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The Jersey Symphony Orchestra stated that the new concert venue should be included in the waterfront development plan.

The orchestra added that if there is no new venue to replace the Gloucester Concert Hall in Fort Regent, its existence may be threatened.

In response to the Jersey Development Corporation's public consultation on redesigning the waterfront, the orchestra called for the establishment of a high-quality art and other public event venue, as the future of the fort is increasingly uncertain.

JSO President Nick Cabot took over the position earlier this year. He said that they had previously been told that Gloucester Hall would be closed at the end of 2022, but recent comments made people wonder if they could again They are open. He said that before acquiring a new concert venue, we will completely contend with it.

In the submitted documents, JSO stated that “losing a suitable venue has seriously threatened its survival” and called for “a multifunctional concert hall to cater to symphony orchestras, choirs, bands, comedians and various types of music. People. It can hold 1,500 to 2,500' theater performances.

Point out that the second largest regular venue is the Jersey Opera House, which can accommodate 620 people.

The orchestra said that other art facilities (including galleries) can sit next to the concert hall, which enriches the island’s economy and provides islanders with opportunities to participate in art and enjoy high-quality performances and exhibitions.

"Exciting high-quality St Helier waterfront development project will attract the best performers and artists to the island, including international music festivals and art exhibitions. Art in the UK is the main source of income, and its income exceeds that of agriculture. Or mining industry.

The document submitted said: "The development of the waterfront in Belfast and Cardiff has completely changed the economies of those cities."

Mr. Cabot said that without a new venue, he is very concerned about the future of the existing form of the orchestra.

Last year, due to health and safety considerations, the Gloucester Music Hall was closed, forcing JSO to move its spring concerts to the St. Michael’s school gymnasium in the spring to perform in front of a limited audience, which is not feasible. In the long run.

``We have visited all possible places on the island and studied it in detail.

``At most, we can put the expanded chamber orchestra in school halls like Le Roque or Victoria College, but the symphony orchestra needs a venue like RJAHS, which is expensive and offers only three possibilities in the concert hall. Mr. Cabot said.

The orchestra seems to have some support from other organizations in the community.

A group composed of representatives from six other local theaters and music groups (including Jersey Green Room Club, Jersey Amateur Theater Club and Jersey Estedford) also submitted similar submissions to JDC, calling for the new Art facilities are incorporated into the renovated waterfront of Jersey.


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