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Paying for each viewing proves once again that the operation in the ring is the least troublesome.

The game was outstanding, starting with the WWE Championship left by Drew McIntyre. The show has many highlights, some of which are just backstage clips of Sami Zayn. Sasha Banks won Carmella's best result in the SmackDown Women's Championship. Charlotte Flair also returned and won the women's tag with Asuka. Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens had a fantastic table, ladder and chair competition, which witnessed Reigns's continued role as the global champion. When Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin defeated Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Daily, the new Raw Tag team champion was also crowned. This victory marked Benjamin's first championship title since 2003, when he was half of Charlie Haas's "World's Greatest Tag Team".

But this is far from a perfect night.

The issue highlights the huge disconnect with the WWE fan base, which is shrinking every year.

Randy Orton and "demon" Bray Wyatt (Randy Orton) met in a weird "Firefly Inferno" match, instead of wrestling back and forth to end the pay for each viewing , The purpose is to set the opponent on fire. For anyone who wants to know, this does not recall the memories of Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage.

Wyatt was eventually ignited, but the game continued without any explanation. Then Orton dumped gasoline on the entire Wyatt, and the show ended as Orton celebrated as Wyatt was completely engulfed in flames. If anyone in WWE is looking for specific examples where Vince McMahon can't reach his audience, it's a step further than this game.

-Big E, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable and Otis defeated Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Nakamura Shinsuke and King Corbin in the preview

-WWE champion Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles and Miz in a three-table threat table, ladder and chair competition

-SmackDown women's champion Sasha Banks (Sasha Banks) defeated Carmela in submission

-Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, who hurt the company, defeated Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of "New Day", Became the new Raw Tag team champion

-Charlotte Flair and Asuka defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to become the new women’s singles champions

-World champion Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens in a table, ladder and chair game

-Randy Orton defeated the devil in the firefly hell match

With WWE flagship rating

Show struggling, this is based on our

, To introduce how to inject some energy into the product:

Roman Reigns is operating at an unprecedented level.

The new advantages of his role are clearly visible

, In Reigns, Kevin Owens made a big deal

Competition to retain the global champion.

Regnis’ storyline is based on respect, that is, he did not get enough rewards from his peers. The storytelling is great, and thanks to the addition of Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Owens also did a great job, making people believe that he can beat Regens. This is not the time for Owens to win the championship, but I hope WWE will continue to provide Owens with opportunities to advance so that he can continue to prove that he belongs to the Main Event.

Looking to the future, Reigns will also do well with a real baby face. Daniel Bryan and Drew McIntyre immediately came to mind, he just wrestled in last month's "Survivor Series". On WrestleMania, there are many legitimate candidates for Reigns to contend with, but it should not be Bill Goldberg. That is certainly not a classic encounter of wrestling. How will Reigns be further enhanced?

Reigns needs to find a competitor that can bring absolute advantage. An interesting choice is someone who has more powerful star abilities than him, which is rare among those who can still fight. However, someone played this role-not Goldberg, but CM Punk.

Depth is by no means a problem with WWE. Their lineup is so full of top talent that Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn, Big E, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura all participated in TLC Preview. Although WWE has a wealth of talent, but in terms of design, they lack a large number of stars.

Despite the continuous internal push to rejoin Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to WWE every spring,

, "People's Champion" will soon power up Hollywood. Steve Austin will occasionally appear on the screen, but since Wrestling Fan XIX in 2003, he has never participated in the game again. Fortunately, for WWE, there are two main stars that can help breathe life

And the entire product.

Edge was about to be injured. He is still behind the scenes and his return will immediately attract more attention

. The inevitable rematch with Randy Orton, the pursuit of the WWE championship and the opportunity to cooperate with so many new opponents.

If Vince McMahon wants to create a real buzz in the end,

, This is a distant memory of the show, he needs to bring back CM Punk.

Returning from punk will require two necessities: a large sum of money and a fascinating story. For McMahon (McMahon), fortunately, what he offers may still interest punk:


Edge will be back, although the probability of coming back from Punk seems very small. But of course he will help solve WWE's problems. Of course, the next step will be to use these stars to help build new stars, which is the exact opposite of how we crossed Bray Wyatt last winter by Bill Goldberg.

Edge and Punk will immediately lift everyone around

, They are all selfless talents that can replace new stars.

Drew McIntyre (Drew McIntyre) defeated AJ Styles and The Miz in the TLC table, ladder and chair competition, and became a triple threat after Miz cashed out his Money in the bank title contract.

This game was really great, and when Styles immediately attacked McIntyre's left knee to slow down the championship, the mentality was also very solid. There were also some incredible bumps, especially the impact from Styles, who was once pressed by McIntyre next to the ring and hit the ring through the bedside table.

McIntyre (McIntyre) opened an incredible year for WWE in 2020, winning

The January competition ended the year with an excellent table, ladder and chair competition. He has done an excellent job of restoring the WWE title, and the WWE title is rarely defended by Brock Lesnar, which will be a wonderful game to end this show. On the contrary, we saw something completely different from Orton-Wyatt.

Styles should continue to work with McIntyre, and the interesting part of this story is that Styles can add more help besides Omos.

The question cannot help asking-why does Styles have no factions?

WWE needs a new idea that can connect with people. Why not fully commit to Styles and have your own team? Styles has performed in the Bullet Club of New Japan and performed with The Club in WWE. He has grown up in this role. This will increase the number of shows that last three hours every Monday and require constant adrenaline stimulation. energy.

The long-time wrestling veteran MVP played an indispensable role in making "Hurt Enterprise" a reliable, interesting and realistic part

. Again at

When Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin won the label titles of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Alexander touted the former WWE champion Kingston (Kingston) as a victory, this is a very important part, because Alexander (Alexander) is the cornerstone of WWE should be built.

Why not play a similar role in style? Why not look back at the proven past? Styles proved that he can lead a faction, which is another way to promote less mature talent.

The return of Charlotte Flair (Charlotte Flair) provided him with the impetus, Charlotte Flair was Asuka in

Flair and Asuka defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax to become the new women's singles champions. This is an important development for many reasons. This allows Flair and Asuka to appear in all brands, including

And NXT. Obviously, the temptation is to overuse Flair, which has happened before, but hope that WWE believes it is necessary to exercise self-control to spread her appearance so that they remain special.

Flair and Asuka can also build

Rematch. Asuka broke her undefeated winning streak at Flair

, And Flair abolished her again may be a good story next April.

Sasha Banks also won her competition

, Defeated Carmela. Banks is drawing the end of the most incredible year of her career, which is even more remarkable considering all the achievements she has made. Towards the Banks-Bianca Belair showdown

Will lead to some compelling segments

, And pay-per-view must-see games.

WWE needs more stories that people want to watch. Banks has proven that she is a must-see show, and including Belair in the program helps to create new stars. Another option is to spin and have Belair challenge Asuka, and then play against the huge star power of Banks with Flair.

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt met in the "Firefly Inferno" game, which ended when Wyatt caught fire.

As if the finish was not bad enough, Orton then poured gasoline into Wyatt. When Orton went out for the game, Wyatt changed into a dummy in demon costume. After the performance, Orton then lit the dummy.

This is the highlight of WWE programming in 2020.

Where to start? WWE proudly describes itself as home entertainment, but that is not the case. The company’s mantra (we’ve all heard of it before) is to put a smile on people’s faces. Maybe it's just me, but watching the game literally goes out is not the reason why I choose to smile when watching professional wrestling.

Why not let Orton and Wyatt fight? Both are very talented and it could be an interesting game. Maybe it will miss the mark. It's hard to say, but it's great to see WWE's two biggest stars fighting for their hatred. Instead, we are seen as something that has no place in the WWE show.

The talent in WWE has proliferated so much that the company should continue to release incredible content. However, the company’s most fundamental problem-inability to establish contact with a broad audience-is at the center

. In the main event, an incredible night of wrestling was overshadowed by an absurd end.

This kind of completion will give off the heat, which is a discredit for the stars who have worked so hard to make the rest of the cost-per-view so pleasant.

After losing to the Lakers on Tuesday, James Harden called the Rockets situation "crazy" and thought it could not be resolved.

Cade Cunningham scored 18 points, and Oklahoma State held a post-event rally to improve Kansas's sixth place by 5 points.

Tyrece Radford scored 18 points and 12 rebounds, beating No. 19 Duke 74-67 to advance to No. 20 Virginia Tech.

Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant) surpassed the 11th NBA All-Star Elgin Baylor and the 13th NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade in the career scoring list, making it into the top 30 of all time.

Due to "personal reasons", he has not participated in the competition since January 5.

Michigan State is the first college basketball team ever to win 19 or more games against ranked teams in three consecutive games.

After firing Doug Pedersen on Monday, the Eagles are looking for a new head coach.

Due to the COVID-19 agreement, Wednesday's showdown between the Jazz and the wizard has been postponed.

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