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"Schools are a pleasant and fulfilling part of life. Students can safely explore their true north"-Read the vision of The Northstar School, an advanced institution established to change the educational ecosystem. The client's initial profile was that a very important part of each child's experience at Northstar is architecture. The project is located at the southeast corner of 17.8 acres of barren land, adjacent to the campus of RK University, at

-Bhavnagar highway.

Semi-arid climate in northwest India, dusty but windy local conditions, 20-30 days of Indian monsoon

RK University’s STP water supply and influential contextual indicator. A general master plan was conceived, which integrated three development stages, of which only the first stage was constructed. Open corridors, building direction and future development have been incorporated into the master plan. The key functions are located on the first and second floors to make the building space child-friendly.

The main purpose is to find a way to learn with nature. The basic unit of a school is the classroom. Therefore, the design process started with programming a classroom module with cross ventilation, one's own private garden and an open garden yard. The module is iterated from one part to the whole part. Between the two classrooms is a larger garden, which is easy to monitor, has performance space and class preparation.

Taking inspiration from the stepped wells in Gujarat, the central courtyard connects all the spaces within each module and replicates them at various stages. This central stepped and vegetation courtyard can be used as a large gathering place, as a multifunctional space and circulation place. The stage is integrated into the green pockets in the yard, among the creepers and vines, which are used by children or employees to perform.

Thanks to the efforts of the structural engineers, the assembly on the second floor is placed on the next floor lightly and accommodates a multi-functional hall that can accommodate 250 people. When people walk along the main entrance walkway with high canopies, the structure visually creates an atmosphere.

The second skin-Jalli on the ground floor and the ambitious crawler on the first floor have been planned to be used on all floors to provide natural light, shield dust and provide safety. When exploring the materials of the façade, the standard is to make it available locally, have a simple tone, reflect the characteristics of the institution and be economical. Bella is a natural hard limestone with a terracotta color that has been used to integrate architectural forms with the existing environment.

The architectural design of The Northstar School has been planned. With the age of the building, the landscape has brought more life to the space, so it has ownership. Currently, an Indian owl is living in an unused truncated tube, the Gulmuhar tree has laid a red carpet for the main pedestrian passage, and Northstar's gardening program makes learners aware of the importance of flora and fauna. Northstar's design is based on the idea of ​​exploring contemporary design with local materials, using regional references to define architectural forms and finding simple solutions to complex design problems.

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