Want to become more likable and charming? A grandfather's advice to young people

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We live on a populous planet

. However, there is still a feeling of isolation and anonymity between us.

So, what can you do? Especially if you are a young and novice, what can you do to stand out? Want people to pay more attention to you? Is being a good person memorable? Want to cultivate a personal brand?

Even in a rapidly changing world, succumbing to the pressure of a shrewd social media presence or a shiny MBA is not always effective. Sometimes this is an effective and often forgotten practice.

As three wealth advisers and grandfather, I have established long-term business and personal relationships over the past few decades, and these relationships have helped me maintain hundreds of clients from all over the world.

Here are three eternal self-branding techniques that will help you become more admired and concerned in an increasingly crowded world:

You should always keep in close contact with colleagues, bosses and professionals who have worked with you in recent years. However, you may find that returning to farther places will gain greater benefits-for those who go to school with even children.

Search for classmates, classes, work locations and fields in your school’s online catalog. Update your own information to ensure that other alumni can contact you.

For example, when my wife and I moved to the new town, I checked my high school directory and found that one of my classmates was a plumber in the town. I called him. "Is this Blake?" I asked. "Same as Blake who helped me in seventh grade? Because I'm useless."

He immediately remembered my name: "Are you still useless?" He joked.

Blake visited us, and because of our past contacts, whenever he needed pipeline help, we became his priority. I still give him ham every holiday to keep in touch.

People will respond to earlier days and easier times. Even if the years separate you, they will still put down the welcome mat. Efforts to connect with those who are farther away will expand your network and open the door to others in other industries who may help you in the future.

If you start thinking more creatively about what you are good at, you can solve your shortcomings. Technology, language, editing, drawing, music, business-you can exchange your special interests and skills for help when you need it.

Branding is a mutual skill; unless the process is beneficial to both parties, it is impossible to build a brand and community of supporters.

As a financial advisor, I not only provide guidance to my clients, but also to everyone in my life. Writers, painters, actors, doctors, lawyers-people in almost every industry need financial advice.

Having trading expertise will produce various benefits, especially in the exchange of ideas and resources. This also makes you more interested in other people, and what you learn from them will help you develop knowledge in different fields.

Another benefit: You can develop new, real relationships-to be seen as a real person, not just another colleague or client.

It must look natural, not forced. For many years, I have worn glasses with red frames. I like a little color, there is a mess in my clothes Before the pandemic, I wore a bright suit and sometimes a bow tie to work every day.

You might think this is a very painful old-fashioned approach, keeping up with the times. not at all. Almost no one in my office building wears a suit or tie. This is not only my way of showing my personality, but also my respect for customers.

The clothes you wear every day reflect your brand. You must be able to advertise without having to wear a hoodie or hoodie with the company name on your chest.

But in most cases, anything that can give you an advantage is fair. So if you don’t care much about how to organize your original wardrobe, there are other ways to create your own weird character.

A few years ago, I had a customer in Boston who was a traveling salesman for corrugated boxes. He appealed to businesses all over New England, and whenever he left out a potential customer’s store or factory, he would take Tootsie Rolls to the reception.

He also distributed a business card with "Charlie the Tootsie Roll Man" written under his name. It works; he is a charming and likable salesman and everyone remembers him because no one can resist Tootsie Rolls.

He dared to be different, which gave him an opening remark and made everyone laugh. With a little thought and originality, you can do the same thing.

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