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These socially distant food and entertainment options allow you to ring the bell in 2021 safely and stylishly.

For just $75, which includes a bottle of mini sparkling wine, you can dig out homemade octopus with grilled octopus with black beans and sausage sauce, chayote zucchini soup with fried yuca root, grilled halibut or short rib birria. As a dessert, Chiapas Chocolate Mousse Cake with raspberries and cocoa fried rice.

sit back and relax,

Take it from here. This wine-fueled restaurant has a takeaway package that includes sausage, cheese, grilled shrimp filiz and a side. Without wine there would be no sixty vines. Get a 375ml bottle of rosé and champagne, plus sunglasses, confetti, fireworks and a selection of Spotify playlists to complete the party atmosphere. In addition to ordering wine, you can enjoy a 50% discount, or purchase a $15 champagne tumbler, and they can give away a free glass of Vine Huggers Sparking Wine throughout the year! Each kit costs US$150 and can accommodate two people.

Passing a three-course or four-course dinner ($83-$96) will definitely welcome in 2021. Choose from various dishes such as pan scallops, venison tenderloin with cognac sauce, wild salmon, boneless pork chops and langoustine tails mashed with garlic gorgonzola. Don't forget the dessert: homemade kefir cheese with medium dates and reduced pomegranate flavor, or try the classic chocolate cake. Pour a bottle of rosé wine at midnight for roasting. (Donate 15% of all wine income to the North Texas Food Bank.) Call 972-503-7080 to order.

Enjoy a three-course meal (a festive meal for four), which includes selected ribs, New York State Strips, Lamb Rack, Lasagna, Pork Chops, Noodles, Desserts, and a full set of dishes for US$60-80 per person. Not included in the fixed menu of the Grand Prix, but completely luxurious and worthy of New York cuisine are lobster tails and bacon wrappers.


Come take a look at the newly opened second floor of The Exchange in AT&T's discovery area, and their New Year's travel packages. The kit contains all the essentials for a successful New Year at home: Veuve Clicqout champagne, Golden Osetra urge fish caviar and Crème fraiche, 16 ounces, 42-day dry New York State Strips, with amber, chocolate truffles and a $50 gift Card on the second floor. Reservations are required before New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, and the package price is US$495. If you feel comfortable dining here, there is a seven-course tasting menu offered by Brian Zenner of Ounce and Peja Krstic of Ichi Ni San on New Year’s Eve.

Only $95 per person.

Before it disappears, start from 2021, first taste the Thai beef noodle soup and curry crab rice. Tamarind shrimp sounds like the perfect side of the Reunion Island fireworks display. All business locations are closed on New Year’s Day, but open until 9pm on New Year’s Eve.


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