The State of the Arts on the East End in 2020

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Hampton's art is ubiquitous, and despite new forms and more personal experiences, they are still an important part of the structure of the East Side. Here are five ways art will cause a sensation in 2020.

After all, necessity is the mother of invention. When COVID-19 forced companies to close, art was hit hard. How will they survive without being able to hold galleries, performances and screenings? Fortunately, the East Side art scene is brilliant. West Hampton Beach Performing Arts Center (WHBPAC), City Hall, and Bay Street Theater all quickly hosted virtual performances via YouTube and Zoom. These performances were performed by Joy Behar and Melissa Erico (Melissa). Errico) and other blockbuster starring roles. The Hampton International Film Festival (HIFF) and the Hampton Film Festival also screened movies in virtual form and retained their beloved tradition in a new form.

Weather permitting, the gallery hosts social gatherings, outdoor performances and sculpture gardens. The Parrish Art Museum is making full use of its beautiful meadows and its opening ceremony

Show now. Following the new Southampton Village laws, the Southampton Art Center took the lead in launching a storefront art project and began to pour vacant storefronts with amazing artworks, such as Alice Hope's "Priceless Treasure". There are many outdoor activities, such as the Sagaponack Sculpture Field hosted by Lou K. Meisel and so on.

The Bay Street Theater and the Sag Harbor Arts Center have always called Long Wharf home, and it will move to a new location in 2023. The theater will build new spaces on the newly acquired properties on Long Island Avenue, of which 7-currently have 11 stores. The transaction was completed in October, and the plan includes a major phase, a space dedicated to educational programs, a center for the development of new works, a landscape and prop store, and even outdoor performances and public spaces. Construction is expected to begin in 2021.

The Sag Harbor Cinema rose from the ashes and was almost ready to open. With the enthusiastic steering of the new executive director Jamie Hook and the completion of the renovation project, Sag Harbor Cinema will become the focus of attention in 2021, and this non-profit cinema will become an important center of community art . In October, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony with April Gornik, chairman of the Sag Harbor Cinema, and others to commemorate all their progress.

Has anyone put back the autonomous driving theater on their 2020 bingo card? The Gateway provides a fun and safe night for movie fans, and provides admission screenings for favorite movies, such as

The East End of London (AFTEE) held a series of events to raise funds for the pantry through the following films:

. WHBPAC held a series of rare concert video screenings.

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