11 Desks for Kids That Are Perfect for Virtual School—and Stylish, Too

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Now more than ever, having a table to focus on virtual school and learning is important for children (like it’s perfect for

). Whether you are buying a children’s desk for the first time or looking for an upgrade, we have gathered the most powerful and stylish children’s desks on the market today-from mini desks suitable for small spaces to children’s desks with built-in speakers. In storage.


If you have multiple children, this multitasking setting is a good choice, and you can use it in many ways. The desk can double as a table, and the chair can double as a stool, so you can change it from homework to coloring.


If you want to put one (or two) tables in a small room, this mini table is ideal. The compact work comes with a drawer to store homework, supplies, handicrafts or any other activities your child is doing. In addition, you can purchase kitchenware to increase storage and organization.

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Critics praised the sturdiness, quality and ease of assembly of this children's table. It is ideal for anyone who wants a versatile option at a reasonable price.


Give your game room professional

This exquisite toy made from recycled plastic toys is shocking. It allows you to perform excellent reading, production or learning.


This desk is designed for children from 5 to 12 years old and comes with a locker with cork board and multiple storage boxes. In addition to blue-green, it also has white, navy blue, lavender and gray.


The built-in storage space on the birch plywood desk can hold books, pens, kettles, wires and chargers. In addition, the desk is also equipped with a chair that can be completely pushed under the chair to save space.

The safety hinged lid and reinforced legs on this espresso-colored table make it suitable for long-term use. It is similar to a table that a child might actually use in a classroom, so it is very suitable for studying at home.


The table is designed by Leanne Ford and comes with a low-key drawer to store writing utensils, school supplies, chargers and books-whatever you want! The natural finishes, rattan accents and the curvature of the desk make it unconventional.


Everything on the desk includes storage space, including a standing organizer, file distribution notebook, two deep cabinets and a wide drawer. In addition, it has built-in announcements and whiteboards.


When using this basic desk to bring children's modern design to a child's level, let the child's imagination go crazy. It has a variety of subtle colors, including deep red, blue, green, rose, gray, and tan.

A desk with three deep drawers ensures that your child has a clear working area. (For reference only, the top one gives the illusion of a double drawer.) It is perfect for storing office essentials and can even double as an extra dresser space or toy room.

Homework, handicrafts, coloring-whatever you want.

Now is the time to make room in your house for a real desk-these metal and wood models are on sale.

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