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Apart from school theater production or home games, what else can bring the school community together more? In order to accommodate spectators and spectators, seats must prioritize comfort and versatility.

, Is the designer and manufacturer of high-end audience seats in the United States, and

, Is a designer and manufacturer of audience seats in the UK, providing clothing for two schools-


-Unique seating solution.

A community in Byron Center, Michigan raised all the funds to build a new

To adapt to the growing local population. In February 2016, the SCHS Council voted to accept the largest commitment in the school’s history, namely to build a new 130-acre facility.

The mission of the school is to create collaborative, flexible spaces for students and reflect the town’s spirit of unity in the planning process.

Interkal provides unique seating solutions to promote a collaborative atmosphere in the school. In particular, Interkal installed their

(CSM) On the bench in the stadium.

Matt LaLonde, vice president of sales and marketing at Interkal, said: "Our project goal is to provide them with the most comfortable benches in the industry while maintaining the largest seating capacity."

The minimum height of the CSM bench seat is 17 inches, which is more suitable for adults. In addition, it also has a unique waterfall front, which gives the audience more space to move their legs freely and makes their sitting posture more comfortable.

Interkal is also installed

(SSAR) Used with CSM bench. The retractable platform can set each rail without pressing a button.

The new school building is made up of

And by


When decorating the school, they did not choose the typical black box theater.

Located in the completely opposite place in Clearwater, Florida-White Box Theater.

Most schools use black box theaters, the interior of which is decorated in black, making it fade into the background of performances. As far as the private school in St. Paul-Clearwater is concerned, their white box theater is completely decorated in white, including walls, seats, floor and ceiling. The white space provides a pure background, which can be washed with any color or design for different programming. The White Box Theater is very suitable for experimental theater and art performances, as well as school assemblies or conferences.

The audience system is equipped with all-white customized seats for the theater. All 130 seats are made of Mayant Fabrics in Variant Crème's antifouling polyester fiber.

"Customers are looking for

Its appearance is more refined than traditional bleach. "Audience Systems North America Sales Director James Harper said." Audience Systems' TX platform and chairs enhance the space, allowing you to achieve the finish you expect from a fixed theater auditorium. "

The armrests are lacquered wood. The frame of the chair is steel and powder-coated to maintain a consistent white finish. And the platform is finished with white melamine decorative board to ensure that the completely white appearance can be maintained when the platform is closed.

"Decorative panels are an important factor-the closed system is covered with white walls. When the seats are closed, they can make the space feel like a seamless'white box'," Harper continued. "Without a dashboard, the retractable seat system is not the most elegant addition to space."

Designed the White Box Theater renovation project and the rest of the school.

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