Amarillo-area church services for the week of Jan. 10

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• Polk Street Methodist Church-The mission is to be a disciple for Jesus Christ to change the world. We have a strong tradition that plays an important role in our communities and our world. We invite you to join our hall of nearly 1,300 members because we imagine the possibility.

• Westminster Presbyterian Church-Live broadcast and streaming services are available on Sundays and 10:30 local time. You can watch these two services on the church’s website at 6:30 pm on Thursdays, click "Preach ". If you want to participate in person, please bring a mask. We are complying with local and federal guidelines regarding gatherings, sanitation and evacuation. Provide childcare and youth activities. Children and young people are welcome to continue using the service. The church is located at 2525 Wimberly Road.

• Paramount Baptist Church-3801 West Avenue, everyone is invited to attend Sunday services at 8:30 am (English), 11 am (English) and 1 pm (Spanish). When the school arrives at 9:45 am on Sunday, guests will be asked to follow established health and safety procedures. For more information, please visit

• The First Christian Church—3001 Wolflin Avenue. Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in our area, face-to-face worship has been suspended for the next few weeks. The link to the worship service is the FCC Facebook page: and the FCC YouTube channel:

• The beautiful Redeemer Lutheran Church in Amarillo-part of the North Texas-North Louisiana Mission of the American Evangelical Lutheran Church. Face-to-face worship is offered on Sunday at 9:30 am It is strongly recommended that participants wear masks and keep their distance from society. The various pre-packaged elements will be delivered during the sacrament. The service will also be available on the church’s website on Sunday

In the evening at The beautiful Savior’s pantry has been restored to serve the community every Wednesday from 10 am to noon.

• Covenant Presbyterian Church-1400 Wolflin Avenue, now requires masks to be worn in the church to prevent contracting the COVID virus at 10 am on Sunday. No longer need to wear gloves. The minister and the singing leader still wear gloves because they move back and forth on the stage. For more information, please call 806-376-5244.

• Church churches-three services: 8:30 am, 10 am, and 11:30 am disinfection stations inside and outside the church in various places. If you or anyone in your family feel bad or in a "high risk" group, please stay at home and continue watching online.

Everyone must enter through the main entrance (East). The mask is optional. We will not provide masks. We ask everyone to stay in the family and enter the shelter directly after entering the building. The greeter will help you find a seat when you arrive. We will sit down from front to back. When the shelter reaches its limit, we will overflow into the research room and youth room, where services will be provided. At the end of the service, there will be an organized export.

• Trinity Scholarship-All campuses are reopened. Family Worship and Prophecy Night: Every Wednesday at 7pm on every campus (no childcare services are provided). For campuses with a COVID rate greater than 15%, every other row will be blocked. In addition, we recommend that families place at least 2 empty seats between other families. Currently includes all Amarillo and Lubbock campuses.

On Hollywood Road, if our service reaches the capacity of the West Hall at 9am, we will use the service to the worship center, which will be our overflow room. We encourage all employees and dream team members to continue to wear masks. In addition, we encourage all mixed-race children to wear masks on and from the seat. (No mask is required.) For more information on campus Sunday events, please visit We will also continue our online church activities at 9 am and 11 am on all viewing platforms. Follow the health and safety guidelines of the Abbott State Government GA-18 Executive Order. Those who are older or with underlying health conditions are required to stay at home and participate in all activities through digital platforms ("Family Worship and Prophet Night" will be available on all digital platforms during Wednesday night service hours). Encourage individuals who are likely to show signs of new or worsening COVID-19 to stay at home and participate through digital platforms.

• Anna Street Church-continues to serve, but will serve as a parking lot. Sunday Bible class: 9:45 am Sunday: 10:30 am and 6 pm Wednesday: 7:30 pm Contact information (806) 352-8769

• Southwest Christian Church-The church challenges the whole family to re-attend the weekly service in one of two ways: either returning to our place of worship on Sunday morning, or uniting with 1-2 other families to form a house church.

Provide three options for the content of these house churches. First of all, use our live worship broadcast at 10:30 am every Sunday. Second, use the recording of our party to play later. Both options can be easily found on our homepage ( Third, we will also provide a combination of worship videos (welcome, song and teaching) for adults and children. We created two 4-minute videos with more ideas and explanations about these options.

• First Baptist Church-"Gather with Taylor on 12th. On campus, Sunday morning worship hours are 8:30 am and 11 am, and Bible study hours for all ages are 9:45 am. Weeks Sunday evening services are held at the sanctuary every Saturday at 6 pm. Worshipers are welcome to register online ( for preschool childcare, or take their children into shelters (including babies). Safe isolation And encourage wearing masks.

• Bell Avenue of Christ-Provides a second service for families and individuals who wish to take extra safety measures during this period. It will be held at the research room at the southern end of the building at 2 pm.

Service Term. We are happy to welcome anyone who wishes to participate.

•Bible Christian Baptist Church-Sunday morning: Sunday school at 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, Sunday, Sunday, 7 o’clock in the evening, Wednesday, Bible study at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, and spiritual award: Saturday. The nursery providing all services is 10 am. Minister Glen A. Stocker.

•Christian Covenant Presbyterian Church-morning and evening worship resumed at normal times. All members and guests are welcome to attend in person, but both services will continue to be provided to accommodate those who need to stay at home. Both Sunday worship services will be streamed live to our YouTube channel. Please subscribe to our channel and "ring" the notification ringtone to make sure to alert you via when streaming. Other church activities, including Sunday school, Wednesday night gatherings and fellowship activities, are cancelled until further notice.

Tithes and offerings-A dedicated board will be placed at the entrance of the main auditorium to place your gifts. For those who cannot join us in person, please mail your gift to the church building at 7801 SW 34th Ave., Amarillo, TX, 79121. On the online donation at the bottom of the website, you will be redirected to PayPal.

• Central Church of Christ-Worship with us at 10:15 in person or online. For the people around you, you need a mask.

• Colonial Christian Church-The significant increase in active COVID-19 cases and the associated increase in pressure on Amarillo and regional hospitals is a serious problem for Amarillo. In recent weeks, we have noticed that more than half of the people attending worship in the building did not wear a mask. Wearing a mask is one of the few measures a person can practice to protect themselves and others. Therefore, we made a request and strongly urge everyone to wear a mask in the building when attending worship services or attending any class. If you do not have a mask or have forgotten it, a disposable mask will be provided at the entrance of the auditorium for your use. By combining this step with our distant seating plan, we hope to provide an environment as safe as possible to worship God and encourage

To each other toward love and good deeds. Sunday service time is 9:30 am, Bible lesson is 10:45 am, evening service time is 5 pm, Wednesday 6 pm

• The Second Baptist Church-first established in 1906, initially with 20 charter members. In 1911, a frame building with a capacity of 100 people was built at the corner of Fourth and Pierce, without debt. The name of the Second Baptist Church was changed to Pierce Street Baptist Church in the late twentieth century. However, after the current sanctuary was completed, the name of the Second Baptist Church was taken back. In 1985, the church continued its development by adding a multifunctional family life center. Jesus' great mission for the church is to enter the world and become a disciple. The Second Baptist Church as a whole is keenly aware of this mission, and hopes to do its part in the corner of God's land that has been allocated to her.

• Olsen Park Christian Church-Gathered at 4700 Andrews Ave. at 10 am to maintain social mediation guidelines by providing individual Lord Supper elements, hand sanitizer and TV in other rooms. The live broadcast will also continue at 10 am on Sunday and 7 pm on Wednesday

• Christian churches on the hillside-"Gatherings" are open: Dahat, Pampa, Northwest Amarillo, South Amarillo, West Amarillo, Canyon, Grand North Amarillo. The environment for children and students is temporarily closed. Invite children of all ages to participate in major worship activities.

Relevant details: every other row of auditorium seats, three seats between individuals/family; physical distance (6 feet apart); face masks are preferred, but not mandatory, and can be used by anyone who wants them; before all services Protocol for disinfection after neutralization. If you feel unwell or have health problems, please stay at home and join Hillside Online.

• Arden Way Baptist Church-Arden Way Baptist Church welcomes Christians and those seeking to learn about Christianity in the Amarillo area. Our goal is to connect with others and encourage others to join us in order to improve our Christian life. Arden Way Baptist Church is a friendly Christian community where we welcome others to join us in worship and service to God. All Sunday schools, children’s departments and nurseries have been restored. Service hours: Sunday morning at 9:30, Sunday school, 10:30 am, 6:30 pm, Wednesday 7 pm

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