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Overall, 2020 is unique. There are not only 29 days in February, 300 days in March, and 5 days in April (it seems so).

I'm not sure there are other unique numbers for 2021, but looking ahead, February 22, 2022-you guessed it-Tuesday. I have heard that the marketing executive is buzzing in the promotion on Tuesday, 2/22/22.

Not two.

The editor booed in "Your Town" last Sunday accidentally omitted the website

And is committed to promoting virtual variety shows.

go with

Donate, watch variety shows and learn more about the organization.

Register for the winter/spring semester

The online course is ongoing and will be held at 5pm on Wednesday.

Courses will be offered on Zoom, and the semester fee has been reduced to $50. Courses are open to adults over 50 years old, and you can register for any number of courses. The maximum number of classrooms has been increased to allow members to participate in more courses.

Since all courses use Zoom, New Dimensions will provide zoom courses for beginners and encourage those who attended the course last semester to register for further courses. The class list is online at:


The 2021 winter/spring semester is from February 15th to March 26th. Please visit the website for information and register.

Orchard City and

Among 23 Colorado artists in Montrose, their works were selected by

The press release stated that the organization was frustrated with mocking older birthday card choices, and the organization once again made birthday card shopping fun. The press release stated that these "age-positive" cards designed by Colorado artists reflect the true happiness of the elderly.

"Changing the narrative challenges many birthday cards' notions that as they grow older, older people become weak, deaf, forgetful and crabbing.

According to traditional cards, we should be unhappy with aging and admit that getting old means going downhill. For the sake of humor, some cards depict older people as curludgeons sitting on benches, idiots sitting on wheelchairs, bloated grandparents, or lecherous elderly people. However, age discrimination is not very interesting, but harmful. "

"It's time to celebrate age," said Janine Vandenberg, a Delta County resident and director of the organization.

For information, check the artwork and purchase card.

Members and volunteers will display American flags for customers on the morning of February 15 (Monday) to celebrate "Presidents Day." If weather permits, flags will be placed in Tiara Rado, Seasons, Monument Village, Panorama and Redlands Village, and will be put down later in the afternoon. The mark will also be displayed in community hospitals and some businesses in the Redlands area.

The flag service of the Redlands Lions Club commemorates nine patriotic holidays each year. The residents’ fee is a $35 donation.

The press release said: "We are happy to provide some additional help for this project."

If you want to order this service or can help, please call 270-4658 (please leave a message) or Lion Club member Lance Wade (leave a message) or Dave McIlnay at 433-7961.


It is a virtual 5k and 10k competition hosted by the City of Fruita this year.

Registration will be open at Fruita Community Center or online before February 7. The entry fee is $20 and includes a competition package. A late fee of $10 will be imposed after February 7. The first 200 registered adults will get a long-sleeved shirt, and the first 50 registered children will get a peas.

Participants will submit their running hours and courses online in the Strava fitness app or through the following website

. The results of the competition should be submitted at any time between February 14th and 21st in order to be eligible for the prize. In addition to the first prize of the competition, there will also be competitions: according to the competition information, the best dressed couple, the best dressed puppet and the best dressed family

Gifts from the Heart Valentine’s Day fundraising event

Now it is the 11th year to provide unique and delicious themed cakes.

Four packs of gourmet cakes, made by

The press release said, “Packed in a bright and beautiful box, they are all ready to surprise and bring smiles to your colleagues, customers, friends or dear ones”.

This year’s theme is "Peace, Love and Cupcakes". Each of these four cupcakes is a different flavored cake and frosting, with unique fillings.

Lovin'Chocolate: rich chocolate cake with decadent chocolate frosting and butterfly decoration on top

Peace cake: a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and a peace sign on it

Feelin'Groovy: tie-dye wedding cake with swirling buttercream frosting and beautiful butterflies

Orange Dream: Orange Cake with Orange Buttercream Frosting

The proceeds will help MarillacHealth continue to provide a wide range of primary health care services to all residents of Mesa County, regardless of income or insurance status.

The cost is $20 per box, and a limited number of cupcakes will be baked. Booked at

Or call 241-0033 to contact Baker Boutique. Roadside pick-up time is from Friday, February 12 to Sunday, February 14.

Grand Junction

A check for nearly $5,000 was issued to me last Friday

The press release stated that this generous donation will help support the Community Hospital Foundation Capital Campaign to establish a new regional cancer center on 2351 G Road on the hospital’s main campus.

Submit community and numbered news items to

, By fax 244-8578 or mail to 734 S. Seventh St., Grand Junction, CO, 81501. Does your club or organization meet online or in person? Upload activity


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