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Press release from Wyandanch School District:

January 31, 2021

To commemorate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. on January 18, the Kappa League, a high school in the Free School District of the Wyandanch League, volunteered to participate in the activities of the Wyandanch Youth Center.

A group of young people, together with Paul Sibblies, the principal of Wyachenchi Memorial High School, dedicated their time and talents to improve the center and have a long-term impact.

The team painted classrooms in several different locations throughout the center, set up tables and chairs, set up bulletin boards, cleared ventilation holes, and performed yard work outside. Kenneth Skeen, the head of the school maintenance team, volunteered and provided carpentry and furniture assembly services to young people.

"Kappa League has always been proud of supporting our community," said Siblis, who is also a Kappa League consultant. "This year, on Dr. King’s birthday, during the global pandemic, we are forced to serve our neighbors who need us and help us get closer to Dr. King’s vision of a popular community."

After the first round of improvement work, Kappa League created an art center and game center, and designated a reading circle area for everyone. Then, the students hung up photos to celebrate black history, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas, Langston Hughes and Louis ·Armstrong (Louis Armstrong).

To end their day, James Crawford, Chairman of the Education Committee, is about to come and thank the Kappa League for their services and encourage them to continue to give back to the society in order to expand the size of the community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order requiring masks to be used on all public transportation, with some exceptions.

Heberis added: “In addition to respecting Dr. King’s life and vision, students also like to spend time together and improve the youth center.”

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