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The trustees of the Orangeburg County School District took photos with the wooden chairs they received for the board’s appreciation. These chairs are made by students in the architectural and construction technology plan.

Each trustee will receive a chair plus a child-sized chair to give to the OCSD elementary school of their choice.

The Orange County School District recently built chairs by district students to display their celebration of their election to the board of directors.

The head of OCSD, Dr. Shawn Foster, presented each board member with solid wood reading chairs made by the students in the construction technology project of the Orangeburg Technology Center.

The program’s lecturer, Tracey Scoville, said his students are fully prepared to cope with the task at hand.

Scoville said: "The children formed a team to make the chair from completely raw materials to a beautiful, finished project that is comparable to the rocking chair you see outside the biscuit bucket." "The quality is absolutely amazing. "

Kenodre Dickson, a student in the class, commented on his experience in making chairs.

"There are definitely many obstacles. But when you manage to overcome them, you will be very excited about the results. The construction plan is amazing and I am proud to be able to build these projects from scratch."

Scoville emphasized that his students have built multiple projects, but this is a special purpose.

"These chairs are processed, processed and assembled in accordance with the specifications of the National Architecture Education and Research Center. This allows my students to record the project during the completion of the completion certificate, which has been widely recognized by the construction industry as hiring new employees Positive indicators."

Each board member will receive an adult-sized chair and another child-sized chair to give to the OCSD elementary school of their choice.

OCSD board member Idella Carson (Idella Carson) is very excited about this gift and very happy to be able to give back to the school under her care.

Carson said: "This is a gift from Dr. Foster. I am very happy that we can have an impact on our school." "These chairs are well made. I can't wait to enjoy my chairs at home and let them Many elementary school students enjoy reading chairs in their school."

"I think every month should be a month for the board to appreciate," Foster said at a recent board meeting. "Our board members have done a lot of things behind the scenes, from listening to the appeals of voters to advocating for this community, our teachers and students. This month is very special."

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