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Not a person who sits still. Even on the phone, I could hear him moving around, and as he became more energetic as he talked about his most exciting project, his words jumped one after another, barely breathing. Naturally, the demands of the pandemic are not so easy for him.

"It's crazy, I always go out to take pictures, so when I should be inside?" He stopped, unable to describe the exact feeling, just groan-laughed in pain.

But he is still in the process of trying to record the artist. Recently, Adam filmed a trailer, and behind the scenes

The latest version of "Lonely", before that, the photographer was shooting scheduled for

"Runnin". Perhaps the most well-known portrait in his portfolio so far is Juice Wrld, which was chosen as the cover of the rapper’s After Death album.

He entered his photography career in a certain round-trip way, first as a graffiti artist, and then as the founder of the now closed clothing brand Pardon Le Dopeness. During the turbulent period of his teenage years-"a lot of trouble; as he described it-a constant bunch of things was his closeness to the rap and hip-hop scenes in his hometown of Toronto. The love for music and the creativity behind the sound The admiration is almost doomed. 

This 31-year-old young man recalled some famous people such as



As they passed through Toronto, this connection inspired him to attach importance to art. However, it was Pardon Le Dopeness who transformed it into photography.

"Then I got hooked on it," Adam said. "This is its speed. Just like graffiti, I can complete it in a minute. I started with digital technology, but because I hate editing, I quickly entered the field of film. Like, how can I make this process faster? Movies are the fastest way in my eyes and the most authentic way of all my research. If you don’t make movies, you won’t really understand light. So I started to study light, which really allowed me to enter the field of photography."

This obsession will eventually lead him to

. Then, the creative director connected him with producer and songwriter Benny Blanco. After retiring from the tour and spending some time in New York to find inspiration again, Adam and Blanco stumbled across a road, but Adam lost contact with the producer.

"The beginning of the relationship is like

", Adam explained. "Any bad things that might happen to this relationship have happened. " 

After leaving New York for Los Angeles, Adam decided to use a little bit of information he still knew-Blanco's address to re-establish contact. Later, while riding at Uber, Adam jumped over Blanco's fence and left a large painting on the manufacturer's driveway with his contact information on the back. Fortunately, Blanco's maid was there and took the artwork from the photographer. Adam is still not sure whether Blanco received the work. Nonetheless, two weeks after the half-interruption and entering the event, Adam was singing in a chorus with Blanco on the covers of singles, including Halsey and Khalid's "Orient." 

"If I want to give someone any advice, then do everything possible — don’t overdo it, you know, but do everything you can to attract people who want to work with. I work with a lot of people, but really Few people are inspired. Because [Blanco's] is really about art, and that's what inspired me."

When Adam is taken to shoot the trailer and works behind the scenes of Bieber's single "Lonely", the relationship between the two will be productive again. Bieber's streamlined ballad lyrically shows the star of his youth. This loophole resonated with Adam.  

"For me, when I enter there, my only goal is to do the best possible job for this person: how can I make this important, and then be able to promote it. Therefore, in In this project, for me, the biggest selling point is the whole mental health problem. This is just a very personal song, and this is what determines the project."

Like many others in the creative field, this pandemic made Adam’s future plans uncertain. Even working now may be a torture once and for all: Adam described that after 15 days of self-isolation for the Bieber project, he almost lost his mind, only because of travel and visa issues that delayed the shooting date and required another round of self-examination and isolation. 

But the slowing down of life did not stop his ambitions. He still has plans for his first solo gallery exhibition, the Atlanta project is in preparation, and his photo album

On the way. Not to mention isolation, which provided him with a wonderful excuse to start making music, with the help of his young Toronto producer who did not want to be named. He devoted his efforts and dedication to the artists who worked with him this time.

"I think my whole world has changed," Adam said. "When I work with clients, my only goal is to help them create a world around their ideas. But now, it is this way of thinking that creates a world around me. More importantly, it makes me an artist ."

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