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Your home is a refuge. It has also become a hotspot for offices, classrooms, conference centers and happy hours. And, it is very likely that you spent some money to update the decoration during the popular period.

According to data from Moody's Analytics, the sales of furniture and home furnishing stores in the United States have remained stable in the past three months, with a slight increase compared to the same period last year. Sales during the holiday period were strong because retailers offered a lot of bargains to clean up the showrooms for the coming year.

In the Seattle area, this epidemic has had twists and turns. In most cases, the business will remain stable because the client wants to renovate the house.

"I think it's helpful for a lot of people to work on their homes and continue to invest in their homes," said Katie Largent, owner of Seattle Arden Home. "Sales are not at pre-pandemic levels, but they are still healthy enough to keep us moving forward."

If you are tired of the old sofa, want to brighten the wall with some kind of artwork, or want to buy a new warm blanket in the cold winter, we will organize a list of some favorite household items and some professional skills to make you feel at home As comfortable as possible.

Retrofit Home is located in the center of Capitol Hill and offers a variety of modern, rustic and mid-century modern furniture and decorations. Co-owners Jon Milazzo and Lori Pomeranz opened about 16 years ago, and its eclectic atmosphere was inspired by the bathrooms of their art school.

Milazzo said that since March, sales of custom sofas, desks and carpets have been “hot”. She said that since many people started to work and attend classes at home, they have transformed their space into a multifunctional one.

Investment floor. "Putting a carpet under everything will only make your house warmer and more comfortable. In addition to the hard floor, you need to walk something."

Lighting is also very important. The lighting of the overhead tank is cold. The same goes for table lamps and floor lamps and more subtle light from different sources. I don't think people will always realize that having many small light sources is so powerful that it can make your space feel comfortable, warm and comfortable. "

If you are looking for a luxurious feel, head to the Timothy De Clue Collection, a boutique that brings together a selection of local and international merchandise. Owner Timothy De Clue is an online retailer based in Seattle, offering unique accessories, tableware, soft bedding and more. Since the beginning of the pandemic, De Clue said sales of bar supplies have soared. He also noticed an increase in orders for bedding made of Egyptian cotton.

Focus on bedding. "I think it’s very important to have a good night’s rest. So fresh sheets will be great. A nice bedding and pillow top will be huge. They can really help you sleep well. Sounds cliché, but it’s definitely An important factor in your sleep at night."

Jacob Willard Home specializes in the restoration and sale of medieval furniture and collectibles. Jacob Willard Home, named after the son of owner Karl Hackett, opened in Hillman more than six years ago. From restoring antique furniture to selling your own furniture, this shop focuses on vintage style. Hackett said customers increasingly want to restore old furniture, and the store now has space dedicated to custom restoration.

See what you have. "People are sitting around the house and watching grandma's dining room need to be updated, so they think they need to take some action. There are not many options for this type of work, so it is a benefit for us."

Reflect inward. The pandemic has changed the way of life for many of us. We are looking inward, more introspective about our lives and our inner lives. Take inventory of everything you have and the importance of family life, and make this life more attractive and livable. "

The owner Lisa Myers describes Capers Home as

"Nearby store." Capers Home is located at the junction of West Seattle. It was originally a kitchenware store. Over the years, the store began selling various items such as dining tables, carpets, sofas and chairs. Since the pandemic, Myers has noticed that customers want to upgrade certain elements of their houses. She said that "layered" items that make the house comfortable, such as blankets, pillows and candles, are particularly popular.

Think about it carefully: "Once you have basic furniture pieces, no matter what they are, it adds texture, and these come from pillows, blankets and linens. The word people often use is "soft." Touch and feel are really important . What I’m talking about is a carpet that feels good, maybe you can play with your kids. Something that brings comfort, such as fuzzy and feel-good throws. All of this adds warmth to the house."

Ben Knudsen refers to Ballard's DIGS Showroom as a "lifestyle store", offering everything from kitchens to home decorations to children's areas. Through DIGS, Knudsen and his wife (co-owner of the store) discovered "the intersection of good design and function." One unconventional item that Knudsen often sells is a fireplace.

sort out. "I see a lot of people taking this opportunity to clean. Cleaning, organizing and organizing clothes can make your space more peaceful. Once you're done, maybe focus on the pieces you really like and enjoy, and it will be something for you. The difference. I have a lot of people changing sofas. It’s important to hang out in a comfortable place."

Katie Largent's 2,000 square foot showroom

On Capitol Hill, custom and non-custom furniture is provided, with simple decoration, from simple table lamps to king-size beds. She also provides interior design services through Zoom Consulting. During the pandemic, custom-made areas and sofas have been Arden Home’s best sellers.

Deliberately. "I think it’s really just taking time to think about problems and consciously paying attention to your space. This is the first step. Many people tend to just settle in their own residences without really taking the time to think about how they want their own The space has appearance and function."

Yes, this is a consignment store, but not just a second-hand market. Co-owner Victor Ghioni said Ballard Consignment Company is "a place where high-end furniture stores meet old-fashioned furniture stores." Ghioni also allows customers to "change hands" or exchange prices. Sofas sell particularly well because they are the "focus" of the house.

I want to be older. "If you want to nest and want some unique and interesting colors, this is the golden age now."

Kasala Furniture has branches in Bellevue and downtown Seattle, and has become Seattle's favorite in its 34-year history. Readers of Seattle Magazine named Casalla Furniture the "Best Home Furnishing Store of 2020." Marketing director Robert Bernard said that during the pandemic, sales of home office furniture soared.

Consider the texture. "When we think of home, it reflects to some extent who we are and how we go to the world. When we have to stay at home, we have to bring something from the outside world, and we can usually use these things every day And bring them back to the house. I will consider all these little comforts, such as plants, pillows and blankets and all these things that feel good."

Two Watson Kennedy stores in downtown Seattle offer more than 14,000 home furnishings. Owner Ted Kennedy Watson also opened a blog for people who need home decorating skills. In addition to hand sanitizers, the best-selling products also include original artwork.

Think about your senses. "The smell is great. I think you know that you want to have a very large diffuser in your home, and you want a very cute scented candle. I think that immediately makes you feel comfortable. You want to invoke five senses. That's very The big part."

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