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After upgrading the models, the charm of the E-Class Coupe and Roadster is further enhanced. E-Class Cabriolet is equipped with a classic fabric top cover, which can provide a spacious and comfortable environment for long-distance trips of up to four people. Cabriolet is equipped with standard AIRCAP electric ventilation system and AIRSCARF neck horizontal heating device. The acoustic soft top is a standard feature that helps to optimize the internal noise level, and its multi-layer structure reduces wind and driving noise. Therefore, even at higher speeds, the occupants can enjoy a relaxed conversation in the car. The new E-Class Coupe combines the beauty and classic virtues of a top station wagon with the most advanced technology with expressive coupe-like proportions, clear and sensual design and comfort for four people.

Exquisite shape: "A-shaped" design of the diamond-shaped radiator grille

The design changes, especially the front part of the E-Class Coupe and Roadster, have brought more improvements. The flat headlights with standard MULTIBEAM LED headlights give you a more dynamic impression. The inner workings of the headlamps are excellent. Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz) iconic design features include torch gas flame effect and two luminous pins. The "A-shaped" design of the new diamond radiator grille (standard on all versions) adds a special dynamic. The grille also comes with chromed dots, single shutters and a central Mercedes star. The new highlight of the muscular tail is the completely redesigned internal working principle of the two-piece taillight, using LED technology. A star module with a reversing camera is inserted into the trunk lid.

As part of the facelift, the four latest paint colors available for the E-Class Coupe and Roadster are Hi-Tech Silver, Graphite Grey Metallic, Mojave Silver and Patagonian Red (designo). The wheel lineup has also been expanded and now includes an air wheel called an air wheel. Its special design features help to save fuel and contribute to sustainable development.

As always, the interiors of two-door sports cars and roadsters combine modern style with sporty luxury. The upper part of the dashboard appears to be hovering; it rests on proportional trim pieces, which flow into the door. The selected high-quality materials and the quality of the craftsmanship used demonstrate the sporty, fashionable atmosphere of the car and exude an outstanding high-end charm. The new exterior interior options-open-pore gray ash wood and aluminum and light carbon fiber texture-can improve the interior decoration.

The overall sports seat has protruding side cushions and integrated headrests. The seat contour follows the obvious side cushions, and depending on the specifications, the middle has sporty transverse or modern longitudinal seams. The color of the seat back and the central part of the seat cushion is in harmony with the overall shape of the seat. Various material combinations can be used, including ARTICO artificial leather, embossed leather, nappa leather with diamond stitching, and even reflective leather (for cabriolets).

Next-generation driving assistance system: provide better assistance when trailing and parking

The new E-Class has the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems, which can provide drivers with cooperative support. Now, the automatic switching detection function of the steering wheel is based on capacitance, thus enhancing user-friendliness when driving in semi-automatic mode. In order to inform the auxiliary system that the driver can still control the E-Class, it is sufficient for the driver to hold the steering wheel. In order to do this, the steering torque (ie slight steering movement) was previously required as feedback. The new steering wheel has pads with appropriate sensors in the rim. These record whether the driver is holding the steering wheel. If the system detects that the driver does not put his hands on the steering wheel within a certain period of time, it will start the warning cascade. If the driver continues to be inactive, the emergency brake assist system will eventually be activated.

As a standard configuration, the E-Class car is equipped with an active brake assist system, which in many cases can use automatic braking to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision. The system can also brake with a fixed vehicle and traverse pedestrians at typical city speeds according to actual conditions, and even prevent collisions. As part of the driving assistance package, when it is closed in the upcoming lane, it is now possible to do the same. You can choose to add a series of other intelligent driving functions to the driver assistance package.

The interior is more comfortable: a new generation of steering wheels and MBUX

As part of the facelift, the E-Class sedan is equipped with a new smart steering wheel. It can be used as a leather steering wheel, or it can be used for super sports. The surface of the joystick has a high-gloss black finish, while the decorative parts and surrounding parts have a silver shaded finish. The functions of the combination meter and the media display are operated by touch control, and the physical principle of touch control has been changed from optical to capacitive.

The new E-Class sedan is equipped with the latest generation of MBUX multimedia system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). As a standard configuration, it includes two large 12.3 inches/31.2 cm screens arranged side by side, with an extraordinary widescreen appearance. The emotional presentation with excellent graphic effects emphasizes the intelligibility of intuitive control structures.

The stimulating comfort control system connects various comfort systems in the vehicle, and uses music and lighting atmosphere and multiple massage modes to meet various personal requirements related to the health of the occupants. The new member of the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet is ENERGIZING COACH. This function is based on intelligent algorithms and recommends one or other programs according to the situation and related individuals. The goal is to ensure that the driver feels good and relaxed even during a long journey.

The new Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC + coupe and roadster

The key logo at the rear is the round double exhaust pipe trim, available in silver chrome or high-gloss black (as part of the optional AMG Night Package), which can be harmoniously integrated into the rear apron. The fender side design improves the aerodynamic performance of the rear: therefore, this allows better air flow around the wheel arches. The spoiler lip on the boot lid is painted in the color of the vehicle, but it can be made of carbon fiber.

From the side, the new 19-inch light alloy wheels with aerodynamically optimized five-fold double-spoke design are eye-catching. Optional 5-spoke double-spoke design 20-inch light alloy wheels, also optimized for aerodynamics, and have wider rim edges, painted in matte black or high-gloss titanium gray. You can choose graphite gray metal and matte blue Magno as the new paint colors, the latter used to be the exclusive color of the AMG GT series.

With the optional AMG night kit, E 53 4MATIC + coupe and roadster can show a more sporty appearance. The exterior mirror covers, window frames and decorative elements in the front and rear panels are all in high-gloss black style. There are also black chrome-plated exhaust pipe trims. Carbon Package II adds personalized highlights with mirror cover and spoiler lip to the trunk lid through carbon fiber.

Automatic appointment and specific display inside

The interior welcomes passengers with unique decoration, luxurious materials and the latest MBUX infotainment system. The 53 series models are characterized by the use of ARTICO artificial leather/DINAMICA black microfiber black seats with AMG specific design, red contrast stitching and AMG logo, which perfectly combines sportiness with strong lateral support and comfort. Other internal features include red seat belts, carbon fiber interior parts and nappa leather interior. Black/titanium grey pearl Nappa leather with red contrasting topstitch stitching is new.

Visually, the two displays of the instrument cluster and the multimedia display are fused together under a shared glass cover to form a widescreen cockpit. Customers can choose "Modern Classic", "Sports" and "Super Sports" among the three AMG display styles on the dashboard. The "Super Sport" mode is particularly eye-catching. It has a central circular tachometer, and displays other information in the form of a bar on the left and right sides of the tachometer in a perspective view, and creates a space of depth. impression. Through the AMG menu, the driver can call up various special displays, such as engine data, gear speed indicator, warm-up, settings, G-meter and RACETIMER.

New AMG Performance steering wheel with seamlessly integrated buttons

The new AMG Performance steering wheel uses novel design and seamlessly integrated buttons to establish a closer connection between the driver and the machine. Three round double spoke spokes combine stability and portability, and the steering wheel rim is a symbol of motorsport. The shell can choose leather, DINAMICA microfiber or a combination of leather and microfiber.

The new switch integrated in the surface of the horizontal double-spoke spoke is very elegant. The tactile aids in the symbol area make control easier. The instrument cluster is operated by the left sensor surface on the upper steering wheel spokes, and the media display is performed by the right sensor surface. The lower spokes contain controls for cruise control/DISTRONIC (left) and telephone/hands-free system/volume control (right). The optional AMG steering wheel button can be used to start the driver, as well as further individually definable functions, including a more gorgeous display with new icons, and are now available.

Six-cylinder inline engine with EQ Boost starter generator and electric additional compressor

The twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter electrified engine with exhaust turbocharger and additional electric compressor can produce 320 kW (435 hp) and produce 520 Nm of peak torque. Its EQ Boost starter-alternator can provide an additional 16 kW of output power and 250 Nm of torque, and power the 48 V on-board electrical system. This innovative technology enhances the iconic AMG performance and driving dynamics, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The electric auxiliary compressor is supported by the EQ Boost starter-alternator in the stopped state, which can establish high charging pressure without delay to increase the acceleration torque more quickly until the large exhaust turbocharger is deployed. As a result, the 3.0-liter engine responded immediately and provided a high dynamic response without turbo lag.

The electronic limit speed of 250 km/h can be increased to 270 km/h with the AMG driver kit.

Short shift time and high efficiency: AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission

The 3.0-liter in-line engine combined with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G gearbox has a very short shift time, quick response to the shift paddle commands, double downshift function and multiple downshift functions. Upshifting or downshifting will be executed immediately. Especially in the "Sport +" driver and manual mode, the transmission response speed is very fast. Depending on the selected mode, it can also provide dynamic acceleration and very short shift times, as well as fuel-efficient driving.

Features of touch finger: AMG DYNAMIC SELECT

"Slide", "Comfort", "Sport", "Sport+" and "Personal" through five DYNAMIC SELECT drivers. These modes can modify key parameters such as engine response, transmission, suspension and steering. Regardless of the DYNAMIC SELECT driver, the driver can choose to press the "M" button to switch directly to manual mode. In manual mode, gears are only executed by the shift paddles on the steering wheel. The suspension device can also be specially selected according to needs.

AMG DYNAMICS vehicle dynamics control has been integrated into the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driver. For example, in the "basic", "advanced" and "professional" levels, it affects the control strategy of ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) or all-wheel drive. The intelligent driver control system predicts the required vehicle behavior based on the driver's actions and sensor data. This range covers a very stable to highly dynamic range, providing a driving experience that prefers comfort or special sports. You can also directly select the AMG DYNAMICS function through the AMG steering wheel buttons.

Autonomous AMG RIDE CONTROL + suspension, more dynamic

The AMG RIDE CONTROL + air suspension developed by Affalterbach provides higher agility, neutral turning performance and greater traction. The multi-chamber air suspension has a particularly sporty spring/shock absorber setting and continuously adjustable damping ADS+ (Adaptive Damping System), which combines excellent driving dynamics with high ride comfort. For example, when turning and braking, the higher spring rate can effectively reduce the body roll.

The damping of each wheel has been adjusted to suit the current driving and road conditions. The damping characteristics can also be pre-selected among the three modes of "comfort", "sport" and "sport+", which makes the distinction between outstanding long-distance comfort and sporty driving dynamics significantly more obvious.

AMG Performance 4MATIC + full variable four-wheel drive as standard

The fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC + all-wheel drive system combines the best traction and dynamic driving pleasure, and has a high level of driving safety in all conditions (whether on dry, wet or slippery roads). The transition from rear wheels to all-wheel drive is seamless, and vice versa, because intelligent control has been integrated into the entire vehicle system architecture.

The technical data of the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet are clear at a glance:

E 200 coupe

E 300 coupe

E 200 Cabriolet

E 300 Cabriolet




4 / inline



year 1991






Number of revolutions


Peak torque

Newton meters




Acceleration 0-100 km/h












The technical data of the E 53 4MATIC + Coupe and Roadster are clear at a glance:

Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC + Coupe

Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC +


3.0-liter 6-cylinder inline engine with exhaust gas turbocharger and additional electric compressor

2999 cubic centimeters

320 kW (435 hp) at 6100 rpm

plus. Use EQ Boost output

16 kilowatts (22 horsepower)

520 Nm at 1800-5800 rpm

plus. EQ Boost torque

250 Newton meters


AMG Performance 4MATIC + all-wheel drive, fully variable torque distribution


4.4 seconds

4.6 seconds

Maximum speed

250 km / h *

*Electronic control with AMG driver bag 270 km/h


The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe and Roadster have undergone major upgrades, and the front appearance has been renewed, with new headlights and radiator grille designs. The internal structure of the taillights has also been redesigned. Internally, the MBUX infotainment system is enhanced with a stunning widescreen layout and can be operated via a new smart steering wheel with capacitive touch control.

The new Mercedes-AMG E 53 4MATIC+ coupe and roadster reinforce the brand image of Mercedes-AMG, using AMG-specific radiator grille, with vertical shutters, and circular dual exhaust pipe elements And the trunk lid spoiler lip. The E 53 4MATIC + model is powered by a 3.0-liter electrified engine with twin turbocharging. EQ Boost proves the dynamic response without turbo lag and is equipped with an AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G transmission. AMG DYNAMIC SELECT uses AMG RIDE CONTROL + to modify the characteristics of the power transmission system to suit the driver, thereby providing excellent ride comfort and excellent driving dynamics.

The success story of the two-door E-Class

Today, the E-Class sedan has a long tradition of sedan models in the market segment and can be traced back to the origin of the brand. Subsequently, other coupe models in this model also appeared for a while under the name of CLK. Every generation combines elegant design with agile sportiness and modern luxury.

The Frankfurt International Auto Show (IAA) in September 1991 marked the debut of an elegant cabriolet model: this four-seater car with a fabric top became part of the 124 model series and was renamed E-Class in 1993 . The success of the A 124 has produced 33,592 prototypes by 1997, followed by the A 208 (1998 to 2003) and A 209 (2003 to 2010) series of CLK cabriolets, as well as this series The E-Class Cabriolet A 207 (2010 to 2017) and A 238 (since 2017).

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