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Check out your favorite star in your beloved grown-up series (which premiered on January 31, 1988 and runs until 1993) until today

The protagonist of the show came of age in the turbulent 60s and 70s, portrayed by young actors (with voice narration provided by actor Daniel Stern). Savage, who was only 12 years old when the show started, won

Represents the outstanding actor in the 13-year-old comedy series in 1989.

The star has always focused on directing performances, including


And more. He also personally made a cameo


Express yourself

And played Max Adler in a TV comedy


The actress plays Kevin's next-door neighbor and long-time crush girlfriend. Fans are deeply invested in the two and whether they will eventually form an alliance. Winnie Cooper (Winnie Cooper) has been loved by many people, especially those who may be related to Kevin's role. in

According to reports, the first kiss between Cubs and Kevin in the show was also the first kiss between Savage and McKayla in real life.

The star continues to appear in one-off roles such as

. She also graduated with honors from UCLA in 1998 with honors, and received a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and wrote two books:


Lauria plays a straightforward Korean War veteran. His father is Kevin, Wayne and Karen Arnold. The star is also a veteran in real life, but ultimately does not have his own children. In the final season, there was news that Jack had passed away and Kevin's brother Wayne took over his furniture business.

Actors will continue to appear like

, But he is widely known as the father of Kevin Arnold (Kevin Arnold). 


It was also revealed that Saviano was "a lot cooler" than the character in the show. The star played Kevin's nerd's best friend Paul, although in real life Saviano is considered a popular menswear. After many years, writers finally began to write about Paul, making him as confident as Saviano.

The child actor left Hollywood to enter Yale University, then went to Cardoso Law School to study as a lawyer. He is now the co-founder and president of Spotlight Advisory Group, Inc., an independent consulting company specifically designed for artists, athletes and other creative ideas.

The matriarch of the Arnold family wanted not only to live as a housewife, but also to live their lives. Mills played Norma, who eventually returned to school and obtained her university degree. She often played the gentle parents, offsetting Jack Arnold's stoicism.

Mills continues to play Pamela Douglas (Pamela Douglas)

Hervey plays Kevin's annoying brother Wayne, who finally matures after his death and takes over his father's furniture business. The star did not want to act, but appeared on nostalgic shows in the 80s, such as


The actress who plays Kevin's hippie sister Karen continues to become a popular voice actor. d'Abo lent her voice to

As Rao,

As Jane,

Served as Jedi master Luminara Unduli and so on. She also acted

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