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Hungarian dance has found a new home in the old industrial building that was once a world-renowned center of invention. This former Ganz factory flourished at the end of the 19th century. It was not only a symbol of Hungarian industry, but also the cradle of a generation of Hungarian scientists, who brought extraordinary creativity to the world. The factory hall, now where the National Dance Theatre is located, hosted the creative activities of internationally renowned engineers and scientists, where some defining inventions such as transformers and generators were conceived. Therefore, the new building is a forum where science and culture meet, experimental genres, folk dance, contemporary dance and classical ballet have all got the stage. At the same time, the building is not only a cultural and artistic space, but also a meeting point.

Regeneration park.

The past and the future, spirit and creativity-merge together. The predecessor of the National Dance Theater was a monastery, which was later converted into a theater, providing limited technical possibilities for displaying various dance types. The site chosen for the new building was the industrial hall in one of the capital parks, which was one of the Ganz factory buildings in the 19th century. During the regime change, factories were closed and then converted into parks, and industrial buildings were converted into exhibition and studio spaces.

Cultural and community space, located in an industrially protected building. When designing a new theater building, the architect has a dual goal: to emphasize the advantages of existing industrial buildings and to change the space to meet the current and future needs of the dance industry. A new wing and facade were added to the previously closed industrial hall, connecting it to the park, open and inviting. The transparent hall is both a park and a part of the theater: it not only receives visitors, but is also a vibrant community and cultural space where art, human interaction and entertainment exist simultaneously.

The industrial hall can be thought of as a three-chapel cathedral. Its central element is a large hall that can accommodate 368 people, which is converted into a multifunctional theater space. The stage area equipped with modern theater technology can adapt to the various repertoires of the dance industry to meet current and future needs, but it can also host other events such as concerts and dinners. The detachable mobile seat system of the auditorium can also be used for this purpose, which can be moved to the side if necessary.

The small auditorium hanging above the hall is a space for experimentation, and it can also be used as a theater to perform various genres. By moving the curtain system, you can also change the acoustic environment to make the room sound clearer or darker. A recording studio has been established in the building to expand the artistic potential of dance works, and there are two large rehearsal rooms in the dance theater.

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