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We drove past the Riverwood Community Church west of Cannon Falls near Bilesby Lake, when it was still mostly a pile of construction materials. I really like to walk in via video on January 10, 2021 (Sunday). The finished product has a solid backlit rough cross, which seems to emerge from a large stone on the back wall.

Good music. I don't understand these songs, but I like all kinds of instruments, and the harmony is harmonious. I also say "My weapon is a melody". As I suggested, I even raised the private praise of my own home.

Pastor Paul clarified whether his wife was waving to him or to others. Then he said that in the history of our country, it is a particularly good time to spend an hour for personal reflection and recovery, so we can "re-examine our views."

Pastor Mark’s sermon talked about driver training. He said that when he took his children to a country road, they were easily worried about entering the ditch. Then they will start to look at it too hard, and therefore start moving in that direction unintentionally. He pointed out that this behavior was counterproductive. They should look at the center of the road and walk forward.

He likened the rumbling belt on the side of the road to (a good imitation), like God speaking to you when you are off track. He also explained that the habit is to read the Bible aloud to help you stay focused-divine muttering. He asked us to imagine putting a toy in one direction on Christmas morning, a somewhat complicated toy, and how to start reading these instructions aloud to figure out how to assemble the interconnected parts. Think of it as a form of meditation-a way to further incorporate words.

Pastor Mark quoted his wife’s comments: “If you know how to worry, you know how to meditate.”

He also suggested replacing the names of people with whom God speaks in the Bible with your own names to gain more attention and insight. All this can be done in your favorite chair or while walking. Or, you may want someone to read the Bible to you. An application is provided for this-including an application with the sound of James Earl Jones.

It was announced that if you need some roadside assistance during your personal journey, you can find some church elders next to the church to pray with you.

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