Vaccine Clinic Planned For Older School District Workers: Report

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According to the Herald Tribune, the Sarasota County Florida Department of Health is opening a special coronavirus vaccine clinic for Sarasota County school employees 65 and older. This single-day vaccine clinic is open from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm and is located in Sarasota Plaza Shopping Center.

The report said all school district employees who meet the age requirements, including teachers, administrative and support staff, charter school employees, substitute teachers, and employees who have taken leave in the past year.

The school district told the Herald Tribune that 804 employees are eligible to receive vaccinations on Sunday. Among these qualified personnel, 368 are full-time school district employees and 411 are substitute teachers. There are currently 25 employees on leave.

Eligible employees should have emailed information about Sunday clinics through the school district.

The patch contacted school district spokesperson Craig Maniglia for more information.

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Georgia congresswoman says she has "full support" from Donald Trump

President Biden is easing the expectations of his large donors for the ambassador, indicating that he will not issue plum positions for several months, and hinting that he will nominate fewer positions than his predecessors. The big picture: The president supported the Democratic Party's efforts to strive for diversity when choosing a cabinet. Now lawmakers are putting pressure on him to extend it to his embassy, ​​which means that white male donors (the core of his fundraising base) will compete for fewer positions in the competition. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-level politicians become smarter and faster when they read the news. What we are listening to is: Biden is most likely to reward loyal politicians and former aides, and the race for former senators such as Claire McCaskill is held in Europe. *In terms of policymakers, former Biden aide Julianne Smith can be nominated as NATO ambassador. *Among the donors, Denise Bauer, Obama's ambassador to Belgium, is the top fundraiser. In the most coveted position, she may return to Europe, perhaps Paris. *Doug Hickey, another of Biden's major donors, is also interested in foreign positions. *Former HBO executive, James Costos, who served as Obama’s ambassador to Spain, expressed interest in the UK, but there are many others, including Comcast executive David · Cohen (David Cohen). Real estate investor Louis Frillman and Latino Victory Project president Nathalie Rayes told colleagues that they are interested in Madrid or another European position. Beijing has a reputation, and the White House is pleased that its special envoy has the political power to spot any potential problems. *If Biden appoints Disney Executive Chairman Robert Iger as his interest, he will tell Biden officials of his interest, which will break this situation. Biden's plan to visit the State Department on Monday, weather permitting, is a symbolic display of his quest to revitalize diplomacy. And emphasized the United States' commitment to allies and partners. He is also expected to make remarks on his foreign policy measures. *Although the president will definitely appoint some donors to the top positions, others are worried that they will be overthrown and eagerly demand a solution. *Although more than 800 people and couples have raised more than $100,000 for Biden’s presidential campaign, the more savvy “bundle labor” groups have raised much more than this amount, and have also reported to the Biden Victory Foundation Provided donations of up to $620,000. People familiar with the matter said that of the approximately 190 ambassadors, 30% are non-professional nominations, and the remaining 70% are professional diplomatic affairs. *According to the American Foreign Service Association, the ratio of 70:30 will match the traditional breakdown. *President Trump created a bias by nominating about 44% of appointed political ambassadors. * The 2018 Foreign Policy report stated that Trump’s nominees are also very different. 90% of his vacancies are for whites. Deeper: The political field has been roughly divided into three categories: policy experts, politicians and donors. *Biden expects to attract more funds from the first two categories, thereby reducing the number of positions for donors who wish to limit successful business careers through foreign positions. *Biden has a huge network of Belway friends and allies, but has never been so successful (or overly dependent) on money and celebrity courses in New York and California. Support safe, wise, and sensible journalism. Sign up for Axios newsletter here.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense stated that six Chinese fighter jets and a U.S. reconnaissance plane entered the southwest corner of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on Sunday, an unusual recognition of U.S. military activities. Tensions have surged in the past week or so after Taiwan reported that many Chinese fighters and bombers flew into the area near the Platas Islands controlled by Taiwan in the northern part of the South China Sea last weekend.

Authorities in north-central Mexico reported on Sunday that gunmen armed with two motorcycles broke into a weekend party, robbed them, then returned a few minutes later and opened fire, killing six men and a woman. Jalisco state prosecutors said the attack occurred on Saturday night. The state of Jalisco has long been the seat of a cartel of the same name, but the attack took place near the border of Zacatecas, where several drug gangs were fighting for territory.

Report: Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi was detained in the raid and the military controlled the country for one year. The Myanmar military declared a state of emergency. US President Joe Biden informed Myanmar of the unrest. The military threatened to take "action" against so-called election fraud. Australia asked the leader to release the Burmese leader’s ruling National League for Democracy spokesperson, said Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior figures in the ruling party had been detained in the early morning raid. The military launched a coup on Monday and announced that it had controlled the country for one year in a state of emergency. This move was aroused by the escalation of the increasingly tense situation between the civil administration and the powerful military. People were worried about a coup after the election, which the military called fraud. Spokesperson Myo Nyunt told Reuters that Suu Kyi, President Win Myint and other leaders were "taken away" in the early hours of the morning. Please follow the latest updates below.

KYIV-Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told "axios on HBO" that he does not see China as a major geopolitical threat, even if he vowed to limit China's control over critical tasks. A position may also cause him to conflict with the Biden administration and Congress. Why it matters: Zelensky's remarks represent a break between the US national security leaders of the two main parties that are trying to rally allies to counter the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. Be smart: Sign up for free to get China’s most influential newsletter. US: Drive News: When asked about the emerging consensus in Washington that China is the world’s largest geopolitical threat, Zelensky said: “I I don’t agree with this, because in Ukraine, we don’t feel that way.” He said: “There is indeed such a cold war between China and the United States.” * “We know that the US business is represented in Ukraine, but at the same time, the Chinese business There are indeed representatives." * "I believe that regardless of nationality, nationality, people, business, a certain country, you will be respected, respect your people and borders, and they will appear in your country." Between the two sentences: Only the United States must play such a big role to push Zelensky away from China. Beijing suppressed Washington in vaccine diplomacy, which is a painful reality discussed by Zilensky in the "Axios on HBO" interview. Zelensky tried to obtain a higher quality American vaccine for his country. He promoted the help of Europeans. But considering his difficulty in obtaining a dose, he said he is willing to cooperate with Beijing to obtain a large amount of safe COVID vaccine for the Ukrainian people. *It is worth noting that the United States has not provided Ukraine with its high-quality vaccines, and has actually taken steps to make it difficult for Zelensky to obtain them. Behind the scenes: How to deal with the China issue is a growing pain point in U.S.-Ukraine relations. Trump administration officials privately expressed concern that China-which became Ukraine's largest trading partner in 2019-injected ample cash into China, instead embedding itself in key Ukrainian sectors including defense and telecommunications. *US officials worry that China will steal intelligence secrets and exert evil influence on allies that increasingly rely on Beijing. Yes, but: Senior U.S. government officials have been trying to persuade Ukraine to prevent China from buying the aero-engine Sich manufacturer for years, which is the number one jewel of the Ukrainian defense department. * Zelensky made it clear for the first time in an interview that he will not allow China or any other country to buy a controlling stake in Sich. * "Never," he said. "Not under me. I don't live here... [but] during my [time in office], absolutely not. The most important thing is that Russia’s focus on Ukraine is much closer. But when Russia annexed Croatia in 2014 China never condemned Russia’s actions when he was in Crimea, so although Zilensky may not list China as a threat, he knew that China could not be relied on in the Russia-Ukraine crisis and supported safe, smart, and sensible journalism. , Please sign up for Axios newsletter here.

Hong Kong’s Secretary of Justice, Cheng Dejian, reiterated on Saturday that according to a joint statement, the United Kingdom has no power over the city. The joint statement laid a blueprint for how to manage the city after China's reunification in 1997. Zheng commented in a blog post on the eve of the change to the UK visa application program, which will allow Hong Kong residents holding British National Overseas (BNO) passports to live, study and work in the UK for five years and eventually apply for citizenship.

Fever fever hit Kentucky, where dissatisfaction with coronavirus restrictions and the results of the Breonna Taylor death investigation spurred petitions to remove the governor and the attorney general. Although Kentucky has provocative elected officials, it is rare in the Bluegrass State to play cards in this way. In these two new cases, the effort to impeach Kentucky was triggered by differences in policy or administrative decisions by the highest government of Kentucky.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) led 10 Republican senators, including moderate Senators Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Lisa Merkowski (R-Alaska) – Announcing plans on Sunday to announce the $600 million COVID – they believe that there are 19 relief plans that can be used as a bipartisan alternative to President Biden’s $1.9 trillion plan, which the Republicans believe is too expensive. These details are expected to be announced on Monday, although the Washington Post reported that it may not include Biden’s proposal to raise the federal minimum wage, and it is reported that it will also reduce a new round of $1,400 for individuals earning $50,000 or less. Eligibility for stimulus testing or couples whose annual income does not exceed $100,000. Republicans want to meet with Biden to discuss their objections. They wrote in a letter: “We hope to cooperate sincerely with you and your government to address the health, economic, and social challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Whether the Democratic Party is willing to discuss this idea remains to be seen (Biden’s The top economic adviser reiterated on Sunday that the president is determined to act quickly), but, as the Post pointed out, the fact that 10 Republicans were involved in the plan is significant. . If the two sides reach a compromise, this will give the Senate the 60 votes needed to pass legislation without the Democrats having to find a solution. Read more on the Washington Post. Trump's impeachment defense has been released. Bannon reportedly encouraged him to go to the Senate on his own. 5 A brutal comic about Republican Trump issues. The Republican Governor of Arkansas praised the Biden administration for ``seamless'' vaccine distribution

During the coronavirus pandemic, controversy about Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers' League continued.

In his new role in climate change, the prime minister’s father said that agriculture needs to go back to old-fashioned methods to improve the environment. Stanley Johnson announced today that he is the new international ambassador for the Conservative Environmental Network (CEN). The author has long been an advocate of green issues and an ardent supporter of "barbaric", and recently visited some of the newly introduced bears in Italy. He is expected to talk about wild farming activities at COP26, the main climate change conference scheduled to be held in Glasgow this summer. The zealous Mr. Johnson told the Telegraph about his views on agriculture and explained: “This is not barbaric, but a return to the old farming methods. Rain-fed farming, herbivorous farming, and not even doing so. The value of carbon emissions from planting trees is higher. "It is absolutely necessary to change the British farming system, and as we withdraw from the European Union, this is an amazing way. I just agreed to be the international ambassador for the Conservative Environment Network. We will focus on climate change conferences. Of course, this is not an honorary task, and I will not ask for such a big salary! "His son Boris Johnson currently has no plans to ban intensive farming and force farmers to return to old methods, despite the government's action. A payment plan for farms that use land to improve the environment. The father and son seem to have reached a consensus on the beaver issue. It is understood that Boris Johnson has purchased rodents for his father’s land. Stanley said that he had tried to make his land suitable for beasts, but it was a Struggling, he hopes to be allowed to release them on the river that flows through his Exmoor estate. According to current regulations, this is allowed to prevent animals from rampaging. He is urging his son to let the government issue the National Beaver Strategy. Allow them to move freely on the waterways of England. He told the Telegraph: rs is currently being shelved due to the coronavirus, but I need to think about how to do it. You have a fountain pen, a fountain pen covering a few acres and You can make a pond with some tap water. I need to be very careful because the pond may be dry or the whole place may be flooded, and they may be washed away by the river water, which will cause me trouble. Of course I do River, but they will not be released there until we formulate a national beaver policy!"

Silver prices jumped to a five-month high on Monday, and small silver miners listed in Australia soared after social media calls for buying the metal and imitating fanaticism, which drove GameStop's stock price to rise by 1,500% in two weeks. A few mining companies (for example, Argent Minerals, Boab Metals and Investigator Resources) have seen their share prices jump more than 15%.

Governor Mark Gordon discussed what President Biden’s climate plan means for his state at the "U.S. News Headquarters."

Daytona Beach (Daytona Beach) has a long tradition of driving on the beach by the sea, and now it is threatened during a short stretch of road, and telephone poles block any vehicles. The Hard Rock Hotel erected poles on the 410-foot (124-meter) beach to prevent driving there. Jeff Brower, chairman of the Volusia County Council, has been given priority for driving beaches since his election in November.

NBC News pointed out that for decades, the Republican Party has been emphasizing the political faction of the US courts, but now Democrats seem to be catching up with the trend because they hope to fill some vacancies before they are filled in mid-2022. May lose the majority of seats in the Senate. White House counsel Dana Remus recently wrote in a letter: If they can fill the seats, the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) will write to believers. Defenders, civil rights and legal aid lawyers, and people representing all walks of life in the United States, not prosecutors or "large corporate lawyers." Chris Kang, co-founder of the Progress Group’s “Demand Justice” and former deputy adviser to the Obama administration, also told NBC that he hopes that President Biden’s first judicial candidates “look like what the Democratic president has The judges are quite different." Past recommendations" and may have a "fundamentally" different background, "this will produce huge changes in our courts." Learn more in NBC News. Trump's impeachment defense has been released. According to reports. , Bannon encouraged him to go to the Senate by himself. 5 Cruel comics about Republican Trump issues. The Republican Governor of Arkansas praised the Biden administration for ``seamless'' vaccine distribution

A woman with a family in South Korea said that she "jealed that they were in a place where people care about others and take preventive measures."

Since China implemented the national security law on Hong Kong, about 7,000 Hong Kong people have fled to the UK. The British government predicts that, according to the Associated Press, more than 300,000 people will be granted extended residency rights in the next five years. Britain announced a new visa program on Sunday, the day after China said it would no longer treat Hong Kongers’ BN overseas passports as valid travel documents or proof of identity, which has exacerbated tensions between the two countries. Pushing the news: The British government announced in July last year that the security law passed a new British citizenship pathway for Hong Kong people who qualify for BNO, which was obtained by people who had lived in the city before. The British government handed over its former colony to China in 1997. *According to the proposal, these Hong Kong people and their families have the right to stay in the UK for 5 years. When will they be able to work or study? *They will then be allowed to apply for "settlement status" and obtain citizenship in another year, Axios Dave Lawler pointed out. Big picture: Some Hong Kong people told AP that they were leaving because they feared that they would be punished for supporting the democratic protest movement. In recent months, several celebrities have been arrested or imprisoned. * "Many others" said that China's erosion of the high degree of autonomy they previously enjoyed has become "unbearable" and their children have a better future. The Associated Press pointed out: "Most people say they don't plan to go back." The news read by CEOs, entrepreneurs and high-level politicians makes them smarter and faster. Sign up for Axios newsletter here.

On Sunday, Chicago Public Schools postponed the enrollment of thousands of elementary and middle school students for at least one day because the school district and teachers failed to reach an agreement on a COVID-19 safety plan. The Chicago City Public Schools (CPS) and the Chicago Teachers' Union, which represents 28,000 public school educators, decided to postpone the in-person class after months of negotiations and still not reaching an agreement. The two sides have disagreements on teachers' requirements for stricter security agreements to prevent the virus from spreading in classrooms.

Officials said on Sunday that Mexican soldiers and immigration agents rescued a 2-year-old girl from Chile because she had apparently fallen into the Rio Grande River, while the adults with her left her and crossed the river to enter United States. The National Immigration Institute said the incident occurred on Saturday when a group of immigrants crossed the river near the city of Acuna, opposite Del Rio, Texas. The agency said the adult made a gesture and pointed it out to the toddler soldiers and soldiers and immigrants, who then went into the river to rescue her.

European diplomats speculated on Saturday that Ireland may have planned to pull Joe Biden into the border. Irish officials may threaten to use their government’s relationship with the US president to force the European Commission to reverse the situation. Dublin’s unwarned threat to the European Union’s borders triggered a tense appeal between Irish Taoist Minister Michael Martin and European Commission President Ursula von der Lein. Diplomats in Brussels believe that Dublin may have “picked up Biden’s bat phone” or reminded President von Delane’s attachment to Ireland and the peace process. Mr. Biden is of Irish descent and often warns Britain not to establish a hard border in Ireland. The committee’s move aroused anger in Dublin because the Irish government had previously convinced that any hard border on the island need not be one of the foundations of the final Brexit agreement.

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