Warrensburg High School to Build First-Ever Auditorium

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Update: Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the school district is now canceling several large gatherings next month. This includes the school games discussed below.

Last month, the construction of Warrensburg High School has been going on for several years. For a long time, students performed on the small stage in the cafeteria, while the audience sat on metal folding chairs, but in the end, those days were long gone.

In two weeks, students from Warrensburg will perform in the musical "News."

John Goralski, head of Warrensburg School District, said: “Our performing arts curriculum is second to none. We are a small school, but in terms of performing arts, we compete with other schools and they deserve it. A space comparable to its talents."

This is the first time in the school's history, because the Warrensburg Spring Musical will be performed in the actual auditorium, thus bringing the Goralski space into reality. The $11 million project also includes a new cafeteria, new weight room and a reconfigured library.

Warrensburg music teacher Jim Corriveau said: “If you like what we’ve done before, you just need to observe and see how young Warrensburg can do it with the right tools in their hands. what."

Corriveau is the man behind the madness: he has coached in the Warrensburg musical for 20 years, this school is not that popular, he calls it a "cafeteria".

"This is a cafeteria with a small space called a stage. We just need to keep inventing ways to make it beautiful until it's on the inn until 11pm," Corriveau said.

After years of planning and community support, the auditorium is described as the most advanced facility with a capacity of 475 people. It is equipped with engineering acoustics, high-tech lighting and sound systems, and the stage size has doubled.

Corriveau said: "Although they need limited working space, after years of hard work, hard work, and dedicated work, they still produce high-quality works. A standard has been established to make this possible, and this is done by our alumni. of."

There are many feet dancing on a stage in Warrensburg, but no feet are like this group of dances.

Warrensburg high school student Thomas Moore said: "On the actual stage, seeing and seeing the actual auditorium, it can bring you more appreciation and hope that in every scene Can do better."  

Students will perform the musical "Newsies" from March 26th to 28th. The school district plans to hold an auditorium premiere on May 19th and hold a special alumni concert.

"For these kids, it will be very exciting. I can't wait," Corivo said.  

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