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Vanderbilt Provost and Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs Susan Went will become the President of Wake Forest University on July 1.

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Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV)-President and Deputy Secretary of Academic Affairs Susan R. Wente will become the President of Wake Forest University later this year, Vanderbilt announced on Sunday.

Wente has served in Vanderbilt for 19 years. She recently served as the interim president of the university from August 2019 to June 30, 2020.

"Susan Wente is a leader in higher education, and Vanderbilt University is in a strong position today because of Susan and her leadership. She combines scientists The precision and rigor of the leader, the strategic thinking of the leader and the commitment of the dedication mentor to others. She has left a long-lasting legacy for our community." Vanderbilt principal Daniel Diermeier (Daniel Diermeier) told Wrote in a letter from the university community. "I am very grateful to Susan for her partnership and many contributions, and I wish her success in Wake Forest. She embodies the spirit of Vanderbilt, and we are always She is in debt."

She served as interim prime minister from August 15, 2019 to June 30, 2020, a period that coincided with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. She is the main architect of the university’s response to COVID-19 and its “back to campus” program, which makes Vanderbilt one of the few leading universities in the country, successfully inviting all students back this school year campus.

Bruce Evans, chairman of the board of directors of Vanderbilt University, said in a press release: "Susan always puts Vanderbilt first, which is more obvious than during the pandemic." The extensive knowledge of institutions, science and medicine, as well as our academic and research enterprises, led the university through the turbulent COVID-19 outbreak until it successfully returned to campus this fall.

Vanderbilt would forever thank Susan for her 19 years of service at the university and her courageous leadership during this historic period. I hope she will perform best in her new position. "

At the April 2020 meeting, the Board of Trustees issued a resolution to Winter in recognition of her outstanding leadership, serving as interim Prime Minister and Provost, and appointed her as Chairman of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Chairman Cornelius Vanderbilt recognizes teachers for pioneering research.

"I will always thank the Vanderbilt community. For nearly two decades, we have been working together to increase the impact of this university." Wendt said in a press release. "As you have heard me say before, Vanderbilt does not have a pause button, and I am committed to the important work that will begin this spring semester. We still have a lot of work to do, and I look forward to continuing in the rest of the time. Cooperation. You know, although I will no longer be a Vanderbilt person, I look forward to cheering for your future success."

Winter is the first woman to lead Vanderbilt, and Vanderbilt is the first woman to serve as the Provost, and will become the first woman in Wake Forest. president. During his tenure at Vanderbilt, Winter has been committed to providing more opportunities for women throughout the school, and has always advocated equality and inclusive academic affairs.

Wente was appointed as Vanderbilt Provost in 2014.

She was also praised for leading and designing the many academic features of the historic transformation of the University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center into two separate legal financial entities by 2016.

President and CEO Jeff Balser said: “Susan’s wisdom and firm judgment are at the center of a deep and innovative partnership between the university and the medical center. This partnership is unique in the field of academic medicine, De Bilt is in a leadership position and is able to thrive.” Director of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Dean of the School of Medicine. "She has been a trusted colleague and friend for many years, and I sincerely congratulate Wake Forest on his historic appointment."

Wente joined the university in 2002 as a professor and head of cell and developmental biology. In 2009, she was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Research of the Medical Center and served as the Senior Associate Dean of Biomedical Sciences. This position combines research and graduate education for the first time. In this position, she led multiple inter-agency graduate programs and oversaw the training of more than 1,000 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Winter will step down as Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt) on June 20. The university will look for her successor internationally.


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