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With the battle for control of the Senate, the two finals in Georgia are more like national elections than the statewide elections.


Stream on TV screen

Friday is simple, straightforward and scary: "Let me be clear: I need

And Jon Ossoff of the U.S. Senate. "

After a few minutes

Opposition senator from the Republican Party

Equally urgent is: "This struggle will determine the future of America."

The advertising war in Georgia’s two Senate campaigns has soared to the $450 million mark and brought the airwaves to unprecedented levels. This reflects the most unusual bet on special elections in U.S. history-voting for the control of the U.S. election Opportunities The Senate passed two simultaneous election campaigns across the state, and the new government’s agenda was pending.

What started as a very negative, chaotic advertising campaign, is now spreading more and more national information-the Senate, and therefore the country, is a factor that voters should consider when voting, not necessarily the most satisfying Georgia. People in need.

Democrats, need to win two finals

Said that Mr. Biden must achieve double victories in order to coordinate and get rid of the predicament comprehensively.

. Republicans say that winning the election in January is the only buffer they claim is spreading "socialism."

Mr. Biden’s ads began to run on Friday, after Mr. Ossoff and Mr. Warnock had both published ads for several weeks.

Osov said in one of the advertisements: “We can only resume our daily lives when we vote.” According to the statistics of advertising tracking company Advertising Analytics, it is true that more than 70% of Mr. Osov’s ads are directed at the coronavirus. Viral. Mr. Warnock is the pastor of the famous Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta. His advertising budget on pandemic issues has spent very little money, but it is still the second most common topic in his message.

Although the Republican attacks involved multiple topics, including focusing on Mr. Warnock’s sermons and Mr. Osoff’s private business interests, they often returned to a recurring theme, which was very common in the midterm elections and ad campaigns. General: The modern Democratic Party is controlled by the far left. Republicans attacked ads

New York State Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), this is the Republican Party’s favorite target for seeking to portray the party as too liberal.

"Freedom and Socialism",

In another joint advertisement by Mr. Perdue and Ms. Loeffler. "This fight will determine the future of America, and we need your help now."

This is a common strategy that is common during general elections, including presidential elections. Although attempts to portray lifelong famous figures like Mr. Biden as socialists, this attempt has played a role in many opposition victories for Republicans.

“I’m not surprised that Republicans turned to socialist attacks. Democratic media strategist Kelly Gibson advised Andrew Yang and Julián Castro’s campaigns Service. "The Democrats lost their seats in the House of Representatives in surprising places, with the main message being'socialists' and deprived of police funds. "

Both races are dominated by negative advertising. None of the candidates put most positive ads, and many candidates continue to criticize the election. Ms. Loeffler's campaign and Allied Republican organizations have been targeting Mr. Warnock with particularly demanding advertisements, focusing on racial and policing issues. Almost half of Ms. Loeffler’s advertisements mentioned law enforcement or "deprecated police" campaigns.

Other advertisements by Ms. Loeffler and Republican allies targeted Warnock’s sermons and tried to tie him to Warnock.

Pastor Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., the pastor of former President Barack Obama, delivered a sermon on the country’s past oppression of ethnic minorities, including "Damn America." .

An advertisement by the Republican organization American Crossroads deceptively edited a video clip in which Mr. Warnock quoted Mr. Wright and discussed his remarks, so that the Democratic candidate seemed to say it when he actually said it. Sentence. No. (

, Mr. Warnock suggested that Wrightock's sermons should be consistent with the "tradition of telling the truth in the black church." ) In response to the ad, Warnock’s campaign

Ms. Loffler said in a church address in January that she told the congregation that she "stayed humbly" and "want to come back."

A coalition of African American pastors in Georgia says

Ms. Loeffler’s ads crossed the line and constituted “a broader attack on the black churches and faith traditions we represent.”

Both Mr. Warnock and Mr. Ossoff ran ads highlighting that Ms. Loeffler and Ms. Perdue had conducted stock sales and commercial transactions after receiving a briefing on the coronavirus earlier this year, but before it spread in the country.

A recent advertisement for Mr. Warnock’s campaign stated: "Kelly represents Kelly."

. "Warnack is for us."

In some attacks, there are even advertisements designed to make polarization stand out. In Mr. Perdue’s new ad,

, The chairman formed a circle and praised the first senator’s deal. But in the end, a woman added: "I know David will not allocate funds for our police, nor will he destroy the army."

Among all the negative advertisements, TV viewers in Georgia may or may not notice more and more national messages. In fact, the airwaves have become so saturated that political advertisements are often back-to-back, sometimes occupying entire commercial blocks of TV shows. In the past 7 days, campaigns and outside groups have spent more than $50 million on television and 88 unique political advertisements have been broadcast in Georgia.

On a certain day in December, more than one-third of all ads in Georgia were political. From 5 pm to 6 pm, local news broadcasting is the common goal of political activities, and more than 60% of all advertisements are political advertisements. During the election campaign for airtime, both numbers exceeded the advertising saturation.

With so many advertisements shrouded in the airwaves, political strategists and advertising experts have admitted that returns may decrease.

"Like the First World War, when they sit in a trench and bombard each other for weeks, nothing will happen, because everyone is in battle and in bunker," said Ken Go, a professor of political science at American University. Destin said. San Francisco. He said it was like "blasting an impenetrable base."

However, at the same time, Dr. Goldstein pointed out that the budget for the Senate campaign seems to be unlimited, and the advertising budget does not seem to inflate, at the expense of field or other plans. When the Senate plays a role in such close competition, any influence on voters is worthwhile for donors.

Dr. Goldstein said: “The stakes are so high and the profits are so narrow that even a strategy that is actually inefficient is meaningful for those trying to control the U.S. Senate.”

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