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The mob that swept Congress included notorious white supremacists and conspiracy theorists.


"...Police...I'm just watching you. They have secured the White House. I'm just giving you a reminder. Patriots, wait. Wait a minute, the National Guard is on the way." Crowd: "Theft is real. Theft It's real..." "The theft is real." [Cheers] "They didn't follow our [proprietary] laws. It's true. Theirs is fake." [Cheers] "Take the knife away. "You are all here, they are gone. Why are we here?" "Yes, but you have a knife." "He is just (foul language) in my face, a man." "That's a good point." , But you have a knife." "A person just appeared in my face." "I know. It's wrong, it's wrong." "Ok, talk to him. Don't jump into my face. Talk to the woman on the Internet." "There are many people here to defend you. Many people." "I will kill anyone (many)." "America! America! America! America! America! America! America! America!" [cough]" America! America! America!" "Everyone on our front line has been hit by pepper spray. A lot. So this forces us to back down. But they are still trying to get into the building and gain a foothold." "America! America! America! America! America! America! America! America!" "Listen. Hey! Listen! We need to dismantle MSNBC, CNN, you know where all these [professionals] started and put out the fire. They are on fire." "We are not violent here. We are not violent here. We will not be violent here with you." "Who has water?" "I." "Water, water." "The one who protects you. The person standing next to you when you were attacked." "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!" "Now you are attacking us." "[Professional] Trashman. It's so shameful." "My 5-year-old son looks more like you than you A [aggressive man!" "Move! Move!"


Washington — There are notorious white nationalists and famous conspiracy theorists who spread the dark vision of the pedophile Satanists who run the country. Others are more anonymous. They are from Indiana and South Carolina, and they have listened to President Trump’s appeal to show their support. A person,

, Previously only been elected to the office in November.

They are all based on Wednesday

, Hundreds of them

They ran into the barricade, climbed the window, walked in the door, and wandered in the hallway, full of contemptuous blasphemy, because in a few breathtaking hours, they believed that they had replaced the elite they hated. .

A construction worker from Indianapolis said, "We want to show these politicians that we are responsible, not them." A construction worker in Indianapolis, 40, said only that he was Aaron. He refused to reveal his surname, saying: "I am not that stupid person."

He added: "We have the strength."

When the country screened what happened in Washington on Wednesday, the focus of the Capitol storm was a group of diehard Trump supporters: an embarrassed crowd, many of them holding bats, shields and chemical sprays, some holding Confederate flags, They also wear fur and horn clothing inspired by QAnon; most of them are men, but there are also women.

those people

It's just a small part of the thousands of Trump supporters who traveled to Washington to protest against the proof that Joseph R. Biden defeated President Trump in November. Their violations carried chaotic and fanatical energy, and Trump's words a few minutes ago and the enthusiasm of the mob standing behind them fueled their anger.

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department stated that there were no other arrests related to the riots on Thursday, during which time a woman was fatally shot and killed by congressional police.

. One day ago, they detained 68 people and another 14 were detained.

During the turmoil. Federal authorities are still looking for dozens of people. The number of them includes a 60-year-old gun rights activist from Arkansas. In the photo, he is sitting in the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a man in tactical equipment takes a photo in the rotunda. A woman carries a sign about children in the house inspired by QAnon.

Some people who are still standing up in the crowd seem to be confused by what they see before their eyes. A few people talked about the magnificence of the Capitol and the office, and this quality seemed to confirm their suspicion of corruption in Washington.

"Yes, look at all these high-end furniture they have." said a man wearing a winter coat and red hat, standing on the west side of the Capitol, through the glass on the empty desks, computer screens and ergonomic chairs Staring on. Several people hit the window with their fists. One of them yelled: "Add coffee!" One person slapped the head, but didn't see the outer glass layer there. It was too clean.

When people rushed into the room, chaos and excitement mixed together. At first there were almost no police present, which exacerbated the feeling of lawlessness. They stared at a rich and beautiful place, decorated with art and marble, a powerful realm. On Wednesday afternoon, the mob controlled for a short time. They feel that this is the first time and cannot be ignored.

Aaron, a construction worker from Indianapolis, and his two friends heard that someone was talking about going to Ms. Pelosi's office. Therefore, once they entered their office, they decided to find Senator Chuck Schumer's office instead. Both are Democrats.

"We want to say a few words"

, He says. "He may be the most corrupt person here. You don't know much about him. But he is sticky. You can see it."

But they could not find Mr. Schumer's office. He said they asked a congressional policeman who tried to command them. But they seem to be far from the office of minority leaders. They ended up smoking a few cigarettes in the building-"We can smoke at home," Aaron said. An unnamed friend of his joked that he went to the bathroom and did not flush the water.

A woman in a coat was sitting on a sofa in a small room with a blue carpet, watching a man tear open a scroll with Chinese characters on the wall.

The lady said: "We don't want China to talk nonsense."

Nearby, six men were sitting at a large wooden table. The lamp with white shadow was broken. Someone is smoking. "This is the pot room!" a young man said.

In the crypt, people walked around, using their phones to take pictures of the statue and themselves. A person holding a selfie stick is like a tourist abroad. A woman in baggy jeans and a blue puffer jacket is shouting into a megaphone, while a man in a black T-shirt with the words "Not a Libertarian today" is running on the central column, looking like Like a crazy victory.

Mississippi Democrat and Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Bennie G. Thompson said Thursday that the FBI and the US Transportation Security Administration should add the names of anyone who enters the Capitol during the mob attack to the federal government. Unknown minor stroke. Flight list.

Thompson said in an interview: "We have seen reports of'thugs' en route to Washington, DC."

. "Imagine if they were allowed to fly unconstrained, how they would show a lot of imagination when they left DC."

When the authorities try to identify mobs, some people will have a much harder time than others. The panel members include some well-known figures in the power of conspiracy, including Jack Angeli, who promoted the false QAnon request for Mr. Trump from deep state officials and prominent Democrats who worship Satan and child abuse were elected to save the United States. As shown in the picture, he is sitting in the Capitol wearing a Viking helmet and fur. Since the election, Mr. Angeli, known as the "Q Shaman," has been the head of the pro-Trump protests in Arizona. There are signs that he and other right-wing activists have planned to trigger a confrontation with the authorities on Wednesday. Before the rebound.

The leaders of the far-right organization Proud Boys also participated in the meeting. Their participants supported anti-feminism and anti-immigration views, such as Nick Ochs, who was a candidate for the failed legislation in Hawaii and was a A member of an organization called "Murder Media". Chris Hood and members of his neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Club, posted photos on Telegram outside the Capitol on Wednesday. On Tuesday night, a far-right armed group "Three Centers" was assembled on Liberty Square in Washington, mostly wearing helmets and kevlar vests decorated with the group’s logo, the Roman numeral three.

The mob came from a wider crowd, thousands of Mr. Trump’s most loyal supporters, many of whom drove all night, or took the bus with friends and neighbors to watch him talk and became what many people wanted to be a day Part of it finally has some answers to months of false claims about election theft. Many people interviewed said that they had never been to Washington.

In an interview on Wednesday, more protesters in the crowd said that something would happen, which was greater than what they had done before. No one can say exactly what. Before the violent attack on the Capitol, someone secretly hinted at violence and the imminent threat of civil war. But when they desperately demand what this might mean, they tend to disagree, simply that if called, they will serve themselves in the conflict.


 Follow a rally held by President Trump

 To his supporters, question the election results. Look at what happened and the ongoing consequences:

"A lot of people have been talking about this day for a long time," said Brian Sachtleben, 40, an asphalt truck driver from a small town near Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who was working at the time. Seeing the crowds scattered on the Washington Monument, Trump was surprised at the oval shortly before he started speaking.

When asked what he thought would happen, he said: "I don't know. I really don't know."

He vaguely mentioned the words of Thomas Jefferson: "The tree of freedom must be refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time."

Then he added: "I don't think anything will return to normal again."

Before the violence began, he left the town.

When those who entered the Capitol later reappeared after the rage, many were welcomed like returning heroes.

"Yes, we stopped voting!" yelled a man wearing a navy blue zippered jacket, his hands raised from the tall yellow wooden door, and the people outside cheered loudly. "Murder Media" was marked with a black marker on the other part of the double door.

Many people say they will not try to enter, but they sympathize with those people.

"I don't go there, but yes, I can," said Lisa Todd, a 56-year-old high school teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Others expressed regret.

Eric Dark, a truck driver from Braman, Oklahoma, is 43 years old. He rushed into the Capitol "probably not the best thing," when he climbed the tallest building. He was given tear gas when he was lying down, but never did it.

At about 4:30 pm, he was standing with Brian Hobbs, the mayor of Newquay, Oklahoma, near the top of the western steps of the building, when riot guards began to move to clear thousands of gatherings .

Dark said the situation could be worse.

He said: "We have enough people. We may have to tear up that building brick by brick."

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