Your WFH Situation Needs This Double-Duty Desk Accessory

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Working from home brings various routine changes to our daily work. no matter how

Buy a new ergonomic chair for our desk, or invest in a new one

; We all made some purchases to make our time at home more comfortable. Fortunately,

It is a home where a lot of useful items are stolen. The latest release of the warehouse giant? Ubio Labs illumia LED desk lamp with wireless charger. Suppose this is an item you want to add to your shopping cart and desk as soon as possible.

Costco fan account @costcosisters wrote: "The school is back! Means means this means late at night ? snap up this LED desk lamp! It has a wireless charger suitable for most mobile phones!"

The LED desk lamp has adjustable brightness settings and has different shades: warm, natural and cool. We like different lighting settings because they can be adapted at any time of the day (morning or evening). But our favorite part

It also has a wireless charger suitable for any iPhone 8 or higher.

Whether your child needs to learn mesh late at night, or you have to finish work after you go to bed, gadgets are small enough to share with your family (that is, if you want).

According to the post,

The Ubio Labs table lamp is only $30. We believe that this is theft. Online, retailers are selling for

To be sure, life in a locked state is stressful, but by using such convenient items, distance learning and working at home can at least be more comfortable.

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Working from home brings about the need for an overall transformation of our work area. In my case, I didn't realize how uncomfortable my desk and chair actually were until I sat in a chair every day. For others who work from home, this may mean sitting down all day or other legitimate reasons for back pain. Hey, we […]

Now is the time to make room in your house for a real desk-these metal and wood models are on sale.

It's like a huge luxury roller coaster, no matter where you send emails from.

Find friends with membership as soon as possible. Starting from Women's Day

RN is also available for sale.

From jewelry and wine to table decorations and comfortable clothes, these gifts are big, eye-catching, and very useful. First appeared in GQ

Use this desktop vacuum cleaner to suck up all the debris, dust and dirt on the desk and keyboard. Due to its small size, it is very suitable for vacuuming hard-to-reach places or traveling with you. It has a suction power of 1000pa, which ensures that your workstation remains tidy. Shop here: "Our team is committed to finding and telling you more about our favorite products and transactions. If you like them too and decide to buy through the link below, we Commissions may be charged. Prices and availability may change."

And you don’t have to be a member to buy!

Panera recently announced that it will release a limited series of bread bowl-shaped hand warmers.

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