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The black PS5 released a retro style last week, but after all, it is too good to believe



After the announcement, fans were pained by Sony's departure from the traditional black box to the curvy white aesthetics. Therefore, the news about the upcoming release of the black PS5 console is worth celebrating-but we also have concerns.

after that

What made the headlines last month was that redditor, which released these images, announced that it would be able to buy a black PS5 console, and it will open pre-orders today. Everything seems unbelievable, and we still have some unresolved problems.

A few days after the launch, the website now publishes a notice informing that the release of the black PS5 console and controller has been postponed and that customers will receive a full refund. 

The website’s Twitter account has been deactivated, but before it was shut down, it was posted on Twitter (via

), the diligent team "begins to be threatened with reliable security.

"We take these threats seriously. We don't want to risk the safety and well-being of our team, otherwise it will have a potential impact on your order."

The legal part of the website has been deleted, and customers seem to be unable to delete their payment details from the website (encourage them to save this information before the order takes effect, so that they can quickly go through the checkout), and activate all this and those associated with the company Deleted their account.

Before dark, no other detailed information was provided, including the so-called threats received, how to distinguish whether the threats are credible, and whether to contact law enforcement agencies.

On Twitter, some people report receiving refund notifications, while others are still waiting and understandably worried. 

Although we still don’t know all the facts, on T3, we never received an email inquiry last week. The sudden occurrence of all these things did not alleviate our suspicion of the issue, but hope that everyone will get Refund. 

Just a week ago, it suddenly appeared in the craze after the original Reddit post, which received a lot of positive feedback. People like the PS2 theme's black PS5 makeover, and after doing a lot of wishful thinking in the comments, OP shared the URL and said:

"Since everyone seems to like this design very much, we decided to provide people with *super* limited editions of these products. We will complete the construction of the website this week and I will share it here once we are ready."

The black PS5 will initially be limited to 304 consoles (obviously thanks to the PS2 launch date), but

Because the newly created brand has stated that it can increase the number of units available, it seems that mobile inventory takes precedence over any meaningful tribute. As expected, this will have a knock-on effect on delivery time.

The console and DualSense controller can be purchased separately, the PS5 digital version is priced at US$649 (approximately £480/AU$620), the standard version is US$749 (£553/AU$967), and the controller price is US$99 (£73) . /AU$128). 

This is a very high price compared to the official price of the unchanged host and controller. The retail price of the PS5 digital version is 399 USD / 359 Euro / 399 Euro / AUD 599, and the standard version is 499 USD / 449 Euro / 499 Euro/AU$749.95, and $69.99/£59.99/€69.99/AU$109.

More importantly, you need to pay the order fee for the black PS5 order in advance, and it will not be shipped in a few months, although you can cancel the order before shipping and get a full refund according to the brand.

Since the black PS5 console is modified, this site does not provide a warranty, as you can find at a well-known retailer, so it is only a standard Sony protective case, and it has been changed due to the removal of DualSense. , Sony’s warranty is invalid for peripherals.  

Although game consoles are sold globally, prices are expected to be higher in countries outside the United States, but these models are for the U.S. market, so if you live anywhere outside of that region, you need to use an adapter To plug in the game console. You will forget the return policy; the website will decide on its own whether to return the goods, such as "Defects related to the conversion process found when your product arrives" You can learn more about it in the FAQ.

What's more worrying is that since there is no established track record and no relevant information about the organization, the refund promise is of little significance. We are not happy to deliver a certain product of $650 to a company that uses Ether to implement the reddit concept behind the release of the reddit concept in a few months. We believe that we can get the product or get a copy if we change our mind. If you consider doing so, we suggest you consider it more.  

Although modifying consoles is nothing new, having such a large inventory of systems is difficult to prove, because the debarkers and their robots grab the inventory and make us more suspicious.


The team behind the black PS5 is made up of scalpers. They are trying to find ways to reduce inventory, because gamers have been avoiding high odds for PS5, thus providing them with hundreds of untransferable consoles. 

The clothing’s credibility was also under scrutiny, and Twitter users asked what kind of experience it had in console customization, because so far, all we have to do is a reddit post and a “pre-production design” image on the website.

The waiting list is as high as 54k. It seems that people are eager to spend money on the special edition black PS5 console. However, due to the lack of information and guarantees on the website, we recommend that you take clear action and insist on cooperating with existing retailers to ensure that you do it for you The new console provides proper protection, as well as hardware support, customer service, and the ability to return it in case of any problems.

The $250 retail price markup is huge, but if you don’t mind taking risks or have the ability to pay cash without worrying about such things, then you won’t mind the issue of obscuring the console.

T3 has contacted for comment and seeking basic questions that players might answer before making such an expensive purchase. At the time of writing, we have not received a response. If we hear from them, we will update this article.

At present, pre-orders will be opened on January 8th (Friday) at 12 PM US Pacific Standard Time / US Eastern Standard Time 3 PM, and for other regions on January 9 (Saturday) US Pacific Standard Time / US Standard Open at 3 PM/8:00 GMT. 

If you want to buy PS5 from a well-known retailer, please check our


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