The Recorder - Erving Elementary School to go fully remote, will reconsider in January

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ERVING-After the holiday, Erving Elementary School will be set to a complete distance education mode. The school plans to stay remote for at least two weeks and then assess whether it is safe to switch to some form of face-to-face learning model.

Recently, Irvine Elementary School has been in a mixed mode, and the administrators and teachers discussed at the school committee meeting on Tuesday. The students go to school in the morning, then go home and go to class in the second half of the day.

The principal Lisa Candito said that due to the warm weather, it is possible to hold face-to-face classroom learning in the fall.

However, as the weather turns cold, this forces teachers to keep their classrooms indoors. In this case, social distancing and safety regulations in the COVID-19 pandemic must be stricter than outdoors.

Candito said that now, students sit in the school for almost the entire three hours, and in the classroom they line up in a row, just like an old-fashioned classroom, she said.

Candito said: "For everyone, sitting at a desk for three hours is very important, and it is certainly a lot for children." "As we navigate this new world, our students have shown elegance and patient."

Looking ahead to Christmas Eve, managers worry that the prevalence of COVID-19 will increase like after Thanksgiving, which makes the risk of attending classes in person higher than so far.

Jennifer Culkeen, head of the Union 28 school system, said: "I think this concern will only increase with this time of year and holiday celebrations."

According to the latest data from the Department of Public Health reported on Thursday, the town of Irvine has detected 8 new COVID-19 cases in the past two weeks. During the same period, a total of 351 new cases were reported in Franklin County.

When Culkeen and Candito met with the Erving School Committee, they advised the school to switch to completely isolated classes after the holidays and maintain this model for at least two weeks.

Mackensey Bailey also supported the idea, speaking on behalf of the school’s Erving Teachers Association at the meeting.

The school committee has no objection.

"I totally agree with this," said chairman Erik Semb.

The committee plans to reconsider this situation at its January 19 meeting.

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