits for outdoor seating, he began planning.

Broadside Theater is showing two movies this week. Jim Jarmusch's New Orleans film collection and film classic "Down by Law" opened on Thursday and lasted until the weekend. He opened on Friday with director Alex Gibney (Alex Gibney). Gibney's new documentary "Total Control" (about the United States' failure to handle the coronavirus pandemic), October 9.

Knighten hopes to arrange daytime entertainment for the family, such as puppet shows and magicians. There will be musical events such as jazz trio, singer/composer or DJ. At night, it will be an outdoor theater.

Upcoming movies include Brian Cronenberg's sci-fi assassin film "Possessor" and director Justin Simien's horror comedy "Bad Hair", by Eller Lorraine (Elle Lorraine), Vanessa Williams (Vanessa Williams), Jay Pharoah (Jay Pharoah), Kelly Rowland (Kelly Rowland), musician Usher (Usher) and other starring roles. It was released by Hulu and shown in 15 theaters across the country.

On Halloween, there will be more horror movies, such as "Poltergeist". In November, The Broadside will be the venue for outdoor film screenings at the New Orleans Film Festival. The festival will set up its own temporary outdoor screen near Lafitte Greenway.

Knighten said he was able to obtain space permits soon. But there is no permanent plan or construction in the space.

"We have to see how things are going," Knighton said. "This is a quick solution to save The Broad Theatre and save work."

Knight had different plans for space before the pandemic. He intends to add another theater building with four screens, which will double the work of the theater and the Hollywood theater and the art theater.

The pandemic destroyed the cinema. The Regal Theater Chain has just announced that it will close all of its more than 525 theaters. Both Kenner and Covington have Regal Cinemas.

The Broad Theatre reopened in June, but the audience must not exceed 25%, but Knighten said that attendance was far below that threshold. Even if the limit is increased to 50%, The Broad will still stick to its 25% configuration.

Knighton said: "The road to getting people back to the theater is much more difficult than we thought."

There may be nothing more popular on New Year's Eve. Who is not willing to open the door for 2020? However, almost nothing...

The 48-hour film project is usually carried out in film and television production in New Orleans. Last year, actor Jef Figallo (Jef Figallo) left the director of a large movie theater.


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