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With the help and support of generous donors, the University of California at Berkeley has taken an important step in addressing the urgent need for additional student housing. Anchor House is a transformative new housing project that will have more than 750 beds and will be built on a piece of land in Berkeley that is bounded by University Avenue, Oxford Street, Walnut Street and Berkeley Avenue. The design and construction of the building will be fully paid for by the charity foundation. Once the building is opened, the net operating income generated will be used to provide scholarships for low-income Berkeley students. Since Rosalie Stern funded the opening of Stern Hall in 1942, the anchor house will be the first dormitory funded by a donor on campus.

The Anchor House project has also made substantial progress in improving the transfer student experience. This will be the first campus housing project specifically for transfer students. These students account for 20% of Berkeley’s undergraduates. Compared with ordinary students, they often come from economically disadvantaged families; and they often face connections to campus communities and become Part of the challenge of the campus community. Priority is given to providing transfer students with accommodation near the campus, which will help them succeed and succeed in Berkeley.

When the Anchor House project was planned in 2018, the campus had the entire square area, except for a small apartment building at 1921 Walnut Street. This situation changed in 2019 when the owner at the time informed the university who intended to sell the property. The university acquired 2121 Walnut Street in early 2020 to prevent any other redevelopment projects that might endanger the planned student housing. Subsequently, a process begins to determine the best use of the property by the university.

After careful analysis and consideration, it is clear that to successfully and efficiently build the Anchor House and provide hundreds of new beds for transfer students, the property needs to be included and redeveloped. Unfortunately, the decision will require the permanent relocation of the tenants in the remaining 5 units of Walnut Street Apartments.

The inclusion of the property will add 75 beds to the entire project, which is equivalent to adding 7,500 student housing over the expected 100-year service life of the building.

Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said: “The university is ready to adapt flexibly to the residents of Walnut Street.” “We can and will balance the needs of thousands of students who need housing with staying The needs of 10 tenants in the building."

In a letter sent to tenants on January 26, the campus explained that although it is necessary to take action as soon as possible to solve the serious student housing crisis affecting the city and campus community, the university is also aware of the challenges of relocation, especially in these difficulties period. As a result, tenants have been assured that no one will need to move when a state-ordered suspension of evictions or Berkeley temporary shelter takes effect. This means that under no circumstances will tenants be required to move permanently before the end of August 2021 at the earliest.

Assure the tenants of 1921 Walnut Street that the university is ready and able to provide generous and comprehensive relocation services. According to the financial situation of each family, the value of the relocation package can easily reach six figures.

Their relocation benefit package will at least include:

The student housing project will be submitted to the UC Board of Directors for approval in July 2021.

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