Torrington arborist, artist Blackman aims to open gallery, studio in March

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Paul-Robert Blackman (Paul-Robert Blackman) is an arborist and wood artist. His studio "Artist's Tree" will open in March.

The work of wood artist and arborist Paul-Robert Blackman will soon be exhibited in his new gallery and studio "Artist's Tree".

Paul-Robert Blackman is a woodcarver artist and arborist who uses felled trees to make art, furniture, and handicrafts.

Torrington-Paul-Robert Blackman is an arborist and artist who cuts trees for clients and then takes them home to make furniture and art.

He plans to open his own gallery and studio Artist's Tree Inc. in Steele River Plaza on Winstead Road in mid-March. The opening ceremony was a step in Blackman's quest to bring people together in any way possible through art and music.

Paul is the son of Paul Tornington and the son of Venice Blackman. He graduated from the Gun School in Washington State, Connecticut. He studied at Torrington University in Connecticut and Northwestern Connecticut Community College and worked in a variety of jobs.

Blackman said: "I worked in trees, which was crucial to growing up in Lichfield County." "After 20 years of working in the gardening and arbor industry, I got a deputy from Charter Oak College in New Britain. Bachelor's degree. I'm also playing drums with John Marshall.

He said: "After working in these companies for many years, I started my career as an arborist. This is the driving force that allowed me to establish the Artist Tree in Winsted in 2020." "This is a complete cycle, which has established my awareness of protection and reclamation, and created practical art."

The functional artwork includes custom furniture, spoons, ladle and other utensils; wooden feather earrings; bowls and trays and other household items. Each piece is made from recycled or recycled wood harvested by Blackman. It is usually a single tree that arouses his interest-for example, a stately oak tree in a person's front yard must be removed.

He said: "In the Jobs world, everything I do is the way I build furniture and make art." "All the wood I use is art I make. These days, people have been I’m giving me wood. Wood, trees must fall. Otherwise I’ll say, “If you get a piece of land, I’ll make a tree. "

Blackman said his craftsmanship made him happy.

He said: "The important thing is to find my own harmony, peace and soul satisfaction." "The true level of happiness comes from breaking my knuckles and running a chainsaw. This is a true life principle."

The "Artist Tree" also aims to help others by offering courses or demonstrations on how Blackman makes art, or providing support to those who need it.

He said: "I want to help other people through any form of outreach activities and deepen the understanding that everyone deserves the same dignity." "Music and art comfort people's souls."

Blackman said the location of the artist tree is also important. He will share Still River Plaza with Still River Wellness and MedTech at 3568 Winsted Road. He said: "They are all multifaceted."

He said: “The artist tree exists only because of the existence of Tom Macri and his father’s property owners.” “They have the same cultural and ideological goals, and they understand that they need to help the entire community. "

At this time, Blackman is in the process of handling a permit to open the tree of artists in the square. He can't wait to welcome people to join.

He said: "We really have the ability to display it as a mature manufacturer's space. This is a community art gallery located in Torrington, Litchfield County and Connecticut."

He said that the museum will be open to all classes, and he will continue to provide more and more customers with customized furniture and commissions.

He said: "Owning my own business is daunting, but I am prepared to take responsibility." "I can be honest, honest, friendly and sincere."

Studios and galleries will be marketed through word of mouth as well as studios, gardening pages, Instagram and most recently TikTok. He said: "I started a TikTok page and I have 15,000 followers." "All of this is to bring together people who are looking for something in their lives."

On this particular day, Blackman is making dinner plates and trays, choosing from cherries, sugar maple, black walnut and white wax.

He said: "One of the bowls and a shallow tray are made of wood from a woman in Torrington." Things are always slow, but they are consistent. So far, this has been a slow and slow crawl, but once I made up my mind to do it, it never stopped.

"When someone says,'Wow, did you do it?' I make another 15 points," he said.

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