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rain. 43F low. Drive around the ESE at a speed of 10 to 15 mph. There may be 90% rain. About half an inch of rain

rain. 43F low. Drive around the ESE at a speed of 10 to 15 mph. There may be 90% rain. Rainfall is about half an inch.

After purchasing the building in Sunset Empire Park and Entertainment District, Broadway Middle School has been renamed Sunset Entertainment Center. 

The former high school on the Broadway side. 

Broadway Middle School is now the Sunset Entertainment Center. 

Last week, the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District purchased the building and occupied it, and has since been changed. 

Skyler Archibald, executive director of the Park District, said at the board meeting on Tuesday: "We have temporarily renamed the building from Broadway Middle School to SRC or Sunset Recreation Center." "We need other things to come. Call it to flip the page."

The name may be temporary.

Archibald said that part of the park area's planning for the property was to explore sponsorship opportunities. He said: "I can say with certainty that we welcome partnerships with entities, companies or donors that share a common vision for our properties." 

The park purchased the former school for $2.15 million in January, and the transaction closed on Friday. The middle school belongs to the properties of the Seaside School District, which have been relocated to a new Spruce Drive location outside the tsunami flooded area. The 5.4-acre three-acre area at 1120 Broadway Avenue is a medium-density residential area, and the rest is a general commercial area.

Fiber-optic Internet was installed this week for broadband data services, and an alarm system is in progress.

The park is currently counting the items left after the school district’s relocation, including desks, chairs, office supplies and paper.

Archibald said that major changes or investments will await the master plan, a process involving people, consultants, board of directors and the community.

Archibald says that large projects (if any) can be managed by external consultants, but currently only focus on cleaning, organizing and evaluating the state of the building.

"At the beginning of this fiscal year, we partially hired a second full-time maintenance employee to take this opportunity," Archibald said. "We may expand the department as needed."

In the original school, only the emergency childcare program was running without interruption.

Although the sports league has not restarted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the area is interested in indoor facilities for renting pickle balls, basketball, volleyball and football.

"We are determining the leasing process until the right time, and COVID allows us to do so," Archibald said. "We want to make sure that these spaces are sufficient and everything is in good repair, and then we will be able to handle these rents."

Tuesday’s board seminar will discuss the executive director’s priorities for the original school until the end of the fiscal year on June 30.

At this week’s meeting, the board members agreed to change the meeting date in the park area from the third Tuesday to the fourth Thursday of each month to avoid conflicts with the Seaside School District board’s schedule. The next regular board meeting in the park area is at 5:15 pm on February 23

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Well, the school was sold from the school district to Parks and Rec for more than $2 million. This school was purchased by guarantee a few years ago, and the new school was paid by taxpayers. It seems that we are buying the same property twice. My question is, do our taxpayers already own this property?

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