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Orange Baptist Service in person

The Orange Baptist Church holds worship services in the church sanctuary at 123 West Orange Avenue every Sunday at 11 am. The service is real-time streaming. The link is at


MVCC service

The Mountain View Community Church provides on-site service (in the worship center, outside room or outdoors) at 23540, Raccoon Ford Road at 10:30 AM. Children's courses are suitable for students from 3 to 5 grades. Need to register at

. Or join the church online at 10 a.m. on its website

Or on their Facebook page.

Rich life service

The Rich Life Christian Fellowship invites the community to participate in its in-person service at Brick Church Road in Orange, or join the church online through Facebook or its website. The school on Sunday starts at 10 am, and the worship activities start at 11 pm on Wednesday. Bible study (in person and online) starts at 7pm. The church is located at 19103 Brick Church Road in Orange. Its website is

. e-mail

Or call 672-9867 for more information.

EMANUEL virtual service

Emanuel Baptist Church provides virtual and telephone services every Sunday morning. On Sundays, the school starts at 10 am, and worship services at 11 am thereafter. You can join the conference ID 896 4466 2099 (password 164820) through Zoom or call 1 (929) 205-6099 to participate in the virtual service.

Lan Run Baptist Church, Barbersville

The Lanrun Baptist Church in Barboursville holds worship services via conference call at 10 am on Sunday and 6:30-7:30 pm on Wednesday. Pastor Robert Anthony invited participants to dial 1-425-436-6333 and enter the access code 642850# to join the service.

Chris Anglican Church, orange

Warmly welcome everyone to worship at the Anglican Church site or through live broadcast. Jesus brings grace, healing and hope to all who turn to him. come and see. The service will be held at 153 East Avenue (opposite 7-11) in Orange City at 10 am on Sunday. To learn more, please visit

Wardle Senior Service

The Waddell Memorial Presbyterian Church in Rapidan opens in June. It complies with all COVID-19 preventive measures, including masks, alienation, etc. The church invites everyone who is isolated from the church to join at 11 am every Sunday.

Climbers Baptist Church

The Calvary Baptist Church in Nathans held a conference call at 10:15 am on Sunday to hold Sunday schools and provided 11:30 am worship services on Facebook Live or conference calls. It also held a bible study at 7:30 pm on Thursday night. The phone number is (213) 992-5635 and the access PIN code is 36729.

The Orange Church of Nazareth

The Orange Church of the Nazarene (Orange Church of the Nazarene) held live worship and provided social evacuation and masks. All people who feel unwell or at high risk should stay at home. The church continues to provide an online service at 11:15 on Facebook on, in which the 30-minute portion of the morning prayer, including songs, sermons and prayers, is broadcast to people who cannot attend in person.

Orange Lao Church

The Orange Presbyterian Church offers a variety of online worship and fellowships. The service is at 11 o'clock in the morning every Sunday

And on Facebook. The site also contains archives of previous services. Through Zoom, the church conducts public prayers at 10:45 am every Sunday and Bible study at 10 am every Wednesday. Contact Pastor Rebekah Tucker-Motley,

Information and links about these meetings.

Oak Church Baptist Church

The Oak Church Baptist Church holds live worship at 11 a.m. every Sunday, meeting the requirements of the Virginia Department of Health. Those who have no fever or other symptoms of COVID and have not been in contact with a positive COVID case in the past 14 days are welcome to participate. Visitors should wear a mask before entering and sit down six feet with anyone who does not have a residence with you. There are currently no nurseries. Before and after each repair, frequently touched surfaces must be disinfected. There are disinfection stations near the entrance and exit. Call 672-4654 for more information.

Lanrun Baptist Church, Somerset

Blue Run Baptist in Somerset County held an on-site service at 11 a.m. on Sunday. Participants wore masks and sat in alternate seats.

Baptist Church

Craigs Baptist Church provides live broadcast services. Worship time is 9:30 in the morning. Bible study and prayer service through Zoom on Wednesday night. For more information, please email

Shady baptist church

Join the Shady Grove Baptist church and have a telephone prayer fellowship at 11 am every Wednesday, Sunday school at 5 pm on Sunday, and worship at 9 am on Sunday. The dial-in number for Prayer Fellowship and Sunday School is 1 (605) 313-4185, and the access code is 264834#.

Nazareth Baptist Church

Nazareth Baptist Church will hold electronic meetings at 6:30 pm on Wednesday and 9:45 am on Sunday. Please call 1 (877) 568-4106 and enter the code 114332125#.

Zion Baptist Church

The Zion Baptist Church held a face-to-face service at 11 am on Sunday, and the participants were all over the church. The church broadcasted its Sunday morning service on Facebook.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

The Good Shepherd of the Lutheran Church at 10 a.m. on Sunday

There is a link to the announcement. The church is also studying the Bible through Zoom or phone at 7pm on Wednesday night. For information on how to join, please send an email to the secretary

Annual Meeting

If you are worried about someone drinking, you can get help at Al-Anon. Meetings are held every Thursday at 7pm to provide education and support to family and friends of alcoholics. Since the group can no longer meet indoors, they can meet through Zoom. If weather permits, participants will bring their chairs to various outdoor locations in Orange Town, keep their distance from the community and wear masks. For more information, please call 672-5696 (private number) and leave a message. Your call will return.

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The Orange County Chamber of Commerce announced the cooperation with the first "Dining Week" from February 19 to 28, as well as the Orange County Tourism Bureau and the City of Los Angeles.

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The big news on the front page of the Orange County Review on January 14, 1971 was the beginning of the countywide real estate appraisal. program...

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