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The unique feature of Warehouse Cinemas is its patent-pending "SkyVUE" technology. The screens are all inclined forward at an angle complementary to the downward angle of the inclined floor. It also illustrates the angle of the recliner. The design aims to provide a better viewing experience for any seat in the theater. According to Rich Daughtridge, watching a movie in the front row of a warehouse will be more enjoyable than a regular theater.

The Warehouse Cinemas, which is about to enter the final stage, will have 7 auditoriums with 60 seats, two auditoriums with 109 seats, and a Dolby Atmos auditorium with 142 seats.

The main entrance of the Warehouse Cinema will be on the West Patrick Street side of the Fredericktown Shopping Center.

Rich Daughtridge, owner of Warehouse Cinemas, showed food pans, which are part of large plush leather seats that can lie down completely and even hold heaters.

Rich Daughtridge, owner of Warehouse Cinemas, demonstrated how 28 self-service beer taps will feature locally brewed and domestic beer. Until COVID restrictions allow, self-service beer may not operate.

An old shipping container has turned into an orange full-service bar in the concession area. The door is even used as the entrance to various theaters.

The main entrance to Warehouse Cinemas will be on the West Patrick Street side of the building, and the large open space will be used for special occasions, such as the opening of a movie.

The warehouse has seven auditoriums with 60 seats, two auditoriums with 109 seats, and a Dolby Atmos auditorium with 142 seats.

Warehouse Cinemas has a kitchen that can prepare gourmet dishes for you.

Each of the 10 warehouse cinema auditoriums is accessed through re-fixed freight container doors fixed on the wall.

Each theater has a 4K laser video projector, which is installed on the floor of the Warehouse Cinemas cinema. The theater has 7 auditoriums with 60 seats for each seat, two auditoriums with 109 seats for each seat, and one Dolby Atmos Auditorium, with 142 seats.

The warehouse cinema has no ticket windows, only a row of self-service ticket booths. Advanced online ticket sales will be encouraged.

The new Warehouse Cinemas on US 40 is unrecognizable in the corridors of the old Frederick Towne shopping center it occupies, and its design features orange trim, industrial details and black ceilings. If customers don’t understand, they will never think that on the other side of the hall wall is an old shopping mall.

That was intentional. Rich Daughtridge, President and CEO of Warehouse Cinemas, no longer wants to rely on retail to attract people to the movies.

He also doesn't think he needs to do this.

Through the warehouse cinema, Daughtridge hopes to make watching movies a completely unique experience. This is why the cinema has 28 self-service beer taps and a complete bar, why customers can bring the "gourmet comfort food" inside into the theater, and why the plush leather seats can lie down completely and even warm up.

Daughtridge said he is bringing more value to standard movie tickets. In Warehouse, this means that the median fare is $12, while the fare on Tuesday morning is as low as $5. The theater will also offer discounts for military personnel, senior citizens and children. 

"This is a high-quality experience and product. At the same time, we are working hard to keep the price at a certain level so that people can actually go to the movies." Daughtridge said. "I think what will happen to Frederick... People just spend more entertainment expenses on movies because the price points we offer are more affordable or value-focused."

The movie theater is expected to open later this month-pending Governor Larry Hogan's plan to reopen-subject to restrictions. Warehouse Cinemas is the first tenant in District 40 of the entertainment venue and is expected to attract other businesses such as bowling alleys and restaurants.

Daughtridge said: "Our employees are ready, the agreement is ready, and our COVID content is very detailed." "...it really depends on the governor. Hogan and the recent spikes."

As the name suggests, Warehouse Cinemas has an industrialized, ecologically modern design, using recycled wood and shipping containers as repetitive features. Daughtridge, who previously owned a theater in Hagerstown, said his team has been developing the Warehouse brand for the past six years.

Used shipping containers in black, blue and orange have been implemented throughout the space. In the concession area, one of them has turned into an orange full-service bar. The door is even used as the entrance to various theaters.

The warehouse has seven auditoriums with 63 seats, two auditoriums with 109 seats, and a Dolby Atmos auditorium with 142 seats.

Daughtridge said of the Dolby Atmos theater: "This is where you want to watch Star Wars." Compared to smaller theaters, the theater has a larger screen and larger speakers.

The unique function of Warehouse Cinemas is its patent-pending "SkyVUE" technology. The screens are all inclined forward at an angle complementary to the downward angle of the inclined floor. It also illustrates the angle of the recliner.

The design aims to provide a better viewing experience for any seat in the theater. According to Daughtridge, watching a movie in the front row of a Warehouse is much more enjoyable than watching a movie in a regular theater.

Warehouse Cinemas was one of the first tenants in District 40, an entertainment venue that will occupy the old Frederick Towne shopping center. Commercial real estate expert Faraz Cheema said that the new Indian restaurants Taj Mahal and Frederick Furniture are the two newest tenants in the shopping center, but they signed with the landlord before Coldwell Banker participated and developed the district 40 idea.

Two other "anchored" companies are signing leases with District 40, but Cheema could not disclose more information.

Sandra Wastler, president of Golden Mile Alliance, said she believes that the opening of Warehouse Cinemas will be a spark to bring other businesses into the old shopping center.

"For us, bringing companies into shopping malls will have a major impact on the entire "golden miles". She said: "This will drive people into this industry, and you will not come just to watch movies. "You have to stop for dinner, and then you have to stop for ice cream." "

The Frederick Towne shopping center officially closed in 2013, although it was almost empty in the previous years. Although plans have been made in the past to replace space, such as Wal-Mart, they have always failed. 

The Golden Mile Alliance regards the empty shopping center as a disadvantage of the US 40, which is the western gateway to Frederick. When Wastler first moved to Frederick in the 1970s, she said that the Golden Mile is a place for shopping, watching movies and dining.

Vostler said: "In the past few years, it has been fluctuating, but I think it is indeed rising."

Datridge said he expects 300,000 to 400,000 people to come to the cinema every year. For surrounding companies, this may be significant.

Worstler said investment in the region has been rising. For example, German grocery store Lidl will move to the old Kmart location, while new independent businesses such as @VR, 4 The Love of Sweets and MiPueblo Market recently opened at 40.

"In the old Frederick Down shopping center location, the facade looks impressive, and revitalization work is just around the corner," Frederick City Economic Development Manager Mary Ford Nair said in an email Wrote. "Warehouse Cinemas Cinemas has made a significant investment in the Golden Mile community and this project will have a catalytic effect on the region."

Daughtridge is preparing to open the theater with a half-full capacity and has already taken safety measures for screenings. Masks need to be worn in the lobby and theaters until the customers are seated. When sitting in the theater, eating or drinking, customers will be allowed to take off their masks.

When purchasing a ticket, the customer will choose his own seat. The point-of-sale system will automatically provide two-seat buffers (six feet) between each group of customers.

Therefore, if a family of four buys four movie tickets and chooses the middle row, the customer cannot buy two seats on either side of the group of four.

During the initial opening period, fountain drinks and self-service beer will also be unavailable to limit the high-touch areas in the concession area.

Another concern is that the virus will have an impact on the entire film industry. Many film studios decide to postpone the premiere until they can show it safely in the theater. However, several summer films will still be released in the coming months, including Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" and Disney's "Mulan".

He believes that movie theaters will also produce back-file movies and special events.

Daughtridge said the company has been promoting open indoor entertainment activities and is confident that Warehouse can make customers feel safest.

He said: "We are trying to be stricter than some of the other existing guidelines, just to do the right thing... and make people more comfortable with the movie."

Earlier versions of this article incorrectly described the ticket prices, and tickets for Tuesday morning shows start at $5. In addition, the smaller theater has 63 seats instead of 60. 

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A ticket is $12. Netflix is ​​$12 a month. Someone is watching a movie, $12. No one will watch a movie and be able to stop for $12 a month. Beer is at home, about one dollar each.

Hard choice.


My friend and I watched "The Greyhound" (Tom Hanks as a navy captain in World War II) on Apple Plus. A great movie will never be released. Therefore, I am thinking aloud whether the cinema will eventually embark on a blockbuster. As Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple, etc. gradually become mainstream, I am not sure whether movie theaters will remain strong. But I wish this thing all the best.

So-drunk spectators and dirty theaters are full of food and beer.

Pay per view looks better.

An expensive way to get drunk. I don't need to worry.

So is a German grocery store about to open? That's why I went to Frederick. A few years ago, I shaved the face of the Mavericks in Munich and wanted to try it again. It was delicious.

There is a Lidl in Hagerstown on the double highway.

I want to know how long it takes for the hooded guy to remove those beautiful plush seats

Of course you can, reader; your negativity precedes you.

scarf? Is that still a word?


Why not three?

Definition of hoodlum

1: Thug

Especially: violent criminals

2: Young r son


Welcome, and thank you for the opportunity in "Golden Miles".


I hope this commercial success. ...I like the concept and have been to the Lietersburg theater many times. love it. Hopefully, this virus will be infected by Ed soon, and people can wear their own gas masks, which will be effective for everyone.

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