Trump's Capitol Mob and the Double Standard of Who He Calls 'Thugs'

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Gonce has desecrated the country's democratic status. 

In June last year, Donald Trump brutally and violently withdrew from peaceful "black life" protesters, unlike today’s insurgents who violate democratic positions.

. But I was wrong. When Trump stepped on, sprayed and smoked black people and their allies in June, and drove them out of the White House,


Maybe writing after a day’s events will help, but it will be difficult because my eyes are full of tears, my heart is broken, and my anger is strong. Nevertheless, I am not surprised that Trump will go abroad in this way. For anyone who attempts to desecrate the democratic and majestic United States Capitol has anything to do with it, there is no resentment of shock.

What is shocking is that Trump's double standards have been fully demonstrated. He exaggerated his call for law and order, but this seemed to be reserved for those black and brown people. It is creepy that an all-white mob attempted to destroy the Capitol. This is the country’s long-standing symbol of freedom and justice, and everyone enjoys the idea of ​​equality, even if this idea will not change under Trump’s rule. Be more strict. 

For six years, I have walked through that building every day, and every day I feel honored, awed and honored. I work on Capitol Hill. I have been passionate about politics and government since I was a child, from small to large, from small to large. I live in a dream beacon of egalitarianism. From the bedroom window, I can see the lighthouse of the Capitol dome in the distance. 

Today, I saw the building’s sanctuary destroyed, windows smashed, statues defaced, sanctified rooms violated by villains, and villains suffered by the most ominous, cruel, demonic villain in history, Donald Trump's encouragement. When he trampled on the BLM championship in the White House and elsewhere, today he sent a racist gang to destroy the US Capitol and overthrow the US government.

The elegance and reverence of the Chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate are like religious sanctuary. In the House of Representatives, the President always speaks from the second floor. Above him sat the Vice President and Speaker of the House of Representatives. It symbolizes that the people are those with real power over the president. Some of those who support Trump have been sitting on these chairs inadvertently and provocatively manipulating and lying. They do not represent the will of the "people" of the United States.

On the other side of the Capitol is the Senate. When you are elected as a senator, you are assigned a desk. There are 100 of them. Just like antique elementary school desks, desktop computers will flip. When you open these desks, below you will find the engraved initials of all the senators who have used the desk. One of the first tasks of the new senator is to cut initials on the desktop.

Around the U.S. Senate, the corridor is full of busts of all U.S. Vice Presidents, because the second most important task of the Vice President is to serve as the chairman of the Senate. Today, the vice president has been removed from office because his constitutional duty is to preside over the Senate, because the constitutional duty is to approve the electoral college votes. In his chair sat a gangster sent by the dictator boss.

The brutal Trump base stained the rich and the breathtaking rotunda of the Capitol, suffocating its beauty. The rotunda is the state where the president and the American hero are located. The president is on top of the caisson used for Abraham Lincoln's coffin, which is stored under the floor of the rotunda. Today's folly is trying to suppress Lincoln's call for liberation and build a stronger and more equal alliance.

In the basement of the Capitol, just below the Lincoln caisson, George Washington’s cemetery was supposed to be built, but it was not used because he was buried on Mount Vernon. If he lay forever under the tribe of madness and Trump, then today's Washington will fall in that grave. Trump's tribe is dangerously close to destroying the dream of "our people" in Washington.

People, Trump’s burden is not. They were racists, thieves, and anarchists, and they posed mockingly outside the House of Representatives in the Hall of Allegorical Statues, where statues of two prominent figures in two states were placed. Here, you can hear the whispers from the other side of the room. When it was the original chamber of the House of Representatives, John Adams famously placed himself in that room to listen in secret to the other party's conversation. The parliamentarians ignored the fact that their faint voices were clearly heard from far away. But today it was the flashing sound and gunfire drowning those whispers.

The steps of the Capitol were infected and invaded by the evil Trump tribe, waving flags of vain, and voters from all over the country, including school groups, religious groups, LGBTQ+ groups, senior groups and families, gathered together with dazzling brilliance People taking a group photo, with the glowing white building of the Capitol as a background. Members of Congress often join them and explain the history of the respected buildings behind them. What will they say in the future?

What can we say today? When I wrote this article, sadness enveloped me and eliminated my anger. It is like a slap in the face of my eternal faith in the United States of America, an emotional reduction in the long memory of the United States Capitol.

Anything Trump and his racist and crazy staff tried to do today failed. The irony is that in the past four years, peaceful protesters, especially black protesters, have been called "thugs." But who is the real thug? Peaceful protesters will not destroy democracy, nor will they burn down American houses. The mob did just that. When Trump called for the arrest and imprisonment of the BLM protesters, what would he do to the real criminals who attempted the riot today?

There is nothing that can be fully expressed in words about what happened today, but I do know this-the U.S. Capitol will continue to stand, emitting a shimmering white, opening the door of respect to everyone, black, white, brown, Asia, LGBTQ+ and anyone who believes in our freedom. As the sun rises and sets, the Capitol will again see bright sunlight through the windows under the rotunda. This is a magnificent sight.

After all, today and the past four years, the glory of American democracy will rise and stand firm. In the past four years, our country and its people-those who believe in freedom and equality-have been beaten. However, the mob will always fail, and peaceful protesters will always prevail. We will endure everything, and soon we will shine again.


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