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, Effective on December 19, 2019.

After about a month of quarantine work, the escape route that I didn’t spend much time on began to look more and more attractive. In my opinion, have some rusty wrought iron slats appearing like balconies? A kind

? A kind

? In any case, this is suddenly a more attractive place.

On the first isolation night, I walked on the fire escape route, and I took my elderly child through the window

Hold hands-then go back to dinner and laptop. It's good enough to use: there are enough cushions on the mat and make sure that my plates, computers and phones don't fall from the slats to the street below (this is just a story, but it's still the case). However, when sitting cross-legged about half an hour later, my legs were falling asleep. The settings of my plates, glasses, and laptop felt confused. I just wanted to sit on a real chair.


So i want to escape

Start: Elegant tatami mats and comfortable floor mats are tempting, but the same problems as yoga mats arise (safe to the ground, but not too much

Or ease the legs). The bright bistro small table and chair combination is very pleasant, but a bit too suburban to escape the fire on the street. I need something light, foldable, discreet, and weatherproof-and it’s important to make sure it’s safe enough so that I don’t tip over or the chair legs slip over the slats. First, I tried Googling's "fire-resistant furniture" (not useful), "low chairs and tables" (none), and "small tables and chairs with an opaque solid flat bottom" (absolutely not). But, in the end, I found the word I really wanted: "small outdoor chair with table". Behold, a Coleman aluminum deck chair with table, sold at a reasonable price of $43 and shipped quickly on Amazon. I placed an order and three days later, the chair table became mine.

Yes, it looks like a cross between armchairs and chairs in a lecture hall

Will go to Kenny G's outdoor concert, which means it is really scary. But that's great. It weighs only eight pounds, is very light, can be easily inserted and released through the window, and can be folded so that I can store it in the closet between uses. It is essential that the legs are thick and long iron bars, slightly wider than the slats of my fire escape, and will not slip over. Viewed from across the street, it is a discreet shade of gray that blends with the metal and bricks of the building. The rotating table is big enough to hold my laptop, and there is a cup holder for coffee cups or

-It alone makes my escape route a good place for "open-air" dining. No sidewalk outside

On a warm spring night, but it's all right now.

If you want to bring something really light in and out of the window (and guide the summer camp around 2003), stadium seating can solve the problem.

I took out an old carpet from the fire escape and placed it under the chair to reduce the chance of the phone or dinner falling into the slats.

Yoga mats may still be the simplest solution to make fire escapes more comfortable. You can also pair it with a chair to add some solid floor space.

If you are worried about dropping a glass or coffee cup on the street below, you might as well pick up some "unbreakable" wine glasses.

Or a set of colorful plastic cups, you will be happy to use them in your apartment.

And, if you’re really worried about dropped calls, trying a phone sling may not be a bad idea, Anthony Rotunno, Senior Editor, Strategist

Use during cooking. He said that he was "completely attracted by its convenience."

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