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Holly piste

In the novel

, Both I and Lucy Snowe live and work in a girl

I or she found a school in a small French town. she has

Nowhere/I have nowhere to hide

/ My small possessions. Her mattress/my mattress and bedding

Check her sleeping/I sleep in the dorm every day, she

Doubt/I doubt her/My desk in the classroom was also seen


She has nowhere/I have nowhere to hide the letter sent to her

/For me it is Dr. Graham, she is addicted to imagination

/ People who hold me heavy and imaginative.

She invested/I invested in the worship of God in the letter

It does not match the friendly and goodwill it writes.

I/Lucy guessed that the girl student had taken away, read, and

Returned the letter to her/my bed. Lucy panic about her/me

Lack of personal space and make weird decisions to bury

Letter in the school garden.

She folds the pages tightly/I folds the pages tightly to wrap them up

A silk handkerchief dipped in oil, curl them into a glass bottle,

Seal the bottle with wax.

She buried the bottle/I buried the bottle under the roots of the ivy

In the garden area haunted by me or the ghost

A nun who was buried alive.

In this gesture/my gesture, Lucy Snowe refused

Own this letter. She applies/I am

letter. The letter entered a state of absence. I use / Lucy

Use burial to disguise letters and refuse to be private

Trusted. She replaced/I ritualized her ecstatically

Poverty/my poverty, and her/other ownership

Objects and evacuated self into love.

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