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Zachary Martin

Springfield, Missouri-A Missouri man was arrested on charges of participating in an attack on the U.S. Capitol.

FBI spokeswoman Bridget Parton said in a press release that Zachary Martin was confiscated by FBI agents and Springfield police for illegal activities, disorderly conduct and conduct in the Capitol. Demonstration in the federal accusation incident.

No court documents have been released for the case, and Patton said she does not know whether he has a lawyer.

Supporters of Donald Trump swept the Capitol on January 6, when Congress was meeting to vote to confirm Joe Biden's presidential election victory. Five people were killed in the chaos.

Law enforcement officers across the country have been searching for and arresting suspects for federal crimes and have filed dozens of cases in federal courts and the District of Columbia High Court. 

New York—Cicely Tyson is a groundbreaking black actor who was nominated for an Oscar for her role as the crop wife in Sander. She won a Tony Award in 2013 at the age of 88. , And moved the hearts of TV viewers in "Miss Jane Pittman's Autobiography", died on Thursday at the age of 96.

Tyson's death was announced by her family through its manager Larry Thompson, and she did not immediately provide more details.

"With a heavy heart, Miss Sicily Tyson’s family announced her peaceful transition this afternoon. Thompson issued a statement saying that at this time, please allow family members to keep confidential.

Tyson was a model who started her screen career from scratch, but in the early 1970s, when black women finally began to play the lead role, she gained fame. Tyson refused to pay only part of the salary and still chose.

"I am very selective because of what I have been doing throughout my career. Unfortunately, I am not the type of person who only works for money. I have to have real substance," she told the Associated Press in 2013 .

Tributaries from the two former presidents, Hollywood and Broadway from all over the world poured in, and many praised her for her cautious approach to her career and activism. “She is proud to know that whenever her face is in front of the camera, she will play the role of a person. This is a flawed but resilient character. Former President Barack Obama wrote: “Nevertheless , But not perfect, but because of their imperfection. "He awarded Tyson the Medal of Freedom in 2016.

Former President Bill Clinton wrote on the Internet that Tyson “brings complex characters into life in a way that is dignified, caring, human and deep, always loyal to herself.” “She uses her own. The career illuminates the human nature among blacks. The role she plays reflects her values," Oprah Winfrey wrote.

Tyson's memoir "Just by My Side" was published this week.

In addition to being nominated for an Oscar, she also won two Emmys for her role as a 110-year-old former slave in the 1974 TV series "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman". A new generation of moviegoers saw her in the popular movie "Help" in 2011.

In 2018, she won the Honorary Oscar Statuette at the Governor of the Year Award. "I come from a humble position. I grew up in an area called a slum," 

. "I still can't imagine that I met the president, the king and the queen. How did I get here? I was amazed."

Donald Bogle wrote in "Black People in American Movies and TV Shows" that Tyson is "an amazing figure: slim and strong, with almost perfect bone structure, smooth skin, transparent dark The eyes, the magnificent breath makes her look like a woman. Faith and commitment. (Audience) feels...her power and scope."

The movie "Sounder" based on the novel by William H. Hunter was confirmed in 1972 for her role. Tyson plays the role of the wife of a loving wife farmer (Paul Winfield) during the Great Depression, who was banned from prison for stealing a piece of meat to his family. She was forced to take care of their children and take care of the crops.

"The New York Times" commentator wrote: "She finally passed all of her relaxed beauty to us, and finally made us understand the profound beauty of millions of black women."

Her performance caused rave reviews, and Tyson won a 1972 Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

In an interview on the cable channel of Turner's classic film, she recalled being asked to test a smaller role in the film and said she wanted to play her mother, Rebecca. She was told: "You are too young, too beautiful, too sexy, too much, too much, and I said,'I am an actress.'"

In 2013, when Tyson was 88 years old, he won the Tony Award for Best Actress for his resurrection drama "The Trip to Bountiful" by Horton Foote. This is the first time the actor has returned to Broadway in 30 years. When the withdrawal reminder told her to finish her acceptance speech, she refused to turn and leave gently.

She said to the crowd: "`Please wrap it up. Well, that's what you did to me: 30 years later, you wrapped me up."" She later told the Associated Press. "I spent it. Half of the time I want to know what I have to say. "

She replayed her award-winning role in a lifetime TV movie screened in the White House. She returned to Broadway opposite James Earl Jones in 2015 to revive “The Gin Game”.

Her reputation surpassed all media. Apple CEO Tim Cook praised Tyson on Twitter as "a pioneer with a purpose." Cicely Tyson's talent has redefined theater, film, and television. Her courage, resilience and grace have changed the entertainment environment for future generations. Rihanna called her "a true legend." "Neil deGrasse Tyson called her "her own natural force", and Shonda Rhimes said "her power and grace will always be with us." .

In the 1974 TV series "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" (adapted from the novel by Ernest J. Gaines), Tyson's age ranged from a slavery young woman to 110 years old. People who fight for the civil rights movement. The 1960s.

In a touching climax, she struggling to walk to the "white only" drinking fountain and have a drink while the white police officer watched.

Tyson said in an interview with The New York Times: "The important thing is that they have to look at and listen to history from Miss Jane's perspective." "And I think they are more willing to accept her request than younger people."

The New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael praised: “She is an actress, it’s okay, her behavior is as tough and glorious as the way we have.”

At the Emmy Awards ceremony, "Pittman" won multiple awards, including two awards for Tyson, Best Actor in a Drama and Best Actress in a Special Movie.

People ask me what do I like to do? Movie, stage, TV? I said: "I will do "Jane Pittman" in the basement or storefront. She is the role that decides where I go." She told the Associated Press.

Tyson made his film debut in the late 1950s and played minor roles in "Fighting Tomorrow", "The Last Angry Man" and "Comedian". She played the romantic interest of Sammy Davis Jr.'s jazz musician in A Man Called Adam (A Man Called Adam).

She played repeatedly in the 1963 TV series "East Side, West Side", which won widespread attention, and George C. Scott served as a social worker. Tyson played the secretary, making her the first black woman to continue to play a role in a drama and TV series.

She played a role in the 1968 TV series "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter", which was praised by critics as the absolute embodiment of the "slogan "Black is Beautiful"." In "Root", the 1977 miniseries became One of them. She is the most significant event in the history of television. She played the role of Binta, the mother of the protagonist Kunta Kinte, played by LeVar Burton.

She also appeared on Broadway in the 1960s in "Cool World", "Tiger, the Burning Bright Tiger" and other repertoires. On Broadway, she appeared with future superstars such as Maya Angelou, Godfrey Cambridge and James Earl Jones in the 1961 French playwright Jean Ginett's "Black People."

For her role in Broadway's "The Moon on the Rainbow Shawl", she won the Drama Desk Award in 1962.

After the success of her "Sander" and "Miss Jane Pittman", Tyson continued to search for informative TV roles and relied on "The Root", "The King" (about Martin Luther King) and "Root". "The Story of Shah Parks" was a success.

She complained to an interviewer: "We black actresses have played so many prostitutes, drug addicts and maids. It is always negative. Even if I have to go back to starvation, I will no longer play that kind of thing. Character without personality."

She went on to film "Blue Bird", "Concorde-Airport '79", "Fried Green Tomatoes", "Grass Harp" and Taylor Perry's "Mad Woman Diary".

In 1994, she won the Actress Emmy Award for "The Oldest Widow of the Alliance Tells Everyone". She has also received multiple Emmy nominations, including "Roots", "The King", "Mava Collins Story", "Sweet Justice" and "Lesson Before Dying".

In recent years, she has participated in a panel discussion of the eight-episode OWN anthology "Cherish the Day" created and produced by Ava DuVernay. She played the mother of Viola Davis in "How and Murder". 

Tyson is married to jazz superstar Miles Davis. The wedding was held at the home of Bill Cosby, Massachusetts in 1981, and celebrities in the show business attended the wedding. They divorced in 1988.

This interior image shows this undated handout photo provided in 2010, showing the AMC Chesterfield 14 cinema in Chesterfield. Source: AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.

Small investors gathered on the social media platform Reddit sent shares of AMC Entertainment, the owner of the world's largest theater chain, in a crazy roller coaster this week.

On Wednesday, due to the influx of amateur investors, the company's share price in Leawood, Kansas quadrupled from $4.96 to $19.90.

Many retail stock traders have gathered on Reddit threads, including r/WallStreetBets, where influential positions provide reasons for AMC's long-term business model and encourage readers to focus on Wall Street companies that are short stocks. (The short seller holds a position in the company’s stock, and if the stock price drops, the position will be rewarded.)

The call for "SaveAMC" rally caused a sensation on Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms, with short sellers scrambling to cover up their bets.

On Thursday, the stock fell 57% to close at $8.63, still well above the company's trading price when the pandemic forced AMC to close its circuit. Since last summer, the chain, owned by China's Dalian Wanda Group (Danda Wanda Group), has reopened most of its 630 theaters in the United States.

After Wednesday's surge, users of other troubled companies Reddit cheered, the most famous being video game retailer GameStop and smartphone maker BlackBerry. Brokerage firms including Robinhood imposed restrictions on trading AMC, GameStop and other companies experiencing extreme volatility on Thursday, prompting lawmakers to request an investigation into the matter.

This is the position of AMC:

—Is that all because of Reddit?

Yes, a lot.

After the company announced a much-needed lifeline, AMC stock has been rising earlier this week. The company said on Monday that it has raised $917 million in new equity and debt since December last year, and CEO Adam Aron announced that any remarks about impending bankruptcy are “not discussed at all. Column".

This is a big problem, because AMC is facing a severe cash crunch in the case of the release of new major Hollywood movies and low attendance. At the end of last year, the company warned investors that if it fails to raise more funds, Chapter 11 bankruptcy applications may appear in the near future.

Due to the optimism that the new capital will make AMC go public longer than previously expected, the company's stock price rose 40% on Monday and Tuesday.

But then there was a buying frenzy inspired by Reddit, which often benefits troubled stocks that have emotional or nostalgic value to enthusiastic users of online forums. Similar calls to action have also contributed to the development of GameStop, whose stock rose 1,744% this month at the end of Wednesday. Imagine if the shares of Borders Bookstore or Blockbuster Video were still on the market.

The widely read article will have confidence in AMC's business prospects and call for "screen saving."

The article reads: "Consumers have an emotional connection with movies." "They will come back. People yearn for the outside world and will watch movies in groups. People will go out to watch movies, bring children, and date. Wait. Nothing can replicate the experience of a large screen and surround sound."

—So does Reddit save AMC?

It's not that simple.

AMC said on Wednesday that it has sold 63.3 million shares at an average price of $4.80 per share, raising $304.8 million. As Reuters pointed out, if the company's products on the market are closed one day later, the windfall may be even greater. FactSet data shows that on Wednesday, AMC's stock trading volume exceeded 1.2 billion shares, while the three-month average daily trading volume was 74 million shares.

However, Wall Street analysts who follow major theater companies said that although it is difficult to know how big the gains are, the stock's gains have helped.

Eric Wold, an analyst at B. Riley, said: "Although they have benefited from the rise in stock prices, the magnitude is unknown because I think they also sold their shares earlier this week." An authorization for additional sales is required to benefit from the current stock price."

That can happen. If AMC returns to the market soon, this will further weaken AMC's balance sheet, as studios continue to postpone the release of major movies, and Hollywood is turbulent.

At the same time, when the pandemic subsides, AMC will remain a highly leveraged company. Eric Handler, an analyst at MKM Partners covering AMC, said the company will need to focus on efficient operations in order to repay debt.

Hande said: "They have spent a lot of time." "Now is about operations. This is about "Can your operations generate enough cash flow to pay your interest and pay off the principal?" "

-People say, do day traders "stick to being a man"?

This week’s excitement for GameStop, AMC and other stocks is largely due to the opportunity to "squeeze short positions" or make stocks rise enough to put pressure on hedge funds that bet on them.

Take GameStop as an example. Melvin Capital, a major hedge fund, liquidated its short position on Tuesday afternoon and received nearly $3 billion in cash from Citadel and Point72.

But other factors complicate the narrative of David and Goliath.

As Josh Barro wrote in his analysis for Business Insider, retail investors who bought at the height of the frenzy are likely to lose money, and short sellers It is expected to take a bet that the bubble will subside.

For AMC, the idea that raising the stock price will hurt Wall Street bigwigs (or institutional investors) is an oversimplified idea.

A regulatory document shows that Wednesday’s rise prompted the conversion of $600 million in debt held by the private equity firm Silver Lake Group into shares of $13.51 per share. This means that Silver Lake-the main shareholder of Endeavour, the owner of the talent agency-has made hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to a deal that a banker called an "underground bandit" in the British Financial Times.

Distressed debt investor Mudrick Capital Management previously exchanged AMC debt for stocks, but also made huge gains.

Therefore, in these situations, "men" do well.

Washington—Although Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is full of anger at congressmen’s violence and conspiracy theories, the possibility that her fellow lawmakers may be punished in some way is not yet determine.

Green referred to the school shooting survivors in Parkland, Florida as "cowards." He expressed sympathy for the QAnon conspiracy theory and liked the comments on Facebook suggesting the assassination of Speaker Nancy Pelosi was murdered. What caused Republicans to condemn her, and some Democrats demanded her expulsion.

House Ethics Chairman Ted Deutch, representing the Florida region including Parkland, said on Thursday that Green should not “have a public platform to further spread dangerous lies” as a “member of Congress”.

CNN reported that in 2019, Green liked to comment on Facebook, saying that “it would be faster to hit a bullet in the head” to remove Pelosi from the speakers. Green also liked the comments on the execution of FBI agents and enthusiastically participated in a post asking about the hanging of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

After the CNN report, a video appeared again, showing Green was costing Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg near the Capitol because she made a false statement to Hogg in 2019 .

But despite Green’s actions and comments in the past, none of the three most influential House Republicans asked her to lose her committee position or impose any moral sanctions, such as expulsion or condemnation.

Michele Exner, a spokesman for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, called Green’s remarks "deeply disturbed" and said McCarthy plans to have a dialogue with Green.

In November, McCarthy welcomed Greene and another Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert who supported QAnon to the meeting.

"These are new members. Give them a chance and then claim that they believe what they have done and what they will do." McCarthy said to Green and Pobert at the time. "I think it's fair to everyone."

Minority whip Steve Scalise condemned these comments in a statement. A spokesman for Liz Cheney, chair of the GOP meeting, called the comments "offensive" in a statement to CNN on Wednesday.

Green’s spokesperson Nick Dyer said in a statement: “She has no plans to resign.”

Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that she was worried that the House Republican leaders "willing to ignore and ignore these remarks."

"When she laughed at Sandy Hook Elementary School for killing children, when she laughed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School high school students for killing teenagers, she was assigned to the Board of Education. What they might be thinking, or what they might be doing Too tolerant?" Pelosi said Green was assigned to the Education and Labor Committee. "This is absolutely shocking. I think the focus must be on the Republican leaders in this House of Representatives because they ignore the deaths of those children."

The chairman of the Education and Labor Committee, Virginia Democrat Bobby Scott, also opposed the appointment of Green to the committee by the Republican leadership, but did not disclose her name.

Scott said in a statement: "House Republicans have appointed members of this committee to publicly recognize violence against elected officials." "House Republicans made this appointment, and Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy must explain. How do people with this background represent the Republican Party on education issues."

Resolutions to expel, condemn, or condemn are usually passed through the House Ethics Committee, but this is not required. The sponsor of a resolution can convene such a resolution without passing the committee. If this matter affects the integrity of the House of Representatives or the conduct of its members, it is a matter of privilege, which means that these issues should take precedence over all issues except for motions for adjournment.

California Democrat Rep. Jimmy Gomez (Jimmy Gomez) announced on Wednesday that he plans to make a resolution to expel Green from the Chamber.

"Her presence in the office directly threatens elected officials and staff serving the government. I would like to consider their safety as well as the safety of national institutions and civil servants. My colleagues support my resolution and immediately send Congressman Marjorie Marjorie Taylor Greene was removed from the legislature.

The expulsion of members is very rare and requires a two-thirds majority. According to the 2018 Congressional Research Service report, a total of 20 members of Congress, 15 senators and 5 members of the House of Representatives were expelled.

The report also addressed the pre-election misconduct: "...Whether the House of Representatives and the Senate have the power to expel members from acts that occurred only before intervening in the elections seems to be resolved.

“The House of Representatives and Senate’s practices regarding expulsion due to previous misconduct (mainly derived from the committee’s report on the expulsion resolution, which was not approved by the entire body or no action was taken) are relatively inconsistent and seem unable to Whether there has been a clear and continuous explanation. Previous behavior (that is, behavior that occurred before the election) may constitute a basis for expulsion."

Condemnation and condemnation are other forms of formal punishment, each requiring a simple majority.

The House of Representatives Ethics Committee spokesperson Tom Rust did not comment. — 

The former president and CEO of the Big Canada Gaming Corporation and his wife are facing charges-including failing to self-isolate after being accused of chartering a plane to a small town in western Canada and pretending to be a local worker to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker charged in Yukon

, According to court documents.

Yukon’s Minister of Community Services, John Streicker, said the couple appeared at a mobile clinic in Beaver Creek last Thursday, which is home to an indigenous community.

Strake said in a statement that one of them showed a British Columbia health care card and the other got one from Ontario.

The baker was not charged for being vaccinated. Instead, they were accused of failing to comply with quarantine requirements after arriving in Canadian territory.

According to a fee document, Baker is from Vancouver, British Columbia, in the southeastern Yukon Territory.

Strake said: "I am angry at this selfish behavior and find it disturbing that people choose to put fellow Canadians in danger in this way." "The report says these people are deceptive and selfish. Interest violates emergency measures, which is totally unacceptable at any time, especially during a public health crisis."

CNN was unable to reach the Bakers for comment on Tuesday.

Indigenous communities are one of the priority groups to receive Covid-19 vaccination.

. They are often also disproportionately affected by the new coronavirus because they may be in areas where medical care is not available.

Beaver Creek is the westernmost community in Canada.

It is only a few miles from the Alaska border.

Streicker told Baker that Baker allegedly rented a plane from Whitehorse, Yukon to Beaver Creek, where there were about 125 residents, and claimed that they were employees of a local motel.


Officials said the bakers arrived in Yukon from Vancouver on January 19 and should be quarantined in Whitehorse City for 14 days. Officials said that based on a complaint against law enforcement, they traveled to Beaver Creek on January 21. Due to quarantine requirements, travel is prohibited.

Streicker told them that after the photo was taken, the couple asked to fly to the airport, which aroused suspicion in the community.

"People are like,'Well, why are you going to the airport?" Strake said.

After investigation, the couple were located at Whitehorse Airport. Yukon officials told CNN that the couple left the territory on the same day.

Strake told CBC that a member of the mobile clinic team called the motel and learned that the couple did not work there.

CNN contacted Streicker on Tuesday for comment, but received no response.

As for obtaining vaccines, Strecker believes that medical cards in British Columbia and Ontario will not necessarily prevent bakers from obtaining vaccines because there are many territory workers in the area.

Rodney, 55, and Ekaterina Baker, 32, were charged with failing to self-quarantine after entering the territory for 14 days and acting inconsistent with the declaration provided when entering the territory.

The charges under the Civil Emergency Measures Act (CEMA) may include a fine of up to $500; imprisonment for 6 months; or according to Yukon’s Covid-19

The baker was fined $500 and a surcharge of $75.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been informed of the situation. The Yukon office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Tuesday that it is investigating. It will not answer CNN questions.

The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (Great Canadian Gaming Corporation), a hotel and casino company with 25 Canadian assets, told CNN that although it did not comment on personnel issues related to former employees, it started on January 24. Rodney Baker is no longer the president and chief executive officer of a large Canadian company. Is "no longer have any association with this company".

The statement added: “As a company, Canadians attach great importance to health and safety procedures. Our company strictly abides by all instructions and guidelines issued by the public health authorities in each jurisdiction in which we operate.”

The White River Natives said, “They are particularly concerned about the cruelty of these actions taken by individuals because they have blatantly ignored the regulations to ensure the safety of communities in this unprecedented global pandemic.”

File-In this file photo on January 6, 2021, Trump supporters (including center Doug Jensen) face the U.S. Capitol Police in the corridor outside the Senate Chamber of the Capitol in Washington . It is now clear that Donald Trump’s term is over, and some followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory are turning to online support groups and even using therapy to help them move on. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, file)

Provence, Rhode Island (AP)-Ceally Smith spent a year in QAnon's rabbit hole, spending more and more time online researching and discussing conspiracy theories. Eventually it swallowed her, she wanted it.

She broke up with her boyfriend who recruited her to participate in sports, took a six-month social media break, and switched to therapy and yoga.

"I thought: I can't live like this. I am a single mother, working, going to school, and doing my best for the children." Smith, 32, said she is from Kansas City, Missouri. "I personally don't have enough bandwidth to do this and show up for my children. Even if this is true, I can't do it."

More than a week after Donald Trump left the White House, they shattered their hope of exposing the world's conspiracy. Some QAnon believers have fabricated more elaborate stories to keep their faith alive. But people like Smith are turning to therapy and online support groups to discuss the damage caused when beliefs conflict with reality.

The QAnon conspiracy theory appeared on the edge Internet message board in 2017. Fundamentally, the movement is that Trump is fighting secretly against the "deep state" and the powerful pedophile faction that worships the devil in Hollywood, big companies, the media, and the government.

It is named after Q. Q is an anonymous poster. The believer claims to possess the government’s top secrets. Its position is seen as a prediction of the "plan" and the upcoming "storm" and "great awakening". The evil will be defeated. .

It’s unclear exactly how many people believe some or all of the narrative, but the movement’s supporters are very 


 He surpassed the U.S. Capitol this month. QAnon is also becoming more and more popular overseas.

Former believers interviewed by the Associated Press compared the process of leaving QAnon to drug addiction. They say that QAnon provides a simple explanation of a complex world and creates an online community that provides escape and even friendship.

Smith's boyfriend at the time introduced her to QAnon. She said that this is all he can talk about. She was skeptical at first, but after financier Jeffrey Epstein faced pedophilia charges while he died in federal custody, she persuaded. Official 

 Regarding the theory that he was murdered, for Smith and other QAnon supporters, his suicidal behavior in the face of child sex charges is really unacceptable.

Soon, Smith will spend more time on fringe websites and social media, reading and publishing articles about conspiracy theories. She said that she likes the content of QAnon, which has no evidence and no arguments to the contrary, but it is too convincing.

"As a society, we need to start educating our children to ask: Where does this information come from? Can I believe it?" she said. "Anyone can cut and paste anything."

A year later, Smith wanted to go out, suffocated by dark prophecies, which took up more and more of her time and made her feel terrified.

Her boyfriend at the time saw that she decided to betray QAnon and became a betrayer. She said that she no longer believes in this theory and hopes to share her story, hoping to help others.

She said of QAnon and its control: "I am one of them too. I walked out of the other end because I wanted to feel better."

Another former believer, Jitarth Jadeja, created a Reddit forum called QAnon Casualties to help people like him and the relatives of people still tortured by the theory. In recent weeks, the number of members has doubled to more than 114,000. In order to keep following up, three new moderators must be added.

"They are our friends and family," said Jadiya of Sydney, Australia. "It has nothing to do with who is right or who is wrong. I preach empathy here. For ordinary people, it is a good person who is brainwashed by this death worship."

His advice to those who escape QAnon? Get off social media, take a deep breath, and devote your energy and internet time to local volunteer services.

Michael Frink, a computer engineer in Mississippi, now hosts the QAnon recovery channel on the social media platform Telegram. He said that mocking the organization has never been popular online, but this will only further alienate people.

Flink said he never believed in the QAnon theory, but expressed sympathy for those people.

He said: "After the inauguration, I think a lot of people realize that they have been taken for a drive." "These are humans. If you have someone you love, make sure they know they are loved."

Ziv Cohen, a forensic psychiatrist and extremist belief expert at the Weill Cornell School of Medicine at Cornell University, said supporters of QAnon may respond in three general ways, because of reality Will destroy their beliefs.

Cohen said that those who are only involved in conspiracy theories may shrug their shoulders and move on. At the other extreme, some militant believers may migrate to radical anti-government organizations and plot potentially violent crimes. Indeed, some QAnon 

He said that there are many followers among them who expect QAnon to "help them understand the world and help them feel a sense of control." These people may just modify QAnon's flexible narrative to adapt to reality instead of facing reality. Until I was blinded.

When talking about QAnon believers, Cohen said: "This is not critical thinking, but to have a hypothesis and use facts to support it. They need these beliefs, and if they don't take action, because the storm has not happened, they can move the target rod. "

Some people now say that Trump’s loss will always be part of the plan, or that he will continue to serve as president in secret, and even Joe Biden’s inauguration was created using special effects or body multiplication. According to recent social media posts, they insist that Trump will prevail and that powerful figures in politics, business and media will be tried and possibly executed on live TV.

"Everyone will be arrested soon. Confirmed information," read 130,000 times on the popular QAnon channel "The Great Awakening" on Telegram this week. "From the beginning I said it would happen."

But a different tone is emerging in the space created for those who have heard enough.

"Hello, my name is Joe," one person wrote on Telegram's Q recovery channel. "And I am a QAnoner who is recovering."

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A large winter storm poured more than a foot of snow in the central part of the country, while another system covered parts of the southwest.

January 28, 2021 is the 35th anniversary of the Challenger space shuttle accident, which claimed all seven lives in 1986.

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