19 Postponed Movies You Forgot to Be Excited About in 2021

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After the coronavirus-closed theaters and the appearance of the killing bumblebee, your excitement about blockbuster movies may disappear, but most of the movies we forgot will return in 2021. After a long postponement-in many cases, the new premiere dates of these 19 films should excite you, put the vaccinated butt back on the theater seat. This is the movie you may have forgotten to release and their latest release date, which makes us feel dizzy again.

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twenty one

Take a deep breath because

In-depth discussion of the story of the black power movement and the Black Panther chairman Fred Hampton (Fred Hampton). It was set in the 1960s when the FBI listed Hampton and Black Panthers as high-level threats, and the organization infiltrated the party to destroy it from the inside out. This trailer has an electronic feel. When Daniel Kaluuya (Fred Hampton) bleeds on the screen, Daniel Kaluuya's enthusiasm, in every scene, Rakith Stanfield (LaKeith Stanfield) has beads of betrayal sweat on his face. The movie will be shown in theaters and HBO Max on February 12.


It is the story of a Korean immigrant family who started living as farmers in the United States. The book is in Korean with English subtitles, depicts the difficulties of trying to make the American dream a reality, and explores the pressure brought by conflicting cultures, which has a great impact on the youngest children growing up in immigrant families The influence caused the children to have American values ​​towards their grandmothers. This is a new role of actor Steven Yeun, you may know him,


It will almost certainly be an important participant in the awards season.


When the trailer came out, there was a burst of excitement

Falling down highlights the influence of Southeast Asian mythology on its story, which is about a warrior looking for the last dragon to restore the balance of his kingdom. Through stunning action sequences and clear animations, we can once again inspire excitement because

The release date of the game is just around the corner-it will be available in theaters and Disney+ on March 5th (for an additional $29.99).


Whether you think this is a rumor, or you just forgot its existence,

Is real and will be released on March 5th. In the 1988 classic movie

, Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy) plays the foreign monarch Prince Akeem (Akeem), he is looking for love in the United States. This famous movie does not necessarily need a sequel, but we are still excited about the comeback of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. This time, the two are looking for the long-lost son of King Akeem in Queens, New York. Murphy and Hall will also return to multiple supporting roles for the elderly barber and pastor Reverend Lovejoy.

It will be shown in cinemas and Prime Video on March 5.


Since the early 1960s, monster movie fans have dreamed of Godzilla and King Kong duel. Fortunately, there will always be more room for remakes, and the bigger the monster, the better, which means it is finally happening, if it is a little later than originally planned.

Is the fourth in a series of movies that started in 2015

Reboot. This movie will put the giant lizard with Hong Kong from 2017

, And many giant beasts that appeared in 2019

Laid the foundation for the huge battle of lights and brute force. The big screen will only enhance the power of these monsters and the scale of large-scale battles, but if you are not ready to face the theater bravely, it will be screened simultaneously on HBO Max on March 26.


The Russian spy turned into a superhero has gone through a journey: originally regarded as one of the biggest blockbusters of spring 2020,

Postponed to November, that is, the release date is postponed to the current date May 7 (the date itself

). There have been rumors that it is the premiere of streaming media, and the release of the next Marvel movie has also eliminated some hype. Whenever it finally arrives, it will be the first major movie since the release of Marvel Studios.

The mood couldn't be higher. This is a fake movie of the character (supposedly), and the ending of a 23 movie legend.

.. If you are a fan of "Black Widow", please prepare thin paper: this movie will premiere on May 7, 2021 (hopefully).


The legend continues to push the limits with impossible car stunts and actions. in

Will we see a car without a bridge jumping from the edge of a cliff, only to be snatched away by a military-grade jet driven by Charlize Theron? My heart was beating and my eyes swelled.

The franchise completes high-concept stunts, thrilling action adventures and role-playing formulas. This time, it is indeed a family affair: John Cena and the actor (Dom's (Vin Diesel) brother) Jakob Toretto are fighting side by side, who has been training all his life to defeat Don (Dom). The two brothers will face epic proportions

It will be shown in theaters at the end of May.


Can't forget this-


Ryan Reynolds plays a random NPC (non-playable character) who finds himself living in a video game and decides to start breaking the rules, which makes real life alive. My friend Millie played by Jodie Comer (Jodie Comer)

), giving you more reason to be excited. The film is scheduled to be released on May 21.


Do you even remember this movie? You may remember the crime thriller/mystery movie starring Chris Rock and Samuel Jackson, but

In the real horror of the past year, my mind slipped. Almost the biblical subtitle-"From the Saw Book"-should give you a general idea of ​​what you are doing: there will be bloody, kidnapped and tyrannical serial killers. It's weird to be excited about the horror of mutilation, but here we are.

It will be released on May 21.


It is one of the most anticipated movies in 2020, and it is also expected to be realized in 2021. Lin Manuel Miranda captures the hearts of the public with his style of fusion of genres. In his previous performances in Hamilton, he brought rhythm and rhythm to classic musicals.

It tells the story of the three-day life of residents of Washington Heights (mainly a Spanish-speaking community) in New York City. The story begins with a Broadway drama that won a Tony Award

Director John M. Zhu

Musical is not my favorite (maybe unpopular lately, especially about Linmanuel Miranda), but it is a historical moment to watch this culturally significant celebration in the theater. The wait will end on June 18, when you will be able to watch the show in the theater or enjoy the show at home on HBO Max.


The sequel has been produced for decades and is a follow-up work in the 1986s

Will debut in 2021 (will the era of sequels and remakes end?). Tom Cruise returns as the rebellious fighter pilot Maverick. He is now a flight instructor, mentoring Miles Teller, the head son of his old friend Goes. Like the original, the remake emphasizes real stunts, whether you are watching a movie in the theater or at home on July 2nd, this should be exciting, although there is no news on the streaming release date.


It is a treasure of the country-the story of the best NBA player and Bugs Bunny teaming up to save the world through a star basketball game. I am not angry for the sequel

Recruit LeBron James to join the Space Jam team. It was originally booked for theaters, but it was actually directly facing HBO Max, but I couldn’t help including it here, especially considering Ryan Coogler (

) As a producer. On July 16, you can watch it at home with the rest of the world.


Disney knows how to use all of its assets to turn animated fairy tales into live-action hit movies and turn theme park rides into blockbuster franchises.

It is a water amusement facility in the Disneyland theme park, crossing the dangerous jungle river,

. Somehow, it has now become a feature-length movie starring A-rated celebrities Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Emily Blunt.

But if it is

It must be

. The trailer is promising: Dwayne Johnson's deceptive key to inspire his cruise lovers, in stark contrast to Emily Blunt's true archeological ambitions. I am really looking forward to this, and to my delight, it will still bring us entertainment this summer. It will be released in theaters on July 30, and the Disney+ premiere is still pending.


It was supposed to be a thriller and horror movie from last summer, and we will finally release it later this summer. Remake of the supernatural killer movie of the 90s

Director Nia DaCosta and writer Jordan Peele began to create.

Peele has a knack for bringing the horror of racism into the supernatural environment,

It is always based on race and inequality, so the two fit naturally. This trailer tells the story in the form of a shadow puppet, linking the film to the real murders of young black men we have witnessed in the news over the past decade. The incredible imagery is enough to be shown in theaters on August 27th.


2018) Introduced a family that tried to survive the alien invasion through creatures that only responded to sound. Emily Blunt starred next to her husband John Krasinki, and to my surprise, she also learned to direct the film. When I saw the theater for the first time, the suspense was obvious, because everyone around was holding their breath and the characters moved in silence. I can't wait to be with



One of the most watched upcoming movies,

Even if Warner Bros. promises to release the 2021 movie at the same time in theaters, the film will only premiere in theaters this fall. (Director Denis Villeneuve strongly opposes the release strategy.)

"Dune" director Denis Villeneuve (Denis Villeneuve) said that "HBO Max Deal" shows that Warner Bros. has no love for movies. "

After fighting with Warner Brothers, Villeneuve was realized,

In the theater, he can only watch as he originally intended. According to the novel of the same name,

The kind of stunning visual effect that promises to premiere on the big screen. Whether it is safe or not, we want you to make the best choice.

18 years old

This is the last film of Daniel Craig, it’s James Bond, if that’s not enough to arouse your interest,

, Maybe a new member of the Bond family. After all the rumors about the possible role and spy of Idris Alba, the team began to introduce

, She will be the first black woman to win the 007 title. Lynch will star in Craig in the upcoming movie and move on.



Restarting is not high on my wish list, so I have not held my breath in the past year, and someone wants to try this beloved classic again. This one

However, focusing on the descendants of the original "Ghostbusters" seems to be completely different from the original. If done well, it will definitely be sequel. So will dramatic reimagining of comedy staples work? We will look up on November 11.


We believe

It is a trilogy, but ranked fourth. Keanu Reeves returns to the franchise with Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith, by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II , A new set of characters played by Priyanka Chopra and Jessica Henwick joined. And... this is what we know. What could it be?

About it? There are many places worth exploring here.

It will be released on December 22 and will be shown in theaters. Who knows: maybe by then we will be back to normal.

Space Jam 2

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