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West Salem-When Carson Koepnick buried a three-pointer in less than 10 seconds, West Salem High School men's basketball pulsed after 19 points in the middle of the second half.

On Monday, the Panthers performed a series of runs at Onalaska Luther, turning an eight-point deficit into a 22-point Coulee victory, which made them the only one to win. One.

Four days later, West Salem tried to perform again, but the Cavaliers made two free throws in the last 8.6 seconds, defeating the Panthers 65-58 on Friday, and maintained their position.

Senior Minister of Luther James Bidenbend said: "We must do a better job in ending the game, but today we did it."

Biedenbender scored 4 three-pointers and the Cavaliers (11-1, 7-1) scored a game-high 20 points. The latter replaced West Salem with a 1-2 advantage (7-2, 6-1) Number one. Half of the game.

But the Panthers faced a 44-25 deficit with about 14 minutes left before it frightened the Cavaliers. West Salem was better than the first half through aggressive defense and excellent shooting.

"I'm telling you," Luther coach Brad Schoper said. "This may be the strongest and strongest team we have played all year. Up and down in the lineup, every kid on the list has done their best.

"They gave us a deep impact on the offensive end. When they gave us an impact on the offensive end, we never showed a beautiful appearance. What is commendable is the defensive approach they took to this end. "

The 16-4 run included three-pointers from Brett McConkie and Zach Nimel, with three-pointers from Cody Miller and Peter Latos making up the majority.

Niemeier's No. 3 car was built by Miller passing the ball and had West Salem in 48-41 only four minutes later.

Biden Bender answered with the last two baskets. His three-pointers turned right in the left corner, the Cavaliers led 53-41, and his lane rim led 57-46.

When talking about Biden Bender, Shaper said: "He has been very stable for us this year." Biden Bender shot 8 of 12 shots and 4 of 6 from beyond the arc. "He is a great leader and I am not surprised by his performance tonight or what he has done for us this season."

West Salem junior CJ McConkie missed about seven minutes of the first half after getting a second foul in less than eight minutes, then scored a team-high 16 in two minutes. Six out of points. He converted Latos' pass into a Panthers between 60-55 and scored 35.6 seconds.

Isaiah Loersch quickly fouled, one of two free throws, doubled the bonus, and Koepnick's three-pointer was won 61-58. Koepnick scored 8 points for West Salem, which could only foul and watch the Cavaliers make free throws the rest of the way.

Niemeyer, Miller, Brett McConkie, and Copnick were all stolen because the Black Panther involved the Knights.

After Koepnick's Luther 3 points, sophomore Isaiah Schwichtenberg and freshman Logan Bahr took two free throws.

Letos contributed 13 points for the Panthers, while Lyndon Bis contributed 12 points and eight assists for the Cavaliers. Loersch contributed 10 points and 12 rebounds for Luther, shooting 53% from the field.

West Salem coach Steve Kastenschmidt said of his players: "It was a difficult process and they were all very frustrated there." "I think the kids Fought very hard and counterattacked. The three people left us with a few seconds within three points, but we had to foul and they made free throws.

"This is a young team and they will learn from this experience."

There is some time, but not much. The Leopards and Cavaliers are about two weeks away from the playoffs, and both must prepare for the difficult playoffs. "

Schaper said: "In terms of what happened in the conference, yes, we need to keep this pace with the times." "Now is also the time to prepare for the playoffs, and we hope to continue playing basketball for this."

Jack McHugh-Sake of Logan, yes, Albert Romero of Alaska

Keenan Hayes of Logan

Ryan Bye of Logan

Logan's Nathaniel Powell (Nathaniel Powell), left, Onalaska's Nick Odom (Nick Odom)

Albert Romero of Onalaska, right, Martell Owens of Logan

Victor Diamond of Onalaska

Nick Odom of Onalaska

Gavin McGrath of Onalaska, left, Simeon Mavin of Logan

Isaac Skemp of Onalaska, right, Gabe Kattchee of Logan

Gavin McGrath of Onalaska

Victor Demond of Onalaska, right, Simeon Mavin of Logan

Onalaska's Victor Demond, center, Logan's Nathaniel Powell, left and Isaac Joley

Gavin McGrath of Onalaska, left, Jack McHugh-Sake of Logan

Sam Kick of Onalaska

Victor Demond of Onalaska, right, Nathaniel Powell of Logan

Logan Head Coach Sam Zweig

Evan Gomork of Onalaska

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