AMC, Regal, and more: Here's what to expect as movie theaters reopen

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Do you need a mask? Do you accept cash? any discount? Indoor movie theaters can be found everywhere, and this is all you need to know.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, a small restaurant in New York City converted its parking lot into a self-driving movie theater. (May 15)

The cinema is finally ready to open the door for the shortened summer movie season. but

In a global pandemic?

Most indoor theaters are taking precautions to ensure proper social distancing and reduce contact with people, while allowing moviegoers to enjoy new Hollywood movies, such as

. Hygiene measures include non-contact payment methods and reduced auditorium capacity. 

Phil Contrino, director of media and research at the National Association of Theater Owners, said theaters must be extra cautious. But he is still optimistic about bringing back "an experience that many people miss."

He said: "This is to communicate to customers that they are taking the safety precautions that customers want to see." "When people come back, the experience will obviously be different, but as more guidance emerges, it will evolve. Adapt to changes in things over time."

Want to know if you need to wear a mask? Hesitate to carry cash? We have compiled a list of the COVID-19 agreements in place in the seven most popular theater chains, and their reopening dates.

The AMC Theater, the country's largest cinema, requires all guests to wear masks.

 100 locations will reopen 

On the opening day, tickets for catalog movies such as "Ghostbusters" and "Back to the Future" were sold for only 15 cents.

 8,043 screens in 634 positions 

 Guests must wear masks at all times and can only remove them when eating or drinking. Disposable masks will be sold to those who do not have masks at the ticket office for $1. 

 According to the municipality’s guidelines, the capacity of the auditorium will be reduced to 30% or less, and every other row will be empty in order to maintain a distance from society. AMC encourages moviegoers to leave space between the party and other guests.

 The discount booth does not accept cash, but can be used to purchase AMC gift cards for food and beverages. 

 Preferred contactless payment method, such as credit card, debit card or AMC gift card. 

 A limited menu is provided to ensure faster service, but popcorn and soda will be provided. The refill is temporarily unavailable.

 New versions such as "Tenet", "Unhinged" and "Antebellum".

Regal Cinemas need masks except for eating and drinking.

7,178 screens in 546 theaters

 Guests are required to wear masks in the lobby, corridors and toilets, but they can be removed from the auditorium during meals. 

 According to state and county orders, the auditorium capacity will be reduced by 50%, and two spaces will be set aside between groups to maintain social distancing. The number of groups will be limited by the state or county. 

 Contactless payment is preferred; guests can use the Regal mobile app or cash to purchase discounts.

 The app can be used in advance, but customers can pay with cash or credit card at the theater. 

 All other registers will be closed to maintain social distancing and provide reduced menus. Self-service condiment stalls have been closed, and refills of drinks and popcorn have also been suspended. Orders in canteens, restaurants and theaters are temporarily suspended, and bars are only open for walking services. Vending machines and water dispensers will be closed. 

 New Hollywood films such as "Tenet", "Before the War" and "Hingeless", as well as pre-pandemic films such as "St Maude" and "Burning Orange Heresy."

Regardless of local regulations, Cinemark strongly encourages moviegoers to wear masks at all times.

 There are six theaters open in Texas or Florida; most others are expected to reopen in mid-August. 

4,630 screens in 344 theaters

 Except for eating and drinking in the auditorium, guests must always wear a mask.

Auditorium capacity will be reduced and screening times will be staggered to allow physical distancing.

 The purchase of snacks will not accept cash, but can be used to purchase gift cards, which can be redeemed at the discount booth. Cinemark prefers contactless payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

 Encourage customers to pre-purchase tickets online.

 Popcorn and beverage refills will not be provided, but the previous refill size will be discounted. Popcorn, soda and candies will still be provided, but favorites such as Pizza Hut may not be provided. 

A mix of new movies and old classic movies, such as "Scream" and "Lord of the Rings".

The Marcus Theatre will open concession booths and offer traditional menus.

 Six locations are open,


1,106 screens in 91 cinemas

Encourage guests, but do not require masks. 

: The auditorium capacity will be reduced, and there will be two vacancies between groups to maintain proper social distance. The screening times will be staggered, and only a limited number of customers will be allowed to enter the theater at a time.  

 Cash is accepted, but contactless payments such as credit and debit cards are encouraged. 

 You can buy tickets at the box office, or you can order them in advance on the Marcus Theaters app or website. 

Popcorn, soda and sweets will be provided. You can place food orders before arriving at the theater and retrieve the food at the designated pick-up area. The discount booth will be open to those who like to order on-site. The theater bar and lounge will be open for a limited time.

Marcus will first show movies that were popular when the theater was closed, such as "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Bad Boy of Life" and "Jumanji: The Next Level". Retro classics will also be displayed. Tickets cost $5, and once new movies are released, they will return to standard prices. 

B&B Theaters does not accept cash to facilitate contactless payments.

 In Kansas, Texas, Missouri and Iowa.

The dates for other theater chains have not yet been determined.

: 418 screens in 48 theaters 

 Encourage guests, but do not require masks.

 The screening time is scattered in public areas to limit the number of people staying. When guests reserve a seat, the surrounding seats will not be able to ensure a distance of 6 feet. The reclining auditorium rows are already 7 feet apart.

 No cash is accepted to restrict interaction.

 Guests are encouraged to buy tickets online, but they can be purchased on-site at the box office.

 Traditional offers and expanded menu options will be provided. 


Until the new title is released, favorites such as "Avengers" and "The Greatest Showman" will be used. 

Guests can purchase tickets in advance through the Malco Theaters app to reduce contact.

: Open on weekends in 6 locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Kentucky.

363 screens in 35 theaters

 There is no need to wear masks in the auditorium, but they must be worn in the hall and toilets. Temperature checks will be conducted on guests at the door.

Every other row will be left blank for social distancing.

 Cash is accepted, but credit cards are encouraged.

 It is recommended to buy tickets in advance, which can be purchased online or on the Malco app. 

A limited menu is provided, but food and drinks will not be delivered to your seat. The refill can be packed in a new fresh container. 

A mix of classic movies ("Jaws", "Back to the Future"), releases before COVID-19 ("Hunting", "Invisible Man") and new releases ("Tweeter", "Irresistible").

Bowtie Cinema will reduce the auditorium capacity by 50% based on physical distance.

; Theaters in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia will reopen in the coming days.

It has 220 screens in 32 theaters.

 Guests must comply with local requirements for the use of face masks.

 The auditorium capacity will be reduced by 50%, and each customer will have an empty seat on either side. The screening time will be staggered to promote the cleaning of the auditorium between screenings. 

 Cash payment is accepted, but guests are advised to purchase tickets and discounts through the Bow Tie mobile app. 

 Buy online or through the app. Those who prefer to pay in the theater will use plexiglass partitions.

 The luxurious theater menu will provide popcorn, fountain drinks, candies, pretzels, grab corn chips, hot dogs and limited kitchen supplies. Bar service will be open. 

 Before Hollywood shows new movies, classic movies ($5 per ticket) are shown. 

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