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Where can I report animal cruelty and warn other couples who abuse animals?

Happy National Pizza Festival! In Farmingdale, which pizzeria can you choose?

Happy New Year everyone! What is your resolution in 2021? I hope that in addition to continuing to maintain a better state, an average of 10,000 steps will be taken every day a year.

****************** Help*************

The lost dog-last time so. Farm area

* * * DALERS we do need your help * * *

Lost in the Southern Method Mingdale area

If everyone could look around for Scoby, we would be very grateful! We don't want Scoby to spend the night in the cold!

The dog is lost, it's so cold

Please call the number on the flyer

His name is Scooby Doo

4 years

********* Please call *********

516-250-5925 or 516-662-6134

I wish everyone at Farmingdale a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It has been a difficult year, but what positive experiences have you experienced in Farmingdale in 2020?

March Farm Women's Club

On Monday, November 30, 20, members of the Farmingdale Women’s Club (WCF) delivered 36 comfortable travel bags to the Madonna Heights Children’s Shelter. This has been the club’s annual plan since 2012. The bags were collected by the club welfare committee (chaired by Rosemary Emigholz) and contained stuffed animals, masks (child-sized), toys, books and blankets. The zippered bag makes it easier for children to carry "certified" items wherever they are. The attendees included Linda Kreussling, Tina Diamond, Rosemary Emigholz, Anna Ievolo (not shown), Judy Vilas, Angelina Dunlop, Judith Vasquez and Lisa Forgione, Service Director of Madonna Heights. These bags will be distributed to the children in Madonna Heights in time during Christmas. Thank you club members for "raising their spirits" for these children, especially in these difficult times.

WCF is very grateful to St. Kilian's Church for allowing the club to use its spacious auditorium for indoor meetings during the pandemic. Thank you Barbara Magnum for your help. The club held their November meeting here, and then a large number of positive cases closed the area. The discussion at the club revolved around ongoing plans, including fundraising, donations of "comfort bags" and "sacks for soldiers." Lynda Leone, the first vice president, proposed a program related to "hearing connection." She invited Mary Griffin, an Australian medical doctor, to discuss common hearing problems with members. The solution to hearing loss is very personal, so it cannot be prescribed like glasses. But her office staff are very good at diagnosing specific hearing loss through precise testing methods. Thanks to Lynda for setting up a very useful program.

The houses of Rosemary and George Emigholz are beautifully decorated, with autumn plants, autumn plants and small holiday villages in autumn, and a delightful walk for fundraising was held in October activity. Members and friends enjoyed delicious baked goods and sweets, and designated donations for the club’s fundraising committee. Thank you all for your generous support.

Also in October, the Welfare Commission today delivered an autumn basket of goodies and a plate of homemade biscuits and brownies to residents of Epic House in Farmingdale. Due to Covid restrictions, these items were left on the porch and were warmly received by the person in charge.

On October 17, 2020, the GFWC-NYS Island Metro Regional Conference was held by the Regional Director Mary Carpenter and the Farmingdale Women’s Club Youth League in the Verona restaurant. Dais and distinguished guests include: District officials: Linda Kreuslling, President of GFWC-NY, Jo Ellen Cortapasso, Record Secretary, Linda Kreussling, Treasurer, District Director Mary Carpenter; Regional Chairperson: Culture and Arts, Donna Scherer, Art, Pat Pedri, Craft, Diana Kleiman, Creative Writing, Dolores Cianci Bella. Tina Diamond, Chairman of the GFWC Signature Project, and Diana Kleemann, Chairman of the Presidential Special Project, heard the report. The New York State Convention Nominating Chair and Committee were elected. Congratulations to Pat Pedley, the GFWC-NYS Annual Women's Club Champion!

Ways & Means Chairman Vicky Impollonia and her committee did an awesome job (while coping with Covid-19 restrictions) and raised a WINNER fundraising event.... On Sunday, October 18, "Bake n Buy" won Was a huge success. In the Village Green Farmer’s Market, WCF has a few tables of homemade biscuits, cakes and scones. Thanks to all the ladies who baked so many delicious foods. The table was also a big win. The table was filled with crocheted/woven baby blankets and youth masks, all handmade by member Nancy Carman, as well as a variety of brand new household items. And, I would like to express my gratitude to all members, friends and locals who have participated in and supported this fundraising event for raising more than US$700.

Autumn in Bingo under the Pavilion Village is a good time to escape the pandemic restrictions. Remember the social distancing and thank all the club members and friends who made these fundraising events a success. Special thanks to Nancy Carman, who donated handmade masks to anyone to increase the success of the fundraising event. Special thanks also go to Vicky Impollonia and its Methodology Committee, who have had difficulty in brainstorming work during this pandemic.

Recently, the Welfare Committee donated two gift stars to the St. Kilian Ministry of Social Affairs/Propaganda Department.

Submitted by Maria Ortolani

Santa’s Farmingdale house is located at 3 Main Street on the southeast corner of Main and Powell Place. The house will be open from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (December 18-20). Come on! Click the link below to get more details!

Has the area near your home been cultivated?

Have you started setting up lights and decorations for the holidays? If so, please share the photo with the rest of us!

Does anyone know a good handyman who can replace some of the exterior walls of houses? Was destroyed by fire. I'm looking for a quote from an insurance company and I want to repair it. I live in Farmingdale. Can be contacted by email

Who won the recent So Fdale fire commissioner election?

The economic impact of the pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to small businesses in Farmingdale. Do you plan to shop at more local small businesses this season to support them in difficult times?

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