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My 20th anniversary

. Therefore, many established restaurants are included in the series. So far, this is my biggest annual dining guide to date, with 77 reviews, including a new list of 10 classic restaurants, and

Celebrate the Javelin thrower. I am looking forward too. I hope that many promising newcomers (some people have been marked in my top 10 list) continue to promote the cause of food in Washington and surrounding areas. In the past year, all restaurants have been visited and selected to represent a range of choices. I have mentioned some numbers in my monthly summary of favorite places to eat. If you don't see one of your options here, please feel free to let me know that I must stop somewhere-be patient. I still have many comments.


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Enrique Limardo (Enrique Limardo) created a vibrant ode to Latin America.

I've been here

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There is a jungle. The seven reasons are three stories high and are covered with greenery. Chef Enrique Limardo plans to add more on it, possibly a big tree. "Nature will take this place," the city vowed to become the best ambassador of the Latin American Food Road. The golden, bite, and cheese-filled betel nut is a hat of Venezuela, a native of Limado. The same goes for the skating plantain ravioli, an explosion in the past by his grandmother who cooked food on Sunday. Limardo studied architecture and industrial design before studying restaurants. Translated into some cool scenes. Look at his fried octopus tentacles, sprinkled with stylish burnt onion "ash" and inlaid on the interlocking yellow rings of liquid ahi amarillo. Or a tostada with pink swordfish belly, shimmering orange rice and caramelized black sesame seeds, almost hiding the fresh green mango under the flavor party. Argentine steak marinated with garlic, lime zest and Worcestershire juice, then breaded and deep-fried, and then added with avocado mashed with serrano. In contrast, other Milanese seem very monotonous. Dishes such as broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes, made with deep red beet puree and almond-chili balsamic vinegar, are delicious and can surprise vegetarians. (Limardo promised to consider other things besides next year’s election: a month’s vegan menu.) Isn’t the space cool? Isn't the server cute? Is everyone unhappy to be here? When I think about it, there are many reasons to choose this restaurant as your next dining adventure.


Tuesday to Sunday dinner

Small cap $13-$20, mid cap $19-$29, large cap $45-$120

75 decibels/must speak loudly


Every dish in Yuantang is full of flavor and fun.

Few chefs cook outside the box like Endo. When was the last time you seasoned meatless pork ears or pork ears, as if it were Buffalo chicken wings? Do you care? You should, because it sounds strange, but they sound amazing in your mouth. That larb is an impromptu on Lao salad, featuring lime leaves and Thai chilies to make shiitakes head over heels, and season with tamarind, hazelnut oil, and lime. Stewed in pho, fried into a pop, that pork ear is mixed with rutabaga and peanuts, and mixed with ranch seasoning to form stripes-fun! Wontons stuffed with roasted carrots seasoned with miso, and covered with walnut pesto, can be tasted in a standard Italian bakery except for the pickled blueberries on the plate. "Rooster and Owl" offers cheese creamy egg short with shortbread instead of a cheese set, which is a pleasant surprise for Liz biscuits. (I was full of cakes in an owl tin on my birthday.) For four courses for only $65, you can buy exquisite food and sophisticated service. In contrast, the dining room looks soft, but the leather chairs are comfortable, and the recently designated 10 personal spaces will surely summon the tanker's hands. Do you want mints on the check? The shape of this animal is more like a soft candy in the shape of a miniature robot with raspberry and Prosecco flavors.


Tuesday to Saturday dinner

Dinner $65 per person, a la carte: $12-$26

74 decibels/must speak loudly


Behind the fun in Aaron Silverman's tasting menu room is the skill.

"We will have a lot of fun tonight," predicted the server of the city's most optimistic high-end restaurant. After a while, a colleague of his offered us a master class of martinis at our table (unlike Bond, he stirred the drink to maintain the taste), and some perfect accents appeared: a Barbie Large and small tallow pie wedges and fresh escargot from Staten Island, sharing shortbread with oily herbs. Time flies, in the energetic "dinner for dinner", French toast is made of blue cheese, foie gras and soft black truffle bacon, grilled lamb and spicy plum on a small grill Gezi, with homemade harissa and chimichurri on it, a noble "summer picnic". Do not be afraid. The assigned dishes make it easier for you to accept. The blackened salted fish étouffée exudes the brilliance of New Orleans. The 150-story lasagna produced a peculiar Italian-American architectural project completed with fra diavolo rich in seafood. Desserts-sticky toffee cakes with black chestnut ice cream, chocolate candies with toasted hazelnuts-are many little sensations. From the comfortable mid-century modern chair to your pre-visit bill, no details are too small for the owner Aaron Silverman and the staff. Many high-end restaurants will send guests home with gifts from the kitchen. This is a donation to the US World Food Program to feed hungry children. Everyone won, and the waiter’s sunny predictions made sense.


$325 per person (including drinks and bar meals) $150 (excluding drinks)

72 decibels/must speak loudly


The chef's underground space attracts you with its unique gorgeousness and unique flavor.

The pinnacle of Washington cuisine often involves moving from room to room at night, tasting the menu, blending old ideas with new table service, a sense of humor and a quiet atmosphere. Métier provides all these decorations in the underground space, and offers drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the private salon, and continues in the restaurant with old paintings, spaced tables, candlelight chandeliers and admiring talents Continue to operate. kitchen. A highlight from September will start with the brilliant chilled carrot clear soup, so you can read it clearly. (For the sake of proof, put its glass bowl on the "placemat" cut out on the page of The Post.) If you are familiar with the ingredients and their flourishes, you can pair some dishes with first-class dishes: bring Garden fresh basil soup with tender cabbage seeds and Dijon mustard sorbet, roasted Virginia lamb loin. Other combinations include chef owner Eric Ziebold (Eric Ziebold) making spices in front of your eyes, or reminding you that he is as good at Japanese cuisine as a Frenchman. Decorated with light green sorbet, topped with grapefruit-chile sauce, tofu cubes poured in hot smoked tomato water, gently fried and melted in the mouth, will be one of the most unusual things for me throughout the year. The head chef of the pastry department is Anne Specker. The side of Gianduja Chocolate Cornbread and Corn Milk Ice Cream and the best fritters in memory made me see the stars-four to be exact.


Wednesday to Saturday dinner

Seven courses $200

65 dB/conversation is easy


Tarver King's escape is the best reason to be on the road right now.

Before summer dinner, one of the best reasons to go to the country road is that I don’t know that sunflower sprouts have the flavor of artichokes, and the best way to make a delicious fried snack, or to show the flavor of beef is to cook it. Own tallow. In addition: the bread dipped in charcoal oil is also very special. It's a shame that I eliminated me last year. Tarver King is one of the best chefs in the Mid-Atlantic region. His restaurant on the hills of northern Loudoun County benefits from an 18-acre kitchen: a surrounding farm. Everyone eats the same menu, and everything is better under a tent with a rural scenery. Picture on the half-shell. Oysters were lit with chili balsamic vinegar from a whiskey barrel at Catoctin Creek for six years, and then lit. Imagine a tiny lemon squash against the perfect bite of swordfish in chopped soy sauce. Rejoice in the elegant Pavlova, then the "Candy Shoppe Flavor", including Turkish Delight and Lavender Caramel. I have never put meat on tomato sauce – except here, according to 18th century recipes, "pumpkin sauce" is special in allspice powder and mushrooms. One or two Sundays a month, the kitchen will explore another cuisine in a multi-course dinner: November will bring diners to India and Japan. For thrill seekers, please pay attention.


Thursday to Saturday dinner, brunch weekend, every Sunday dinner

Dinner $110; Sunday dinner $75

69 decibels/easy conversation


Victor Albisu's naughty attempt at Mexican food is better than ever.

If you want to draw a chart showing how far this Mexican resort has come since it opened, ask for charred cabbage. The burned leaves don’t sound like a game-changing dish, but when they are sprinkled with a spoonful of chopped oxtail "jam" in a light green, hot-packed mole rat, it will definitely taste like that. With coriander, mint and crushed seeds. My point is: vegetables are playing the leading role, while meat is used more as decoration. Indeed, one of the most tempting ceviche here is mango compressed with chili and lime, plus candied Fresno pepper and black charred Habanero oil, and finally, a chef with a voice Owner Victor Albisu likes him very much: "I put it on everything," even eggs at breakfast. The chef has a fun side. "Everything" infladita stuffing smokes white fish in delicate taco cups, while panko crispy halibut slips between steam heads coated with Mexican cream. This is filet mignon, but it is better than McDonald's in every respect. If Albisu said he couldn't refuse this dish, it would be fried chicken on a modified black mole rat rich in foie gras. All this dish requires is a sparkling salad to cope with the waste, and it is paired with an excellent blue tortilla. Has it been a while since you last visited the moody restaurant? Have you never tried the restaurant service to keep pace with the kitchen? You missed it. Poca Madre is in a leading position in the game.


Dinner every day

Small plates $12-$32, albums $46-$110

70 decibels/easy conversation


The latest work by Lisa and Peter Chang celebrates the woman in this family.

Writing a lover to a restaurant always worries me. In the case of rave reviews, will companies glide at will, or will readers feel the same pleasure as me? I don't have to worry about the newest (and possibly the largest) business of entrepreneurs Lisa and Peter Chang, the latter opened on March 8th (coinciding with International Women's Day). For seven months, paying tribute to the culinary professional chef Lisa and the mother of Peter, a former farmer in central China, has always been coveted. In my spring dining guide, the dishes that brought Mama Zhang to the top, including sweet potato noodles mixed with pork and mustard sauce, and recently added some fresh ideas: fried chicken bomb sauce with black pepper, hot Spicy pork belly is paired with brown eggs, and scrambled eggs with squid decorated with tomatoes and pearl shrimp. I even sautéed spinach with garlic, its luster and faint crispness impressed me. Cooking is not the only thing that prompted me to attend Fairfax's neat 200-seat resort. The service is attentive, the wine list shows the mind, it is as big as the restaurant, and the acres of balsa wood and open pavilions make you feel comfortable during your meal.


Every day dinner, every day lunch, weekend snack

Small plates $10-$14, family style plates $17-$40


The gems of Rappahannock County add a new day to a charming dinner party.

Dining at the smallest and best restaurant in the area has become easier. The co-owners Diane and John MacPherson added a chef and extended working hours, including a charming 20-seat restaurant in Rappahannock County on Wednesday night In the dining room. Otherwise, those who have been lucky enough to be here might think of a scene similar to past dinners: five dishes served on one seat by the same person who prepared the meal. Farmers let the restaurant know what they have on Sunday. Before writing the menu, the staff came up with ideas on Tuesday. The only thing that does not change every week is: "The food must be simple, honest, delicious and beautiful." Chef John said. Therefore, summer tomato carols are fresh and burnt in clear soup and toast. The scarlet tenderloin is dotted with golden lamb Anna, burnt cucumber and pale yellow onion paste. Lovely snacks and exquisite desserts started and completed this dream, partly narrated by the friendly general manager Diane. Coming soon: Black walnut eggs with compressed apples and smoked yogurt. Maybe it's the goat from a local supplier in Madison. Many restaurants offer delicious food in attractive spaces. The three blacksmiths suggest that you have dinner at a friend's house, who are all friends of great taste.


$128 per person


Korean gastropub replaced Mandu at Dupont Circle.

Do you think all fermented cabbage tastes the same? Try kimchi for 100 days at this young Korean gastropub, let's have a chat. The powerful nose and unique dynamics distinguish it from all young things. Anju rises from the ashes of Mandu in Dupont Circle, also founded by chef Danny Lee, and his successor will never be like a family again. His mother Yesoon Lee is the traditional maintainer of the kitchen, and his wife Natalie designed an attractive two-story space. Banchan – stuffed with pickled cucumbers, carrots and chives, crispy lisianthus roots fried, etc. – is amazing, steamed, grilled, juicy dumplings stuffed with minced pork and butter kimchi. Should you eat or drink egg c? This bowl of carpet, full of crushed garlic, is so smooth that it’s hard to tell. In charge of the kitchen work is the executive chef Angel Barreto, who used to be the chef of delicious Chiko and was talented. His distortion of tradition and Mama Li's "classic" share space in a small script. The spicy red gravy of braised chicken and potatoes with honey candied fruit is as soothing as a call at home.


Dinner staple, $18-$32

76 decibels/must speak loudly


The mother and daughter invite you to explore the flavors of Myanmar on H Street.

Washington used to like Burmese flavors, but never liked Tamil flavors as much as Tammy, where the story of chef Jocelyn Law-Yone seems to cover every dish on the menu. Fish noodle curry is a kind of soup. She recalled the situation when she returned to her hometown of Yangon after returning to school. That little background makes the bright yellow mohinga decorated with banana stems all the more attractive. My personal favorites are: shaved pickled ginger, spiced peanuts, crispy cabbage and lime juice. Again, maybe it's the combination of pork belly and pickled mango. This is what the Burmese people call the "best meat" and "best fruit", said former teacher Ron Youen. The owner, Simone Jacobson (Simone Jacobson) is also a master of food. Don't pay too much attention to the above content. Thamee's menu will undergo more extensive changes this month. The shopkeepers are adding stuffed eggplant, Monday's fried chicken and large plates, including sugarcane glaze roast duck and naan dishes and dipping sauce. Of course, there is milk tea here, but visitors can also wash a meal with something bold, perhaps rye whiskey washed with pork fat, caramel caramel and fish sauce tin. Called Edward, it resembles a fashionable old fashioned one. The small details are impressive: the food is placed on a table with digital copies of textiles taken from Myanmar (also known as Burma), and the banknotes are placed in miniature coconuts. Most importantly, Thamee wants you to explore and have fun. "Happy Saturday," Jacobson greeted me on a recent weekend-in a cat costume.


Dinner Wednesday to Monday, brunch weekend

Dinner staples $18-$25

Two places continue to send out top-notch pies, and more.

This is the pizzeria you have dreamed of, and it is also a considerate place: whether you answer "sparkling or standing still?" you can get your own filtered water for free, the price of drinks is not like concert tickets, and meals The bookends are as interesting as the main event. Roasted broccoli bathed in fried garlic strips, rising from a ball of sweet bell pepper sauce. Zabaglione may grill and rob the fruit of the season. You might like the beautiful deck oven baked pies decorated with beautiful toppings. Pickled jalapenos, homemade sausages, local corn and crema stripes are a recent special. (I can't believe I ate the whole thing, forget about a refrigerator attack.) One of the young men in the two outposts with a garden terrace sits on the riverfront of the Capitol. Shaw’s aboriginals wear tiled floors and timbered ceilings, which are resistant to wear and tear. Both are great.



202-849-6174 (Shaw); 202-629-1894 (riverside)

Dinner every day, brunch on weekends

Pizza $16-$20, other items $4-$22

83 decibels / very loud

Alta Strada's Parmesan cheese and pasta are better and usually lighter, which is a soothing tonic.

"In times of turmoil-politics, economy-food can comfort us," said chef owner Michael Schlow. In the Italian restaurant near his home, no dish solves this problem better than his chicken parmesan. Forget the tacky stereotypes that are too vulgar. Schlow's version is applicable today. The breadcrumbs (Panko bread grated with breadcrumbs, rosemary and thyme) are just a veneer, while the sauce absorbs brightness from San Marzano tomatoes, garlic and basil. Cheese (usually Parmesan, and some mozzarella) is a suggestion, not a shout. hearty? Yes. weight? The main course at $22 happened to be on a cold night, and vegetables were better than pasta. Schlow said he didn't want to copy anyone's memories of Italian-Americans; who would dare to compete with his mother? He just wants to make "marsala veal" or "piccata small shrimp" into "one of the best versions you have". The former relies on Cremini instead of button mushrooms, plus dried masala, while the latter has the lightness of lemon and capers and slips into the white bean paste to get a creamy taste. Sunday may be the best night. At that time a bottle of wine was half price.


Dinner staple, $18-$28

After more than 70 years of development, Dupont Circle University is still a safe haven for LGBTQ.

Annie's is as modern as a video recorder (VCR), and as complicated as Hungry Man. Even Paul Katinas, the cohabitant's nephew, said: "We are never a trend follower." There are many fried snacks on the menu, followed by ordinary American comfort food. does it matter? For seventy years, the midstream has pillars of Dupont Circle have been a haven for LGBTQ. This is a feat of an American classic awarded to Annie by the James Beard Foundation this year. Know before you go: the cocktails are huge, crab bites are the best start, weekends are all-weather, and the signature beef in the pot-juicy beef lo tip and sweet pepper sautéed-is satisfying. Annie's fast and caring service makes up for any cooking failures. "Can I eat coconut cream pie?" my companion asked the waiter. "Only I can take a bite!" He flinched.

No website


Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

Sandwiches and dinner staples, $12-$33

80 decibels/must speak loudly

Even with 300 seats, it feels like a nearby restaurant.

Want to be wanted? Here, your appetite greets you, greets customers and bartenders to introduce themselves (and ask for your name). Artie's, 34, is part of the local Great American Restaurants group, and his words and deeds are more neighbors than it sounds or its nearly 300 seats suggest. The rich and attentive service is accompanied by the grandeur of American cuisine: crab cakes are only large in shape; 24 ounces of blush, boneless ribs (Thursday to Saturday) eaten with baked potatoes; a multi-layered apple pie. In the dining room, you can call the family or date someone. The motto of Managing Partner Garland Dillard is: "Today is not tomorrow", which means "Everything is important" in the restaurant experience. Therefore, baby changing tables are installed in all restrooms, and every employee has received cross-training. The server will spend time in the kitchen and front door to see how the chef and host work, and vice versa. All American Artie is fine with me.


Daily dinner, weekday lunch, brunch weekend

Dinner staples $14-$42

Chef Tom Cunanan keeps his creativity in Columbia Heights.

Has the Pope eloped? Just ask, since this little tan treasure is accepting reservations from this year. Before the advent of Bad Saint, lechon, lumpia and sisig were almost the areas where Philippine restaurants were marketed nearby. Chef Tom Cunanan’s menu changes this, with shrimp crackers, spiky (loud!) and chopped vegetables, as well as goat stewed lemongrass, chili and charred. Coconut. He also caused all of us to fall because of crab fat. My current method of fixing: crispy cabbage, peas and dried shrimp with pepper saute. Not all seats are equal, I learned from the last word. Hope to sit in the front, where at least one window can be seen, or the perch with a cushion can see the open kitchen. Or in the middle booth. The back of the room is basically a slab stool, along a narrow ledge, only a few inches away from the mirror wall: uncomfortable-yes, you have ginseng gulai gum in your teeth.

no phone

Dinner staples $16-$40

Every product in this Virginia store should be re-consumed.

The world gave us beautiful sandwiches-muffuletta from New Orleans and bocadillo from Spain appeared in my mind-but if pushed into my mouth, banh mi would find that my mouth was the biggest. The classic Vietnamese sandwiches are the reason for the inevitably queues in this suburban market. The team can quickly handle requests well, and the assemblers can work quickly, because patience is a challenge when you are hungry and the freshly baked bread smells of air. There are twenty possibilities to force difficult decisions, but I have not yet encountered something I will not repeat. The last time I visited, I found that I was going to transport Benjimi filled with dill speck fish cakes to my home. Wet pork shredded elastic sugar cane shrimp; and ruddy, slightly sweet barbecue pork, all food is served in a warm, broken baguette with pickled shredded vegetables, coriander and jalapeno. Wash your food bundle with a tropical smoothie (I'm going to buy jackfruit), and then take a moment to check the other Vietnamese products on display. A crispy beef jerky flavor, you will never look back.


Sandwiches $4.65-$6.50

66 dB/easy conversation

The avant-garde cocktail experience connected to the Minibar never ends.

Drink? Drink! It's more like a mod lounge next to the 4-star avant-garde Minibar. Of course, you can order, but for real fun, please book a two-hour cocktail flight. This series of activities is like traveling around the world. The journey begins with the ever-changing punch welcome (listen to the sound of cherries when I visit), and then turns to the daiquiri with vermouth flush and floating passion fruit flowers. Ismael Barreto, a barrister manager, said it takes up to a year to train employees to become mature bartenders. In view of the scientific principle behind the drink-the mist dissipated, revealing a sorbet with the Brazilian caipirinha flavor, and a glass of tequila and orange peel flavored by the cedar burnt table-customers can understand. And surprise. When was the last time you drank from blue to purple? In the Japanese-style cocktail "Kamikaze", this happens when lime is added to the shochu colored with butterfly pea flowers. The coolest thing is that the taste of the drink is as good as its appearance. Drinking some liquid can help you eat. The kitchen is to be wrapped in dense salmon t in the smooth Parker's room and opened with an impossible-to-open light waffle to reveal foie gras-peanut butter and honey. PB&J, a keen hipster.


Dinner and late night from Tuesday to Saturday

Cocktail $18, Cocktail Flight $95

The Indian pillars near the White House pay attention to details.

Warm spices greet you on double doors, leading to a spacious bar and restaurant, where ceiling fans, plants and sepia-toned photographs of British colonial rule can be called the stage of history. More than three decades after the club’s debut near the White House, tandoori salmon remained the best-selling dish despite not being included on the menu. The reason is easy to see: squeezing a lemon can improve perfection. Indeed, the most eye-catching is the seafood dishes (every meal should start with some form of crab curry, with the aroma of curry leaves), although few delicacies can match Indian cuisine. Shaved coconut and mustard seeds can make broccoli stand out from the usual, while dal makhani (can be cooked on low heat for up to a day and eaten with cream, garlic, tomatoes, and ghee) can provide luxury per tablespoon. The kitchen led by Executive Chef Nilesh Singhvi takes great care of details. The paper melon is as loud as the others, the raita presents a unique flavor, and the hot head will appreciate the tender chicken with green peppers, coriander and onions. The last dish is a favorite of Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton), many of which interrupt Naan's name in bold.


Dinner every day, lunch on weekdays, brunch on Sunday

Dinner staples $14-$36

In the "Brothers and Sisters" restaurant, the whole day menu is especially suitable for making exquisite desserts.

This is a trendy hotel restaurant-located in the lobby of the Line Hotel in Adams Morgan, flanked by two bars-cavatelli inside, rags made from chopped vegetables on it, and eggs and Pork belly burger. Erik Bruner-Yang's all-day menu seems to be checking all the current boxes, from "toast" to tuna, just like Crude's ginger splashing in coconut milk The next wobbly sway. Asians abound; grapefruit aioli is better than ketchup French fries. But the main reason for the failure was Pichet Ong. This former architect is a pastry chef, and my dream of him has never been so. Ong is inspired by Chinese pantry-ginger, tea, rice and favorite childhood sweets. He said that when he created his own "Brooklyn" cake, he thought of the Maltesers candy: it was a dome filled with demonic food, topped with espresso, banana pudding, salted caramel and vanilla. cream. His desserts, including matcha cake and strawberry mousse, are sweetly restrained. The ice cream is displayed on chewy rice flour crackers: to remove the pistachios, plus crushed candied nuts. You can wait (and wait) to sit down, then wait (and wait) for a drink and find your way. But you will never be disappointed to order "please just dessert".


Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night

Dinner staples $13-$55

This is the place to go when you want something familiar and wonderful.

Every food critic I know has a "cheer". This is a place they often go to when they are away. This is usually because the food is familiar and the staff is easy. For many years, I have found me in the honey-bright dining room of this casual American restaurant. In the past few nights, there is a beautiful communal table in my restaurant and the canoe is hung on the after. I almost knew that I would get the wooden grilled pork chop or fish of the day, with some interesting accompaniment, or separate the hamburger and Caesar salad from my significant other. Call me a habit animal. The dessert is the most comfortable buttermilk chocolate cake around, or a book on "Politics and Prose" next door. My only complaint, and the reason why I tend to cheat on "Johnny's Half Shell" recently: Buck needs some new tricks on the menu to attract me.


Dinner staples $16-$39

Large-scale, multi-tiered Mexican destinations are excellent in terms of food and environment.

Ivan Iricanin attracted us with local Balkan delicacies at the Ambar restaurant, then turned his attention to Mexico, where he hired the consultant of chef Gerardo Vazquez Lugo, and his family was in Mexico City operates Restaurante Nicos. Three dining experiences are spread over an area of ​​8,000 square feet: a breezy dinner on the sidewalk, a tropical-style rooftop bar, and the second floor Buena Vida in the middle, wide tiles, basket lights and an open kitchen. Lush raw tuna and juicy pineapple are eaten with citrus juice and nut chia seeds. When lamb is simmered without a knife, it will resonate with spicy, smoky and slightly sweet peppers. A proof that the soup can be "dried" and delicious: sopa seca — thin noodles cooked with roasted peppers, garlic and chicken broth. This restaurant sweats very little. There is no need to put wallets or school bags on the floor; tree-like shelves can do the job.


Dinner staples $12-$29

73 decibels/must speak loudly

Don't miss the wings and stackable Tiffin boxes in this small outpost influenced by the Caribbean Sea.

The sugar cane marks the return of Peter Prime. Peter Prime introduces to us his ticket for Engine 12 in Bloomingdale to Spark in the Caribbean. Price, and his mentors also included the late Michel Richard (Michel Richard). According to the memories of Prime’s youth, Cane’s small packaging is a good thing. It has 33 seats in the cramped dining room and no appointment is required. The wings of the bastard are part of Spark's appeal, and it remains so here. Prime marinates the chicken with allspice and habanero sauce, then smokes the wings on allspice wood, and orders the barbecue. Pepperpot is a feast that originated from Guyana, and Prime and his family enjoyed this feast at Christmas. Boil the beef ket, beef tendon and oxtail together with cinnamon, thyme and orange zest until soft. Eating stew is to understand its holiday effect and quickly process it. The moments on the menu are also relaxing. There is no more tempting snack in town than the tempting whole fried fish, which is scattered with a kaleidoscope of thinly sliced ​​pickled peppers, herbs and flowers. The narrow space is one of the reasons for the use of tiffin boxes, which are stackable metal containers used to transport two multi-part, shared main dishes. The "Grass Eater" summarized three types of ever-changing vegetable curries. "Omnivores" include chickpeas and potato curries, as well as tender beef and chicken stews.


Dinner staples $19-$44

In Amy Brandwein's CityCenter restaurant, you can happily pass pasta and everything else around the table.

Everyone in the bar at my favorite CityCenterDC landing point seems to be reviewing their meals. A woman told her date: "I can eat this salad for breakfast, lunch or dinner." Thinly sliced ​​Asian pears with walnuts, honey and lemon are absolutely all-weather. Next to me, a guy stuck to a bowl of steamed egg soup declared it "just like my grandmother's." Lucky grandson. Amy Brandwein's cooking caused a carnival, including mine. Her firewood-like scallops and squid are a sea of ​​love, while her pasta is full of joy, like a whole wheat "rag" covered with rabbit meat and lively olives. Recently added her all-weather small cafe Piccolina, making the alleys outside become more affluent. At the same time, it is expected that the redo of her osteria and mercato will be completed by the end of November. Look for a private dining room with 30 seats; there are more seasonings, sauces and seasonal delicacies on the market; and the bar has up to 10 stools-elbow space for amateur critics!


Dinner every day, lunch on weekdays

Dinner staples $22-$42

78 decibels/must speak loudly

Cindy Wolf's cooking has remained as intense year after year as the restaurant’s constant hospitality.

In 2005, when chef Cindy Wolf and partner Tony Foreman turned their East Harbor restaurant into a tasteful house, they also changed customers Way of ordering. When you go out to order and taste the menu, diners can freely control and make their own three to six dishes from more than 20 dishes on the list. Wolfe still offers some of the best cuisine in the Mid-Atlantic region. Her favorite dishes-lobster soup with curry oil, summer roasted French quail with peaches-are likely to become your dish. If Wolf is tired of the fried oysters that she has been making since the 90s, she also said: "I would "out of town" if she took off the bivalve with the cornmeal shell rich in cayenne mayonnaise. Frying and Sauce is the art here, and meatless dishes are considered unprecedented. To taste chanterelles and mushrooms is to taste the best-selling products-tarragon, shallots, garlic and more accompanying "snail" butter. Wolf said: "I Will cook till death. "The exquisite food starts with exquisite cheese puffs and piles up throughout the night, with wine from the foreman company’s impressive French heavy wine cellar and respected cheese carts. Dishwashers must be careful; China It's Bernardo. All this makes me have to say: Just give her the long-awaited James Beard Award, and it has been awarded to the best chef in the Mid-Atlantic region!


Monday to Saturday dinner

Three to six courses $79-$124

The chefs behind Cheko on Barracks Street added breathing space and lunch to the second position.

Like the original leisure place on Capitol Hill, it is a bit Chinese, a bit Korean, and delicious. Co-owners Scott Drewno and Danny Lee’s Dupont Circle derivative products were hit again in their hands, thanks to all the knowledge they learned on "Barracks Street." The chef has more space to slice and cut into small pieces before serving. The table is free-standing instead of bolted to the floor, so it is especially suitable for group dining. Fans can expect to find pork and kimchi pot stickers, cumin lamb stir-fry, and some fresh ideas: cold noodles are smeared with chili oil and grilled in crunchy peanut sauce, and improvised on shrimp toast, will be crispy Creamy ciabatta served with wedges and diced shrimp in springy XO sauce. Dunk, dunk away. The perch on the counter reserved for four seats only allows you to face the chef and allows you to taste almost the entire menu. "I will be your Sherpa tonight," said the master of the wok. Then he entertained customers with layered salad plates and other side dishes, then chopped ox ket and fluke butter on the steamed rice, and finally coconut milk omelet, candied almonds and lime zest. The most interesting place is the cherry: unlike siblings, the branch can be lunch.


Dinner staples $8-$18, snacks $3

Chef Haidar Karoum may call the travel agency a second time.

One way to see the world is to book a table in Chloe. The roasted sweet corn was sprayed with lime and sprinkled with queso murals, which made me walk to a street corner in Mexico City. The elastic sausage of Bavarian sausage with potato chips and mustard brought me to the Oktoberfest. Sumac sprinkled with hummus, topped with roasted mushrooms and silver butter almonds, made me dream of the Middle East. The dessert is as delightful as any small plate before it. My current pet is Manchego cheesecake, chopped leaf cake, with lemon papaya sorbet. Since the chef Haidar Karoum opened a store near the national park, a series of hits have been delivered in a cozy, well-lit room, provided only under the guidance of the chef. In the past two visits, he was not in front of him. This is a compliment to the actors, who cook and eat like strikers and centers. Drink? date? Take a bite? Chloe is suitable for any occasion.


Shared plate $12-$33

This is a multi-faceted destination you wouldn't think of in the suburbs.

Customers said they liked Jon Krinn's Vienna destination: "This is a DC restaurant not located in DC," said the chef owner. He is a likable person. Hear from his guests that they can learn cooking classes, tasting menus, private dining spaces, and even bourbon shows. Dinner at the end of summer makes me smile. Klynn’s talent is proven: shrimp skewers on foam, rich smoked scallops, ruddy venison with curry okra and charred bell peppers. Did the father bake all the bread, just like his son made the front page of the restaurant in 2941? Note: Clarity's menu changes every day. Therefore, don't expect to see your favorite dishes next time. If the taste of certain compositions seems to take more time to rehearse, most will force you to clean your dishes. Liese Armstrong's desserts are very popular. I suggest she make a chess pie with mango ice cream and vanilla shortbread, unless you will replace it when you read this article. Did I mention that clarity is also a tease?


Dinner every day, lunch from Tuesday to Friday

Dinner staples $25-$37

Cedric Maupillier just keeps inventing in this friendly French-American attraction.

Time is hard. The competition is fierce. The diners wanted more and more, and chef Cedric Maupillier responded by introducing the weekday lunch time into the well-lit dining room. They are very considerate people: 11:30 am to 4:30 pm Yes, there is a juicy burger and French fries, but consider some of his more creative expressions. One is French baguettes, topped with Plugra butter and thinly sliced ​​horny cake, and then generously smeared with light pink, slightly sweet French Madrange ham. The shared plate is an exciting homemade potato chip, whose attractive and earthy flavor comes from vinegar mixed with dry powdered mushrooms. For another dish, use the method of banding to put braised pork butt and broccoli on the whole wheat macaroni. To put it lightly, the excellent roller skate macaws scattered on crushed potatoes and green beans perform better at night, just because I might put the paloma first and then the wine.


Dinner staples $18-$29

Jeremiah Langhorne's ode to the region shows the main ingredients.

Chef Jeremiah Langhorne said in the process of choosing the ideal dishes that he considered three things: seasonal ingredients, regional connections, and the 10-foot fireplace that dominates his open kitchen. All three pillars are in his exquisite Maryland crab soup. Lightly pump the tomatoes deeper. The crab is added before serving. Oyster crackers are made from okra, sprinkled with cornmeal, and then quickly fried. The bowl is perfect. The ebullient Dabney has more features: high-quality drinks, dipping sauces that will make you dunk, homemade bread that drags your hands, red peas and ham in bulk, roasted Virginia (think Alaska, but with peanut ice cream) . Langhorne is a chef's cook, and he never let himself hinder the main ingredients. Yes, it's loud, making an appointment is a challenge, but let me share my MO: Open the door and appear when shooting on a bar stool.


Small plates $14-$28; family style plates $65-$105

Fabio Trabocchi celebrates that seafood is the most charming, indulgent and comfortable restaurant on the pier.

If you insist on ordering any red dishes in this Spanish haute cuisine temple, you will do well. Thinly sliced ​​sausages, served with bread, these breads will break at the first bite; the chili red crabs are swollen and held in a moat of liquid sea urchins; maybe a glass of rosé wine can clean the meal, or it can be done Any care. Again, you should try some mussels yourself, put them in a jar, then thin them with vinegar before serving any fish. The simple grilled sea bass with a delicious salad and a pot of romesco is great. The room is as beautiful as anything in the kitchen, which also makes the paella more advanced and the attention is superb. But of course: Fabio and Maria Trabocchi stand behind the best restaurant on the pier.


Dinner every day, lunch from Tuesday to Friday, brunch on weekends

Tapas $10-$26, staple food $30-$34, large plate and paella, $28-$195

Came here for pork and seafood, and topped with lemon butter fritters.

It took him nearly two decades, but Raynold Mendizábal finally served his country. "I want to be a chef first and then a Cuban chef," said the vision behind the city of Silver Spring (Urban Butcher) and this hopping restaurant, with guitarists playing cocktails and large coconut shells filled with cocktails. The glass garage door rolls up the weather nicely. Diners have seafood and pork friends (and waiters who provide them). The salted cod fritters are wonderful, crispy and fat-free; the roast pork crumbles when cooked with bitter orange and crispy skin. The chef’s favorite main course is also my main course: oxtail marinated in rum, chili and soy sauce, plus oregano and oranges. The stuffed food will not leave enough space for dessert, but trust me: icing sugar fritters and lemon-flavored whipped cream are worth your while. Thongs are one of the few disadvantages. Other places are more suitable to meet wholeheartedly or with grandparents. Again, this restaurant will make you want to cheer, clap your hands or beat the conga drum at the entrance. Make me inside.

(Entrance to Wayne Street)


Daily dinner and happy hour

Dinner staples $22-$28, two dishes $52-$56

85 decibels / very loud

The fun and flavor draw people's attention to Mount Pleasant.

Obviously, did food critics from all over the country ate at the same table earlier this year? I hope we don't give up on ourselves, all printing plate exchanges and photographs are like this. Then, at Elle in Hee Hee, many other customers are doing the same thing, and executive chef Brad Deboy continues to make some of the most delicious food in town. Warm biscuits with homemade smoked lamb bacon and allspice cheese? It is still our heart. Scallops with fried black wild rice and XO sauce made with scallops, garlic, etc.? Let's order another round. When a bystander in Boston stuffed her mouth with a bowl of pork-flavored Cape Verde and made her comrades laugh, she just said, "I did not apologize." My only regret is that I The final soup has not been finished, but it is cooked with lime, jalapeno and coriander. Deboy definitely knows how to win people who like meat but want to reduce their meat consumption. One of his excellent toasts hints at the liver, but uses Madeira-style zucchini mushrooms, and one of his good pasta is very warm, with "sausage", baked with fennel seeds, garlic and peppers Fermented chickpeas. Is there no reservation? The green marble bar is an alternative to the cozy restaurant. I will never leave bread without a bread box. On the road, it is walnut.


Breakfast and lunch every day, dinner from Wednesday to Monday

Dinner staples $16-$30

You can't go wrong with waffles, mussels with French fries and particularly sweet hamburgers.

My mother was very supportive, so she spent her 90th birthday in this Belgian restaurant in Palisades, where she would order waffles ("the best!"), provided that only evening Served waffles. I? I taste the highest quality mussels in a double boiler, the top of which is used for the empty shell. My current choice involves creamy red curry, which resonates with lemongrass and ginger. But the star of the show is the plump Dutch mussel itself. Chef Claudio Pirollo bought the mussels from a Belgian family in Maine. Eat mussels with crunchy French fries, the most delicious meal, less than 25 dollars. No tricks, the restaurant checked some boxes. Its hamburger is a tower of juicy Oregon beef and smooth toast. Its desserts flow to the floating island. If you are looking for privacy, this hammock was refurbished two years ago and offers three sizes of space. My favorite is the tall 10-seat chef table in the back row.


Dinner staples $19-$36

The Philadelphia team’s love for plants makes you rethink BLT and fondue.

No restaurant has more vegetable fun than this joyful green restaurant. Every dish there is full of flavor. Even meat eaters in the crowd forget that every bite is plant-based. Fancy radish may be the last place you expect to find a deli board, but, mom, no ham! Instead, the spread is mixed with carrot rolls like pastrami, smoked tofu (pastry) and chopped kohlrabi, which is "creamy" like an egg salad. Grilled corn, celery and chili in a warm salad with crispy celery root fritters (one is not enough) can work well, and the reason you see so many noodles on the table is because of the numbness with Sichuan pepper Dan Dan noodles, rocks. The tofu spread with Chemora creates a sharp contrast in the smoked eggplant sauce. The drinks are great, as are the sweets, with a small amount of cherry taste in summer.


Small plates $12-$19

The 36-year-old Georgetown restaurant offers excellent food-so many.

The soup of the day may fill a tureen, and the mashed veal steak spread with tomato sauce and cheese is the size of a steering wheel. Believe me, you will not dine in this 36-year-old underground restaurant in Georgetown. Fortunately, there is quality behind the quantity. A boat of fried squid proved tender and crispy, and a plate of lasagna with meat sauce can be made home-cooked. The owner, JoAnna Filomena Chiacchieri, said that the size of the portion is reminiscent of the period when she grew up in Ohio: "During that period people worked harder." Need an icebreaker? No other restaurant in town can celebrate holidays and special occasions like this. By December, it seemed that every inch of space was dedicated to red garlands, silver tinsel and life-size plastic reindeer. Of course, you may hear "Happy Birthday" (over and over again) during your meal, but it is also very possible to see celebrities. The point is: Philomena is not an olive grove. More expensive


Dinner and lunch every day

Dinner staples $31-$50

Fabio Trabocchi's beachfront restaurant in Georgetown offers delicious cuisine.

Roll up the trolley with schools of fish on ice, and put a sea ro on a giant octopus-shaped silver plate on our table. But after the fish we chose was cut into sashimi (and lit with ginger) and chopped into art (spices like'nduja), we returned to the kitchen. The two-part appetizer left a deep impression, just like Fabio Trabocchi’s luxurious Italian seafood restaurant on the Georgetown waterfront. In the hands of executive chef Anton Bolling, even the dishes that everyone else likes seem to be more refined. Pasta and clams ((Razor, Manila, and Surf) look like Prada style-and the skirts of the server. The trout plate has corn and almond salad, and rich corn juice and truffle sauce. Look for vegetables to come Enrich your meal? In spring, you can eat shiny baby spinach or caramelized eggplant, thick and delicious, with (trend alert!) black garlic honey. "Fabio's favorite," said the waiter. If you If you leave before dessert, you will suffer. Fiola Mare has prepared the dream of tiramisu for you, topped with chocolate sorbet and dark chocolate tulle. On the top, maybe, but also elegant .

Dinner staples $22-$65

The bungalow has added a dining room to make its sweet dishes easier to use.

Frederik De Pue hopes to take less steps in his 65-seat bungalow-style restaurant in West Annapolis. When diners suggest that he serve crab cakes, the chef responds with crab twists: Maryland blue crabs and a suggestion of parsley wrapped in a thin pastry and deep-fried. "I like to be different from others," Depp said. His idea for burgers is duck crisps, like orange ducks, with blue cheese and fine fries. Tile fish, spinach flan and leek "spaghetti" are a trio, and the torn tomato sauce added on the table makes them even more fascinated. The server guide says: "Eat together." The menu is not easy to label; all I know is that I want one of everything on the list, which may include a combination of sweetness, such as chopped braised pork on thin corn tortillas . (The crunch comes from pig tails.) These drinks are on the shelves, the service is warm and knowledgeable, and the Nordic atmosphere prevails in the back restaurant, set off by skylights, hidden carpets, fireplaces and canned canned products. PS: As we all know, the chef will give away his peach jam and pickled vegetables to customers celebrating special occasions.


Dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, lunch from Tuesday to Friday

Small plates $9-$14, albums $22-$56

84 decibels / very loud

Chef Barry Dindyal (Barry Dindyal) preserved southern cuisine and added some of his own.

Fried chicken with Luther Vandross (Luther Vandross) side? Count me. Most of the time stayed on the 52-year-old southern painting of Petworth, which changed hands seven years ago, but retains the neighborhood spirit instilled by the original owners Al and Adrienne Carter. They now live above the dining room and bar and hand it over to the chef Barry Dindyal (Barry Dindyal). His menu retained the favorites of the crowd including pork chops and fried cod, and gradually accepted his taste for Indian cuisine. Therefore, deep-fried spinach with sweet yogurt and tamarind chutney puts a hat on Rasika, the former boss in Penn Quarter. There are two options for main dishes, making them a good deal. The coleslaw and potato salad deserve the blue ribbon. And since Dindyal rejects pork, his vegetarians can also enjoy kale.


Dinner every day, lunch on weekends

Main power supply $16-$28

Christianne Ricchi dines in her restaurant in downtown Tuscany every day.

There are no secrets in a business that has lasted for 30 years. But the chef owner Christianne Ricchi attributed her milestone in the Tuscan restaurant to this: "We pay attention." Although it has added more private dining spaces, Ricchi I looks very Like when it opened. The vines crawl on the butter-colored walls, and the oven imported from Italy is still the focus. More importantly, the food is still delicious. There are many places serving fried squid, but few people use so few ingredients to give the impression that fresh seafood is thinned with flour, crispy with clean oil, and only seasoned with salt (although the rich tomato sauce is accompanied by Miso). Think about it, many dishes can serve as role models: robust minestrone, enough for two people; a little garden decorated with vegetables and sweet clams on Tagliarini; veal chopped into plates and wrapped in bread Crumb and deep-fried; and divine, not too sweet tiramisu. This is because it has a very personal taste. Rich said: "From bread to ice cream," almost everything starts from scratch. At the same time, her loyal employees are happy to be themselves. "Toot! Toot!" someone said, heralding the arrival of a main course.


Dinner from Monday to Saturday, lunch from Monday to Friday

Dinner staples $18-$40

Enzo Livia's restaurant has been satisfying Rockville neighbors for nearly 30 years.

To get home in the evening, Enzo Livia opened as an Italian deli 29 years ago. A year later, the client told the Sicilians that they wanted to linger, and he turned the Rockville store into a first-come, first-served restaurant. Here are the creaking wheels and the chefs who listen to them. Il Pizzico is a list of diners who want to come from nearby restaurants. The bread is warm with black olive paste. The dining room is softly lit and soundproofed. The cooking method is: sweet Corvina with lemon butter, bucatini with bacon slices and salty tomato sauce-special cooking simple high-quality ingredients. The icing of the tortilla is the service of su. Livia said: "So far, this is a good choice." There are decades of history here, and hopes to slice aioli into thin slices of salmon croquettes and lemon cake with lemon liqueur ice cream (pure Sunlight) continues to exist.


Dinner staples $17-$29

Is it "worth a special journey"? Of course thanks to Patrick O'Connell.

Having emerged from the Michelin coup last year (three rare stars!), this hotel was forgiven for its laurels. But chef owner Patrick O'Connell is not that kind. The latest news: He is turning the post office in Little Washington into a bakery cafe and adding a glass greenhouse to the tavern building across the road, which can accommodate 90 people. Fortunately, both of these ideas should be ready next year. At the same time, the settings that have been tried repeatedly only become better in the most advanced settings. The latest Good Earth menu is especially suitable for you. Among the best tarta cheese, there is a chopped string bean from the inn’s garden, a pinch of tomato balsamic vinegar next to it, and a rosy, rosemary-flavored beet slice (you read it right), so vegetarian Activists can enjoy themselves in the steak house. Buttered spinach appeared on a small pastry boat. Barbie and Ken are almost the size of an onion ring. Isn't bubble gum that delicious? Beginners should choose the "Durable Classic" menu. This is why the lamb tenderloin with Caesar salad ice cream lives here. The duo is sensational. Familiarity breeds satisfaction, but since there are so many people visiting, I prefer seasonal menus. In summer, it features the "Star Kiss" bigeye tuna (juniper flavor) with foie gras (marinated in Courvoisier) and tin cans wrapped in seaweed. funny. And it's also great. This is the hotel, and the contents of the jar are sprinkled with black truffle vinaigrette.


Wednesday to Monday dinner

$248 per person

The pioneer of tapas by José Andrés is immersed in consistent small plates and shocking atmosphere.

I know, I seem to have been singing it all the time. However, if there is a better, multifunctional, and more consistent dining place in the city center, I haven't tasted it yet. José Andrés's finest restaurant specializes in tapas, covering all demographic information, from sworn carnivores and dedicated vegetarians to diners. These customers should check the homemade sausages and olive oil-rich mashed potatoes; the salad of apples, fennel and mango cheese; and the three-course pre-theatre, Thursday to Sunday menu, priced at $30. Again, customers can bring some popular dishes and leave the choice to the kitchen, starting at $55. The most impressive thing is that Jaleo has maintained its reputation for 25 years in business. Join the party, friends!


Small plates $3-$26, large plates and paella $40-$65, tasting menu $55-$95

77 decibels/must speak loudly

Forget the flavor of the minute, try Ann Cashion's long-standing cuisine.

Here, you are most likely to find me on a rare night, and not just because I can get from home to Adams Morgan in about the time it takes to check and empty the refrigerator. Co-owner Ann Cashion used her southern cooking method to hit the ball out of the park, either crispy chicken wings with a cool dipping sauce and tarragon, or smoked grilled lobster with a spoon of kale bread. Enough to order the main course. No one makes a more elegant clam chowder or richer crab cake than Cash, and only Potato Anna at Cashion’s weekend should be requested by food lovers. Chocolate angel food may be awful, but caramel sauce can solve it. The curved elevated bar serves the role of a country bar, overlooking the brick and blue restaurant, and co-owner John Fulchino is as helpful as pol. Half-shell is happy.


Every evening, the oyster bar opens at 4pm

Dinner staple, $27-$39; $2.50 per oyster, $29 per dozen

Kaz Okochi serves impressive small plates and top-quality sushi.

Nostalgia brought me back to Katz Ochic's apartment near George Washington University. Twenty years is an achievement, and I want to see how Japanese restaurants compare with current competitors. These days, the chef owner is often in the dining room instead of behind the sushi counter, but his small plates are still impressive. The best combination is hot: tempura dipped in green tea salt, cabbage pancake dipped in barbecue sauce, and silky egg with foie gras and shrimp. Do you eat sushi here? Okochi bought all the tuna and then broke the fish internally. Omakase ("the chef's choice") is the path of least resistance and offers the best flavors on the market. With any luck, your little mighty feast might include mber fish lit with grapefruit and ginger, lobster tied with mustard mayonnaise, and striped bass with a bit of strong tomato. This last combination highlights the chef’s interest in Europe. For dessert, make it tiramisu-use green tea to add some color to spring, a beautiful marriage between East and West.


Small plates $8-$17, sushi tasting plates $18-$43, bread rolls $5-$12, matcha $80-$120

Eric Ziebold's dinner party at the restaurant made people feel at home.

Great chefs tend to be thrifty. Look at Eric Ziebold, who bought lambs as racks and saddles in the exclusive Métier, and then used fewer parts in his brothers in the street. To make a long story short: a runaway food garnished with liver and onions, sliced ​​rose liver slices into thin slices, golden tempura onion rings crown and stomach made of lamb kidney, heart and bacon. Do not be afraid. You don't have to like the insider to love Kinship. Ziebold and his company also do cute things with chicken and fish. Chicken zucchini rolls tender and crispy leaves into small rounds, topped with eggplant and red pepper jam. Use light yellow grapes and almond milk to drive the fried rice porridge to the table. The plate is decorated with lively small sausage puffs, making the filling look dull. "Summer is my favorite season," said Ziebold of Thomas Keller (Thomas Keller) school. The vanilla tomato floral fragrance and sweet corn crispy finish of the ice cream are as light as soufflé. The ice cream with basil and blackberry ice cream makes us very excited.


License plates $13-$38, shared license plates $25-$80

Whether you are familiar with African Caribbean cooking or not, Kith/Kin’s dishes will please you.

Unexpectedly, Wazuri’s lamb stewed with lentil-banana-mussel salad and peanut sauce at Dupont Circle satisfies us, but no restaurant can bring you such a profound experience as in the Caribbean and Africa. Experience. first name? Kin represents family and tradition, while Kith represents friends and improvisation. Chef Kwame Onwuachi said that he is a culinary ambassador for some of the city’s most attractive foods. Like many chefs, he rides the "all spice" trend with a salad: multi-colored carrots sprinkled with delicious oatmeal, and Habanero soup with smoked vegetables. Like the appearance. Dig the fire. Unlike his peers, the Bronx natives with connections to Jamaica, Nigeria and other places offer combinations that many of us have never seen or have never seen before. The monkfish sits in a passionate red stew with white fufu balls. Fufu is made from cassava flour and green plantain powder. It is called "swallow" by West Africans, which means to be eaten with main food. My sponge. Goat is my favorite red meat and appears in one of the liveliest green curries around, while tamarind softens the sweetness of pecan pie. Onwuachi, 29, said that people who are proficient in African cooking will come to the hotel restaurant in droves, first patrolling, and then dragged by their family. He said that nothing can bring him more pleasure than seeing "flickering eyes". Parents", they have his pedigree and love for fine traditions, and this is my essence.


Dinner plate $15-$32, large plate $29-$65

Johnny Monis took the helm and sat down to enjoy the journey.

Johnny Monis does not sell foie gras or Frette linens. Those who are dining in his modern Greek restaurant for the first time may be surprised to sit on the bare wooden tables in the spare restaurant. But then the food begins-always take a bite of steamed brioche with orange trout roe on top, and then in summer, bite of watermelon stuffed with figs and honey, plus kimchi fritters studded with peaches. Without a doubt, you are immersed in food. Any menu will be provided at the end of dinner, so many courses are surprising. And complete joy. The green bean and sweet crab salad is paired with an unforgettable salad, wontons and corn put you in the summer nature, and the grilled a fish collar is seasoned as if the fish is shawarma. Frequent visitors know that they will prepare for the main event, sometimes lamb shoulders are dragged with soft homemade pita bread and plenty of delicious seasonings. Huckleberry sorbet and sourdough waffles complete the night. If you just want to enjoy more face-to-face time with the most attractive host anywhere, you can choose an eclectic wine pairing.


$165 per person

Its top-notch comfort foods include corn dogs, schnitzels and cheesecakes.

A state fair can learn something from the model corn dog here. Stouffer's can learn from two roasted potatoes. The family brought delicious coffee and pastries, including roasted and wired Georgetown coffee, better bread, and Mount Vernon triangle bread with roasting joints. This cozy restaurant bridges the gap The gap between fast leisure and fashion. Exercise: "The food you might get from a good chef at home or at a dinner party," said Tessa Velazquez, operations manager, whose mother Teresa is a fantastic genius for dipping eggs, chicken cutlets and Washington's best cheesecake . The wedges are covered with sweet sour cream, and homemade graham biscuits are flanked by the berries. (However, you can buy ribs elsewhere. Labetti’s clothes can be dry.) Teresa’s husband Tony and son Zak were inspired by the family’s trip to Berlin and praised the appearance of this place. . African mahogany covers the ceiling. Indirect lighting makes the room emit light and is equipped with beautiful communal tables. Tessa said that the restaurant was based on the chef’s German-Irish grandmother, but it could be anyone: “We have a Betty in our lives, alone making kick dinners.” In Washington, that was her mother.


Dinner staples $15-$26

Of course, there are charcoal chickens, but this is only the beginning of the journey.

Probably in two places at once. Suspect me? You have yet to dine in the lively, family-run Rockville, where the menu offers Cuban and Peruvian cuisine. After being teased by the display of sheep at the entrance in front of the glass door, you don't even need to be seated to crave chicken. The chicken is grilled with cumin, garlic and charcoal, which is a mashed taste for Lima, especially when accompanied by yucca fried, so it is crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Havana is a good representation of beef, tomato-sweetened shredded beef, which is a classic ropavier cheese, packed in edible plantain slices. Black beans may increase the taste, and tilapia is not my first choice for Tiradio. The cross between sashimi and ceviche is sprinkled with celery, shrimp and hot sauce, and then dipped in sweet potatoes cooked in orange juice. . But the score exceeds the receipt. The image is frothy pisco sour; croquettes made with chicken, cilantro, and rice; and vibrant rice pudding with expanded raisins. The young server is no longer vigilant. If you want to drink some (wild) green or (soft) yellow chile sauce, bring a spray bottle and nod your head. If they don't have one, they will become fans of Peru.


Dinner staples $9-$21

A local Frenchman brings passion and precision to his comfortable and noisy bistro.

Francis Layrle is used to discerning taste. At the French Embassy, ​​locals in Gascon served meals for seven ambassadors. "I'm doing what I want to do: looking for the best products," the chef arrived in 1973 and took over the kitchen near the National Cathedral in Washington five years ago. "Now, the same thing: I'm looking for the best product." He said that as long as he can buy it, he has Dover soles, which he bought from "two boats" fishing in the waters of northern Denmark. An Amish farmer from Pennsylvania brought him young carrots, watercress, fine goat cheese and coriander root, which Lyle liked to use in the soup. He sai

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