Will the Florida Theatre’s Darkened Stages and Empty Seats Survive COVID? | EU Jacksonville Newspaper

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The iconic marquee of the Florida Theatre is one of the most famous landmarks in the downtown Jacksonville area. Since the second act from the movie theater to the performing arts venue, neon lights have been illuminating some celebrities in the entertainment industry until it gets dark in March.

No one can predict what will happen in early 2020. After the high-profile end of 2019, the year had a good start. However, when Numa Saisselin, the director of the Florida Theater, performed on stage on March 12, welcoming the audience to the performance that night, he cheered with Get the Led Out and expressed his emotional indefinite duration. Goodbye.

"That was the week, and the shit was furious. The main sports arenas started to close, the NBA closed their seasons, and obviously, the public meeting venues had to be closed. We actually made the decision in the afternoon, so that night I told the audience in a behind-the-scenes speech. I said, I think this is the last time we see you," he recalled.

The next day, actually the same day the Mayor Lenny Curry ordered the closure of all sports and entertainment venues, this historic theater closed its doors, and these doors have been closed for the past few months. shut down.

"We want to say that we closed voluntarily out of public interest, but it doesn't matter, because we will be closed the next day anyway. Everything happened so fast, it's a difficult decision to make. Serlin said. "In retrospect, we thought it would be two weeks, and we were afraid of it."

Independent music venues are victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. These places are an indispensable part of the country’s cultural structure. They are the first places to close and will be closed after the new coronavirus infection. Approximately 90% of venue owners, promoters and bookers stated that if there is no other financial assistance, they are in danger of being permanently closed. Now it's just the empty echoes of the dim stage and empty seats. The performing arts world urgently needs music to be played again.

"We are experiencing a life where no one is alive. I obviously think that some of our leaders perform better than others, but even those who I think are doing well are still working hard." Lin said. "The worst part for us is that we don't know when the business will resume. We will need 8 to 12 weeks to start advertising and prepare for the show. We will eventually cancel the show by default."

(NIVA) and the National Independent Talent Organization (NITO) approved the "Preservation of Our Stage Act." The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) was established from the beginning of the COVID-19 closure and currently represents more than 2,000 members in all 50 states and Washington, DC. NIVA's mission is to maintain and nurture independent live music venues, sponsor ecosystems and festivals throughout the United States.

To date, more than 1 million emails have been sent through SaveOurStages.com, letting all 538 members of Congress know that voters want to keep independent venues active.

The first few weeks of mid-March are blurry. A lot of new information appears every day. Once you wrap your head in a set of situations, things happen so quickly that they will completely change in the blink of an eye, replaced by a whole set of new information to be processed. For those venue operators struggling to stay afloat, it feels as if they are overwhelmed by a piece of cement.

In the weeks and months that followed, Catherine faced countless concerns. How will the Florida Theater maintain a healthy workforce? From security to parking attendants, these employees rely on performance time to earn extra income. What will happen to them? Without the shared connection inspired by audience members, how will the community sustain itself? Will the Florida Theater survive in an unknown world?

"All of our performance staff are out of work. All stage performers, bartenders, security and part-time box office staff are usually at work, and we usually work when we perform. We have been able to keep the administrative staff intact. We were at 3. It closed on December 12 and held a board meeting on March 18. The board made it very clear that we must let everyone be hired. This will end one day, and we must make sure that we still have our employees when this happens ."He said.

"We are about to lay off twice, and we were able to resolve both times. Therefore, we hope that sometimes something will happen." He said. "If Congress decides to A) do something and B) shine in the entertainment industry, then the "save our stage law" is a possibility because we

shut down. We can't open it. "

According to the law, the Florida theater can be opened at 50% of the production capacity, but due to the private layout of the venue, the necessary social distance restrictions, the smaller lobby, bar and restroom areas, the production capacity can only be limited to 25%, which is financially Is not feasible.

"We were ordered to close by the government, and we are happy to do so because we have to overcome this difficulty. If that is the case, but at the same time, we will thank the government for some support. This is a bit like an outstanding domain name. The government comes in and says The public interest needs to build a highway and we will pay for your property. This should be the same thing. You must be closed for the public interest, and we will provide you with some help. Received a certain amount of attention in Congress. Amy Amy Klobuchar and John Cornyn introduced it in the Senate, but have not voted yet. It seems that they may take a vacation without voting.

While serving as the president of a non-profit organization, Catherine suffered a temporary shutdown during the hurricane. But the flood subsided and it resumed business. He worked in New York after 9/11, when the curfew had been in chaos for about six weeks, "but this is not the case."

"This is a very strange situation because it's a bit like 9/11, but it's not true. It's a bit like canceled because of a hurricane, but it's not true." He said. "All of these elements are a bit like other things, but not exactly the same."

For venues like the Florida Theater, there is no contingency plan to deal with the general health crisis. Catherine said that he has managed to raise enough relief funds, including grants and loans totaling 1.2 million US dollars, which will last until late November or early December. What happened after that was a huge question mark.

"This is important because the Florida Theater is part of what makes Jacksonville a unique place, and it supports many jobs. Many people who are not hired by us get jobs directly from us. All of this adds up to the economic impact every year At $12 million, the full-time jobs it supports are equivalent to 401 jobs, $10 million in household income, and more than $1 billion in state and city taxes. We hope to stay the same when everything is over, because that would be worse. If we It’s not worth it to go through the pandemic and reach the other end, and the Florida Theater closes down. And you can magnify it by all other art venues in Jacksonville. You can apply it to Jacksonville Theater, Arena, Times Alliance Center, Symphony Orchestra. There are tens of thousands of jobs nationwide."

The "Save Our Stage Act" will provide small business management subsidies to independent live music venue operators affected by COVID-19 home orders. These grants will provide financial support for at least six months to keep the site running, ensure employees are paid and maintain important economic sectors for communities across the country.

If ticket sales will not resume until 2021, the industry alone will lose an estimated $9 billion in ticket revenue. The "Save Our Stage Act" established a $10 billion grant program for operators, promoters, producers and talent representatives of live performance venues. The legislature also instructs small business administrators to provide grants to eligible grantees that are equal to 45% of total revenue in 2019 or $12 million, whichever is less.

It will also authorize small business administrators to issue supplementary grants when funds are still available in the future, and applicants can demonstrate continued demand and allow recipients to use the grants for costs incurred during the COVID pandemic, including rent, water and electricity, Mortgage debts, PPE purchases, daily maintenance of payment contractors, administrative expenses, taxes, operating leases, and capital expenditures related to meeting state, local or federal social distancing guidelines.

The irony is that we have gone through a huge business for about a year and a half. For whatever reason, October 2019 is a bad month for us. Then from November 2019 until March 12 this year, this is like an unstoppable shipping time for us. The programs we can book are great, we donated a lot, and we raised $7.5 million for a $10 million fundraising event. And on March 13, we closed the door, so it was really bittersweet because we had a very important moment. "Catherine recalled.

"I used to tell everyone in the office like this kind of riding because it is not always easy. The good times will end; the business does slow down. This is the way of development, but no one predicted it. One point. But I do think that, at least for us, when it's over, it's like flipping a light switch. People are eager to return to normal, but the longer it lasts, the greater the economic impact on people. But from Mentally, mentally, it’s like flipping a light switch, because people will want to go out and watch the show right away. I hope that when we resume business, our recovery will be quick."

At the beginning of the pandemic, Catherine's biggest worry was whether it was possible to rearrange the performances that had been rearranged, and the audience resistance that followed. Now it is happening and no one cares. "Everyone has learned to cheer and cheer. Most people just keep their tickets and shrug metaphorically and say:'Oh, that should be the performance in March, and then the performance in July. It's January now? 'What can you do? If you want a refund, we are happy to return your money to you, but 90% of people hang their tickets and say, "Well, as long as there are shows, we will see you. "He said.

Tickets are a tangible reminder of life in British Columbia (before Covid). At first glance, the events scattered on the theater calendar give a glimmer of hope. Considering the context, limited programming mainly includes rearranged events until 2021. "We seem to resume limited programming, but in fact they will all be displayed in a predetermined manner in the future," Saisselin said. "We may show something on this year's calendar, but there is no doubt that it will change. 2020 will be a baptism."

Small fragments of a glimmer of hope are emerging, with the silver lining set off by the gravel of the year. Donations are being held and membership renewals remain stable. Since the beginning of the pandemic, dozens of new shows are on sale, and they are all selling well. In some cases, the sales of the show were better than the last time. They were a small victory in half a step. This is a huge leap to the unknown, this is the biggest challenge.

"In all of this, the two things that give me hope are that the performers and everyone who works for them are super cooperative in rescheduling the show. The artists on the tour want to work, and they will be ready to resume work as soon as possible. If you It’s Taylor Swift, you can afford it. If you’re Beyonce, you can say, “I’m going to stay with the kids until it’s over”, but perform Most people in the art world need work. Obviously, all of this will end." Cesselin said.

"The other thing that gave me hope was the audience. When we rescheduled the performance, people kept hanging on their tickets and happily rolling with their fists. The audience was eager to go out. When it was over, they went to the concert. In short, they are all going to do it again."

People still have an infinite sense of uncertainty for all the hopes brought by ticket sales and membership drive. "If you tell me on New Year's Eve,'This is what will happen in the next 90 days', I will say that you are drunk. If you tell me on March 12, that is our last show Night, it will be more than 20 weeks, and there is no end in sight, I will still say that it is crazy conversation. We will never survive. I am confident that if we can get to the other end of this step, it is The key, then we will be fine.

"I want people to realize the importance of music and art in life. People want to have music and art in their lives, and want to cooperate with each other. Therefore, I hope people realize how important this is in daily life. It is unique and very temporary. Sex is a word I like to use. You are listening to what happened for you in that time and space, and it will never happen again like this."




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SaltAER Studio

San Jose Anglican Church

San Juan Rio Parish Family Center

San Marco Bookstore

Piazza San Marco

San Marco Theatre

San Marco Threatre


Schultz Center

Schultz Center Teaching and Leadership

Scout and Molly's

Chaser Lounge

SeaSide Bistro and Bar

Amelia Island Waterfront Gallery

Seasons 52 Restaurant


Choose where to save

Homemade theater

Centennial Park-Springfield


Shanty town

Shanty Bar

Sheraton Heathrow Hotel, Heathrow Airport, Cohenbrook Bypass, Hammondsworth, West Drayton UB7 0HJ, UK

Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel

Avondale Shopping Center

Coastal United Methodist Church

Schultz Center

Sidecar Jax

Audiovisual production

Singing Loudly Festival


Six hundred kings

Skate Station Mandarin

Soluna Yoga Spa

Jacksonville Riverwalk, South Bank

Southern Wenhua Branch Library

Southern ground

Southern Ground Company

Southern Swells Brewing Co.

Nanguang Gallery

South Side Baptist Church

Space 42

The spirit of Suwanee Music Park

Gastropub in Split

Spring field

Historic District of Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida

Springfield Improvement Association and Archives

Springfield Conservation and Rehabilitation (SPAR)


Saint Augustine Art Association

St. Augustine Outlet Mall

St. Augustine Premium Outlets

St. Augustine Alligator Park Zoo

St. Augustine Amphitheater

St. Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival

St. Augustine Winery

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

St. Benedict's Marsh

St. Benedict Moor Church

St. Catherine's Catholic Church

St. John's Cathedral

St. John's Beach Pier

St. Johns County Fair

St. Johns River

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Mark

St. Mark's Day School

St. Mary's Little Theatre

Saint Mary Railway

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church

St. Paul's Catholic Church

St. Paul's Catholic Church Auditorium

St. Simons Island Pier Village

Stage Aurora Performance Hall

Stanton University Preparatory School

Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park

Stephen Foster State Park, White Springs

Stratum | Clothing

Subaru in Jacksonville

Sun ray cinema

Super food and beer

Surfer [bar]

Surfers Bar Jacksonville Beach

Swamp House Riverside BBQ

Sweet Pete's Candy



Sydney, Australia

Tabla Rasa Brewing

TAC II Joint Studio C4

Parking lot at the tailgate

Tailgate parking lot

Tanglewood Park

To be determined

Terry Concert Hall

Theater company The 5 & Dime

Amp saint augustin

The Amp, 1340C A1A South, St. Augustine

Art Center Cooperative

Jacksonville Pier Art Center Gallery

Avenue Mall

Beach museum

Bread and plate


Capital Grill-Roadside Takeout and Delivery

Argyll Church

Recipe restaurant

Kangmei Art Garden Museum

Password open microphone poem and soul

Dunn Event Center

Escape game Jacksonville

Fish grill

Florida Ballet Theater

Florida Theater

Foundation Academy

Glass factory

Amelia Island Golf Club.

Grand Rose Ballroom

Ice factory

Island bar

Island Theater

Jacksonville Humane Society

Justice bar


Downtown market


Northeast Florida Nonprofit Center

Rave reviews

Regent Plaza Shopping Center

Roda Martin Heritage Center

River club

Jacksonville River Club

Silver Bull

Yiyang Hot Spring

Space gallery

Best attractions and city lounges

Temple-Congregation Ahavath Chess

United Art Studio and Gallery

Refuge in 1930

The dome of the museum in 1930


Jacksonville Theater

Jacksonville Theater, 2032, St. Mark's Avenue.

Things are special

Thrasher-Horne Center

TIAA Banking Field

Terry K. Fowler Regional Park

Times United Performing Arts Center, Moran Theater

Times United Performing Arts Center, Moran Theater

Terry Theater Times United Performing Arts Center

Times Alliance Performing Arts Center

Times Alliance Performing Arts Center


Tokyo, Japan

Town Beer Co., Ltd.

City Hall Jax

Orange Park Town

TPC saw grass


Treaty Oaks

Tree Hill Nature Center

Double Oak Bluegrass Park

UF/IFAS expand Duval County Agriculture

UF/IFAS Nassau County Expansion

United Nations Foundation

United Nations Foundation Adam Herbert University Center

United Nations Andrew Robinson Theater

United Nations Foundation Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

United Nations Foundation Continuing Education Division

United Nations Foundation Continuing Education Division

United Nations Foundation Fine Arts Center

United Nations Foundation Art Gallery

United Nations Hodges Stadium

UNF JB Coxwell Amphitheater

United Nations Foundation John Delaney Student Union

United Nations Lazara Performance Hall

United Nations Foundation LGBT Resource Center

United Nations Foundation Library-Community

The United Nations Lufrano Cultural Exchange Hall

United Nations Foundation Printing Association

Unidos En LaMúsica: Latin American Festival

Unii Plaza

University of Central Florida

University of North Florida Stadium

American Guarantee Club-TIAA Banking Field


Different locations in St. Augustine, Florida

Vera Francis Hall Park 

Veterans Memorial

Veterans United Brewery

Victory Lutheran Church

Victory Lutheran Church & Preschool

Victory Lutheran Church and Kindergarten

Victory Kindergarten


Verano Beach Avenue

Villa Zorada Museum


Virtual-Comcast Business

Virtual event

Visit Jacksonville

Visit St. Marys, Georgia

VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena

Warehouse 31 has been released

Internet Conference

Wells Fargo Center in Downtow

West Side School


Whiskey Jax Kitchen and Cocktail-Baymeadows

Evil Barley Brewing Company

Evil Barley Brewing Company-Jacksonville, Florida

Willow Branch Library

Willow Park

World Sports Federation

WJCT sound field

WJCT Studio

Wolf and cub

Mystery Museum of Wolf


Word revolt

The world famous bull tavern

World Golf Hall of Fame

World Golf Village

World Golf Village St. Augustine Resort

International celebration of the world

World Summit on Hematology and Cell Therapy

Simenez-Fat House Museum

Yellow house




Event organizer

5 & ​​a dime

5 points Merchants Association

ABET | Atlantic Beach Experimental Theater

Adams Bluegrass

Alhambra Theater and Restaurant

American Island Chamber Music

Ancient city scam

Angel for Alison


Anthony Whiting

Apex Theatre Studio

Art republic

Artist Series

Atlantic Beach Experimental Theater

Avant-garde art

Backwoods Country Jam

Beach Museum and Historical Park

Beach Town Center

Cafe 11

St. Augustine Cathedral

Atlantic Beach




Jacksonville Beach City

St. Augustine Beach Civic Association

Clean Water Music Festival

Collective scam

Jacksonville School Community

Craig Wickless

Daniel Kiddes


Little dinosaur

DONNA Marathon Weekend

Downer Park

Douglas Anderson School of Art

City view

Earth Day Jacksonville

EPIC service

EU Jacksonville

EU Jacksonville Entertainment Publication

European Street


Farah and Farah

Fernandina Beach Little Theater

Department of Dramatic Art, Flagler College

Flagler College Government and Public Policy Forum

Florida Folk Festival

Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce/Jacksonville Yasis

Florida Mining

Florida State ParkFlorida State Park

Florida Surfing Association

Florida Bird Watching and Photography Festival

FOCUS (jointly support the friends of the marine community)

Fountain of Youth

Freebird Live

Friends of Haiming Park

Friends of the Ferry

FSCJ Artist Series

FSCJ Deerwood Center


Gambling Rogers Festival

Men Herun

Girl went green

Coastal music

Jacksonville Big Goldfish Championship

Jacksonville's green landscape

Guardian Advertising Lite

Historic Springfield Street Cruise


Island of Faith United Methodist Church

Johnson Gallery

Jacksonville Botanical Garden

Jacksonville Regional Golf Association and North Florida

Jacksonville Fleet FC

Jacksonville Artists Association

Jacksonville Children's Choir

Jacksonville Children's Choir

Jacksonville Comedy Club

Jacksonville Dragon Boat Festival

Jacksonville Fencing Club

Jacksonville Fencing Club,

Jacksonville Giants Basketball

Jacksonville Historical Society

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Porch Festival

Community Relations and Marketing Coordinator, Jacksonville Public Library

Jacksonville Shark

Jacksonville sun

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

Jacksonville University School of Fine Arts

Jacks Beach Festival

Jax Food Truck Rally

Jaxby Jax Literature and Art

Jacksons Night Market

Jeff Price

Jia Art Committee

K9s United

Kaylah Norris

Children's Mural Project

Live music live here

Local artists gather

Madeleine Peck Wagner

Mee Mee TV Jax

Science History Museum

Music ear event

MyVillage project

Nate Price


National Barbecue Association JAX

National Park Service

Natural life

North Florida Civil Network

North Florida Land Trust



Parrot Head (PHINS) of Natural Environment Corporation

PGA Tour

Pink Ribbon Symposium Hotline

Beach player

Jacksonville Propeller Club

QuiltFest, Inc.

Rachel Best Henry

Crow promotion

Ray Lewis Gift

Retrorama collection

Ritz Chamber Player

River City Pride

Rod Harvey Boys Ranch

Romansa Festival

Rotary Club

Rotating foundation

San Jose Catholic School

San Marco Conservation Society

Coastal Union


Sponsored by the Friends of Pontevedra Concert Hall

St. Augustine Professional Firefighter IAFF Local 2282

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Saint Augustine Art Association

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Saint Augustine Shrine

Saint John's River Guardian

Saint Mary Railway

Aurora Theater Company

Sun ray cinema

Surfers First Coast Chapter

Swamp radio

Tango lovers production

Slaughter Killer Bowl

Five cents

Theater company The 5 & Dime

Wuheyijiao Theater Company

Artist Series

Katy Hut Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Ponte della Vedra Beach Cultural Center

Florida Dairy Commission

DONNA Foundation

Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) North Florida District

Elements of MOSH

Florida Forum

Ixia Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Association

Jacksonville Shark

Jacksonville Suns

Performing Academy

Ritz Theatre and Museum

Scream park

Spoonbill and Sprocket Scenic Bike Tour

St. Augustine's 450th Anniversary

St. Augustine Independent Restaurant Association (SAiRA)

Talent Group

ThinkTop Media Group

Thrasher Horne Art Center

Thrasher-Horne Center Art Gallery

Papaya Park Foundation

Timuquana Country Club

Tom Kovlin Jay Fund

Orange Park Town Hall Park

Trinity United Methodist Church

American football


United Nations Conservatory of Music

United States GBCNorthFL

Cantina West Inn

Where is the sun?

Wheeling Studio

Golf country


Zombie running

There are currently no events on the list

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